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                           VOLUME 58, DECEMBER, 2009.

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                              Original Articles
1.    Induction of Non-Specific Aorto-Arteritis in Mouse Using Varpous     115
      Aortic Antigens. Dhingra R, Talwar KK, Chopra P, Dhingra M, and
      Kumar R.
2.    Mitochondria-rich Cells in South Indian Green Pond frog              126
      (euphlyctishexadactylus) – Alight and Electron Microscopic Study.
      Indirani Kanakasabapathy, Silviya Rajakumari J, Sathya Subramani,
      Prakasa Rao J.
3.    The study of Re-construction of total length of ulna from its        130
      fragments and its medicolegal perspectives. Shende M.R, Parekh
4.    Histogenesis of Neurons in the Nucleus of facial nerve- A Study in   135
      foetuses. B Narasinga Rao, M. Pramila Padmini.
5.    Correlation between Nasal septum deviation and chronic sinus 140
      disease – An anatomico-Clinical study. Arora Mani, Mehrotra N,
      Perwaiz SA Bindal U, Jethani SL.
6.    Varying positions of foramen spinosum in relation to spine of        144
      sphenoid. Singh Mandavi, Mishra Anand.
7.    The Retro-Articular Vertebral Artery ring of the Atlas and its       149
      significance. Dahiphale V.P. Bahetee B H.
8.    Lip prints as a method of identification in Human being. Bindal U,   152
      Jethani SL, Mehrotra N, Rohtagi RK, Arora M, Sinha P.
9.    Metrical and Non-metrical study of lower end of Ulna. Joshi SD,      156
      Joshi SS, Athavale SA, Kishve PS and Jadhav SD.
10.   The Angle of Femoral Anteversion in Indians. A Rokade Shrikant,      161
      K Mane Arati, Sant SM.
11.   Histo-Morphological study of coronary Artery. Sinha P. Mehrotra      166
      N, Jethani SL, Bindal U.
12.   Estimation of stature from fragment of long bone (Tibia) in Indian   169
      Bengalee population. Dan Utpal, Mukhopadhaya PP, Ghosh TK,
      Biswas S.
13.   Sexing of the adult hip bone. Pal GP, Bose S. And Choudhary SM.      173
14.   Pentalogy of Cantrell: A case Report. Roy H, Sarkar A, Mukherjee     179
      P, Maitreyee N, Mallik A, Ray K.
15.   Coalition of seven carpal bones and a metacarpal: A Case report.     183
      Patnaik VVG. Singhla R, Gupta P.
16.   Etiopathological Association between abdominal aortic aneurysm       186
Sl.                           Article/Author(s)                             Pages
      and lumbar scoliosis. Gupta RK, Mehta CD.
17.   Synostosis of first and second rib-Case Report. Rani Anita, Rani      189
      Archana, Chopra Jyoti, Manik Punita.
18.   Abnormal arrangement of arteries in upper extremity-Case Report.      192
      Priya G, Raja IIavarasi C, Prathima K, Vittal Kumar K.
19.   Supernumerary muscle in the adductor compartment of thigh – Case      195
      Report. Chopra Joyti, Rani Anita, Rani Archana, Manik Punita.
20.   A Case of Tibiofibular synostosis. Seema D. Dakshayani KR,.           199
21.   Use of silicone gel to mould the cavities of hollow viscera. Mittal   201
      PS, Khanwalkar PG, Naik DC.
22.   Unreported Microscopic structure of mixed salivary gland. Pal GP      203
      and Choudhary S.
23.   Book Review.                                                          205

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