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									   CIC Scope of Services
Workshop - 12th December 2011
       Frances Paterson
The CIC Services
• covers definition process from inception to
• includes tasks undertaken by whole project team
• tasks set out in a series of tables
• determine what required on your project and
  allocate tasks as appropriate
• = fully integrated and comprehensive scopes of
•   Definition process from inception to handover -
•   looks at whole project
•   definition + construction = project
•   design, cost, programme, planning,
    procurement, h&s, contract administration,
    inspection, co-ordination etc
• Tasks undertaken by the whole project team –
•   consultants
•   specialists
•   contractor(s)
• Look at roles (not disciplines)
•    eg ‘architectural design’ not ‘architect’ etc.
• Tasks are set out in a series of tables -
• tasks that are, or may be, required on all
• choose tables and tasks appropriate for project
• allocate them to appropriate participants
• using DefinIT software
• to produce contract documents (and drafts)
For example ...
using DefinIT ...
Scopes for participants
CIC Stages
•   Stage 1: Preparation
•   Stage 2: Concept
•   Stage 3: Design Development
•   Stage 4: Production Information
•   Stage 5: Manufacture, Installation and Construction
•   Stage 6: Post Practical Completion
•   Procurement Services
•   Planning Approval Services
•   Contract Admin and Construction Monitoring Services
Handbook   page 6
The result ...
•   all participants clear what they are to do
•   and what others are to do
•   basis of contracts
•   management tool as well
•   flexible, adaptable
The CIC Services ...

• is not a new way of doing things
• is a way of organising and managing how you
  do things
• not tied to any particular procurement route
• a new way of looking at things – perhaps
• perfect for working in integrated teams
• the foundation on which a BIM project can be

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