Outcomes Assessment Plan Template by yTLGz9


									                                                      Outcomes Assessment Plan Template
                                                            Educational Outcomes

Program/Dept Name Adult Basic Education
Submitted by Mindy Coslor, May Haley, Vicki Matzen, Ben Munsey, and Bobbi Ashe                       Date October 22, 2007

1. Program Goal/Objective: ABE and ESL Program serves individuals in the community who are most in need of literacy services,
including those who are low-income or have minimal literacy skills

2. Intended Outcome(s)1          3. Criteria or Target        4. Comparison2              5. Assessment           6. When/How Assessment
                                                                                          Methods or Tools        will be Accomplished
Students will complete           More than 33% of             WABERS data                 CASAS test results      For all students: Pre-test at
ABE and ESL subject              students will make           indicates 33%               as reported in          entry. Post-test at end of
levels (as defined by the        significant academic         completed subject           WABERS                  quarter or after a minimum
Washington State Adult           skills improvement in        levels in 2006-07                                   of 45 hours of instruction.
Learning Standards) and          Reading, Listening, or
be prepared to continue          Math                                                                             ABE students test in
their studies at subsequent                                                                                       Reading and Math. ESL
levels and/or improve                                                                                             test in Listening and
workplace skills.                                                                                                 Reading.
Students will earn GEDs.         Thirty-three students        33 students                 GED test                Yearly national data match
                                 will complete GED            completed GED in            completions as          with SSN as reported in
                                                              2006-07                     reported in             WABERS
Students will enter post-        Eighty-three students        83 students entered         College enrollment Yearly national data match
secondary education.             will enter post-             post-secondary              as reported in     with SSN as reported in
                                 secondary education          education in 2006-07        WABERS             WABERS
  Outcomes should include one or more of the following: 1) Cognitive Learning Outcome, 2) Behavioral Learning Outcome, 3) Affective Learning
Outcome, or 4) Attainment Outcome.
  Note if comparison data or groups are available using 1) pre-test/post-test, 2) baseline data, or 3) regional or national data and a brief description
if needed.
7. What were the results of the assessment(s)?
   Significant progress was made in student attainment. WABERS data for Program Year 2007-08 shows that:
       38% of students made significant gains (exceeding the target by 5%)
       72 students completed their GED or HSD goal on the WABERS Goal Completion chart (exceeding the target of 33
       156 students completed their post-secondary goal (exceeding the target of 83 students entering post secondary education)
   Further study of WABERS data shows continuing room for improvement in areas of student retention and transitions.

8. How were the results used to improve?
      We have begun a system of managed enrollment in an effort to improve instruction, reduce the interruptions to students’
        learning, and increase student gains.
      To further increase the number of students who continue their ABE studies and complete GEDs, we are extending the
        orientation, a proven strategy that increases student retention.
      We also hope to increase advising for all ABE and ESL students, with group advising at the beginning levels and
        individualized study plans for the advanced students.

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