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                             Financial Impact Report
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                                        Projected Cost Savings
      Expense Parameters
     HEALTH PLAN EXPENSE                   5     Members     X   Cost   $150,000     per Member   =      $750,000        Total Cost

      Savings Parameters
     Assay Management            Low      9%     Savings     X   Rate   $750,000          =               $67,500        Savings

     Assay Management            High     22%    Savings     X   Rate   $750,000          =              $165,000        Savings

     Disease Management          Low      15%    Savings     X   Rate   $750,000          =              $112,500        Savings

     Disease Management          High     51%    Savings     X   Rate   $750,000          =              $382,500        Savings

     Compliance Management                5%     Savings     X   Rate   $750,000          =               $37,500        Savings

                                                                                Low End Savings          $217,500
                   TOTAL ANNUAL SAVINGS
                                                                                High End Savings         $585,000

                                               Cumulative Savings
                                                                           15        number of days
                          Savings Over Time                                6         number of months
                                                                           5         number of years

            Over 15       Days                             Over 6   Months                                   Over 5      Year(s)
     Low End Savings                             Low End Savings                                      Low End Savings
                 $8,938                                      $108,750                                          $1,087,500
     High End Savings                            High End Savings                                     High End Savings
                $24,041                                      $292,500                                          $2,925,000

      Members                           The total number of affected individuals covered (policy holders and family members)

                                        $150,000 is the average annual expense for a member with hemophilia
      Cost Per Member
                                        (taking into account all seveities)

      Assay Management                  12-25% industry average assay performance vs. U & I 's 3% guarantee

      Disease Management                15-51% is the range of savings that has actually been seen in the past

      Compliance Management             5% savings based upon adherence to prescribed plan of care

      Low & High End Savings            The range your savings should fall into

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