Student-Centred Intranets by yTLGz9



           by Stuart Hasic
What is an Intranet?
• An internal computer network that uses the
  same tools and protocols as the IntERnet
• Any number of networked computers can make
  up an IntRAnet in your school. They can be
  linked by any standard network cabling system
• A server (which can be any computer on the
  network) is the host for HTML webpages created
  and used in your school
• Workstations access webpages on the server
  using an internet browser like Netscape or IE
What’s in a Typical
School Intranet?
 Many schools have already setup a School Intranet
 Usually only one (or two) teachers manage the
  whole intranet site
 Content usually includes:
       School policies, newsletters, staff lists, calendars,
        timetables, library info, sport info, teacher
        programs, links to useful internet sites,
        homework/project tasks, Principal’s page, faculty
        info, “whacked” internet sites and class pages
        with some examples of good student work
Typical School Intranets
 Documents    are submitted by other
  staff to the “Webmaster” so they can
  be placed on the school’s intranet
 “Exemplary” student work is converted
  by the Webmaster and made to fit into
  the intranet – mainly for “show off”
 There is usually very little educational
  value for students in existing intranets
Typical School Intranets
 Most  intranets are setup merely to
  automate existing processes at school
  or to make information easier to find
 Updating the intranet content is
  usually a difficult and/or time
  consuming procedure
 Many existing intranets have passed
  their use-by date
Let’s Think Differently
About School Intranets
 Why restrict the school’s intranet to just
  one or two webmasters?
 Website design skills are very useful and
  should be developed at school
 How can we use the intranet more with our
 How do you integrate the intranet into the
 Let’s informate – not just automate
What is a Student-
Centred Intranet?
 An intranet based on student content
 All students publish their own work
 Students are encouraged to add to & update
  their pages
 Student webpages relate to their work in class
 Students are responsible for what gets
 The intranet becomes a new medium for
  student output
Advantages of a Student-
Centred Intranet
 Extended life of student work
 Higher quality content and presentation by
  students in their work
 Increased information skills
 Website design skills and ownership
 Sharing of ideas and skills among students
 Integration of various technologies:
       Photos & scanning, word processing, Powerpoint,
        HyperStudio, video, sound, animation, internet links
 Hang on a sec…
 We’re just teachers. How can we teach
  website design when we can’t do it ourselves?
 What’s the structure of this student-centred
  intranet look like? It sounds huge!
 How are we supposed to build & maintain it?
 Where do we even start?
 What grades does it really apply to?
 How do you monitor what gets published?
Some of the Answers:

 Tools like FrontPage and Dreamweaver make
  website design as easy as word processing
 It’s not inconceivable that Kindergarten
  students could create webpages
 All schools should have publishing guidelines
  linked to the discipline policy that stipulate
  what is acceptable and what isn’t
 …EduWeb.
                  What’s EduWeb?
 EduWeb is a software tool that builds a
  student-centred intranet automatically!
 It extracts all student names, grades and
  classes from OASIS quickly and easily
 It then asks you to choose which grades
  you want to include in the school’s EduWeb
 You have a choice of colour schemes
 It’s totally free of charge.
                          EduWeb System

 EduWeb is a Microsoft Windows application
 But the intranet structure it creates is totally
   i.e. Yes, the end-product works with Macs
   The created EduWeb is transferred to a server of
    some type:
       Windows NT, 2000, Peer-to-Peer, Novell Netware,
        AppleShare IP, Linux, whatever
   Networked workstations need a browser and a
    Webpage editor of some kind
                               How to Get

   Go to the EduWeb Website:
   The EduWeb website contains:
     Information about what EduWeb is
     A downloadable copy of this PPT slideshow
     Complete instructions for running EduWeb
     Frequently Asked Questions (…and Answers)
     The EduWeb program itself available for
Any Questions?

 …Thank you for your attendance

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