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									Dear Colleague

Welcome and congratulations on being appointed to the North Trent SpR
Gastroenterology Rotation. Although we met at your interview I am writing to
pass on some important educational information.

i) Induction
It is important that you met with your educational supervisor on the day you
start (or preferably before you start) to discuss your job plan and training needs.
Each hospital should offer you an induction process to both the unit and the
hospital you are joining. If it not forthcoming please ask your supervisor and or
your medical personnel department respectively and let me know.

ii) Enrolment with JCHMT
You must enrol with the JCHMT (www.jchmt.org.uk) as soon as possible. They
will send you a grey training folder which you will need to complete assiduously.
This information is reviewed at your annual RITA meeting. This website also
contains the Gastroentrology curriculum and gives details of your GIM training
requirements. The regional postgraduate deans office also has an important
website with a SpR section (www.sywdc.nhs.uk). It details a number of
mandatory generic courses that you must attend during your 5 year training
programme. Please plan ahead (1 or 2 courses per year)

iii) Endoscopy Training
Important information relating to endoscopy training is provided on the JAG
website (www.thejag.org.uk) including formative and summative assessment
sheets which you and your trainer need to complete after each endoscopic
procedure (until you are signed off as an independent practitioner). It is
essential that all trainee endoscopists enrol on both a Foundation and a Basic
Skills in Colonoscopy course. Places are limited and demand is high. Contact the
course administrator at linda.allsop@sth.nhs.uk

iv) Formal Educational Meetings
In addition to the educational activities in your unit and hospital a structured
regional educational programme is provided. I enclose a copy of the North Trent
(monthly, half day) and Trent (three times a year, full day) formal
gastroenterology educational meetings (also available on the BSG website). A
detailed programme should arrive about a week before the meeting. You are
expected to attend all of these unless you are on annual leave or on-call and
cannot arrange cover. In addition there are regular GIM training sessions which
you should attend. Dates and details can be obtained from the regional Royal
College of Physicians office (susan.grange@sth.nhs.uk).
v) Appraisal and Assessments
You should meet formally with your educational supervisor early, mid-term and
near completion of your post to document appraisal and assessment ie ‘you of
them and them of you’. The RITA meetings (regional review) are held in late May
/early June each year. Please try to avoid taking leave at this time (or check
dates with me).

vi) Research and Audit
Please plan early and manage these important aspects of your training
efficiently. Meet regularly with your educational/research supervisor and set
achievable goals. A number of the consultants have active research interests and
Professor Bardhan (Rotherham DGH) offers an independent advice and
mentoring service.
Each year, in February or early March we hold the Bardhan Travelling Fellowship
meeting where all the trainees are expected to present their research findings or
a research proposal (as at the BSG). Presentations are judged and a monetary
prize awarded.

vii) Post Rotation
All the posts are of 12 months duration and rotate in early June. All SpRs need to
do 6 months in the Liver unit at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. We aim to give
you 3 years in the central hospitals and 2 in the districts. I will write in January
each year asking for your top 3 preferences for placement and your reasons. It is
almost always possible to allocate you one of these placements.

vii) BSG
I would strongly recommend you become a trainee member of the BSG. This
gives you access to GUT online and a number of other perks. The website
www.bsg.org.uk has information on meetings and the clinical guidelines are
essential reading.

Finally, if you do have any concerns about the educational aspects of your post
please contact me either by email at stuart.riley@sth.nhs.uk or telephone (work
0114 2714826 or mobile 07904 583678 or home 0114 2630050). I hope you
have an enjoyable and fruitful time with us.

Best wishes

Dr S A Riley
Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist
Programme Director North Trent Gastroenterology

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