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									                    AHSC 439 – Human Relations Internship
                                Bi-Weekly Log

  Log is to be submitted on the Monday following completion of 2 weeks.

Name: _________________________ Date Submitted: __________________

For weeks of: ________________________________ (ex. Mon Oct. 15 to Fri
Oct. 26)

Days & hours each week _____________________(ex. Oct 15 – 3 hrs,
                                                 Oct. 18 – 4 hrs,
                                                 Oct. 23 – 5 hrs.)

Hours for these two weeks        ____________

Total hours from last log        _+__________

Total hours accumulated to date _=___________

   1.     Provide a summary of your internship activities for the previous 2 weeks.

   2.     What are you proudest of?

   3.     What challenged you, and how do you intend to meet this challenge in the
          coming weeks?

   4.     Give regular updates about your group program and your organizational
          project activities when available.

   5.     What theories are guiding your practice? Please explain.
          You are required to summarize the aspect of the theory you are referring to
          and clearly discuss how it relates to your internship activities.

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