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                                         Choosing Among the White Gold Irish Rings
                                                             By Scott Wilhelmy

   When you are looking for White Gold rings, why not look into the great selection of genuine Irish
Rings that are sure to please your beloved in ways that mere words alone or any other ring design
cannot. All of these Irish Rings are made exclusively in Ireland and will always have “Made in Ireland”
stamped on the inside of that band somewhere. This is how you will know the real thing!

IS White Gold the Best?

 This is something that you have to really have to think about… or not! Some people just prefer 14K
White Gold over either Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver on principal; if nothing else. In this way they are
able to wear any on the custom crafted Irish Rings that they might want without anyone really knowing
the difference. Sometimes it is more fun to keep them guessing whether your ring in Sterling Silver or
actually 14K White Gold. You actually cannot tell the difference just by sight alone. Thus for some
people; 14K White Gold Irish Rings really are the best.

Are Men’s and Ladies Available?

 You can find several different designs of Ladies 14K White Gold Irish Rings, however not that many
different designs available in the Men’s styles and sizes. This does not say that the selections of Men’s
Irish Rings out there. There are several different places to look both online and in different jewelry
catalogs and physical stores that will carry many different sizes and designs of Men’s 14K White Gold
rings for you to choose from. There are bound to be many different designs that you will really like and
others that might not suit your fancy.

Is the Claddagh the ONLY design available?

 This is a resounding “No!”; it is simply the most well known symbol of Ireland that the world is aware…
besides the shamrock, that is! If you really research what the Claddagh means you will find out that the
2 Hands means Friendship holding the Heart (Love) over which sits a Crown (Loyalty). Any of the Irish
Rings that have this powerful symbol are sure to speak volumes… much more than your words ever
could; or maybe just add to everything that you have already told him or her.

What about 14K White Gold Engagement Rings?
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 This is another category altogether that you can find many different designs available in 14K White
Gold. The most common design is the traditional Claddagh; for obvious reasons, of course as this
really symbolizes the everlasting love that lead you to ask her to marry you in the first place. You might
think that the only ring that can actually be called and Engagement Ring has to have a Diamond in it;
but this is not exactly the full story. Do you realize that any type of ring with a precious or semi-precious
stone can be an Engagement Ring? Any of these beautiful Claddagh rings is a perfect Engagement
Ring because of what they stand for as a whole.

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                                            Finding the Right Irish Ring You Want
                                                            By Scott Wilhelmy

I am looking for the PERFECT Wedding Ring, where can I find what I am looking for? This is really
pretty simple; if you are doing some searching online you can type Irish Rings into your favorite search
engine. But that might not be what you really want to do to find that perfect ring for that special
someone in your life. You can start out your search like this, but your best bet in finding that perfect
Irish Ring is to simply do a bit of window shopping for a while.

Choosing the correct size ring

 This sometimes is a difficult thing to determine; especially if you or your beloved wears a ring that is
an in-between size… or smaller/larger than the “traditional” sizes that many an Irish Ring can be found
in; this where you might run into a bit a difficulty. The first thing that you are best off to do is find out
exactly what ring size you really do wear. You might need to get an Irish Ring that is the next whole
size up if you wear and in-between size. There are many Irish rings can be found in both whole and
half sizes; which eliminates this problem… for the most part.

Choosing which design is just perfect

 There are not that many designs that are traditionally Irish, but those that are, are very meaningful!
The best possible way to choose the Irish Ring design for wedding rings that best suits your
relationship is to research into the meanings of Irish symbols. If you have it all- Friendship, Love and
Loyalty- you might choose an Irish Ring (Wedding Bands) with the traditional Irish Claddagh, which has
Two Hands (symbolizing Friendship) holding a Heart (Love) with a Crown over the Heart (Loyalty) on it.

Which to choose… Yellow or White Gold or Silver

 This will be your next question/choice; yellow gold, white gold or a combination of both. You might not
have too much of a choice here, as most of the Irish Ring designs available are available in either
yellow or white gold singly; with a few that are a combination of both. Then again, you might decide on
a Sterling Silver Irish Ring. This is really a matter of personal preference, as well as what you can

Tradition Abound

 This is the one thing about any Irish Ring that is made in Ireland that is indisputable is that it speaks of
the very rich cultural heritage and country traditions. The Claddagh is a very traditional Irish symbol of
Friendship, Love and Loyalty. You will also find an Irish Ring that has Shamrocks all over the band, as
this is another traditional symbol of the Emerald Isle. The Celtic Knot is a symbol of Unending Love or
Eternity, as it goes on forever with no beginning or end… much like the circle. Another of Ireland’s
enduring symbols of its very unique culture is the Ardagh Chalice; this precious symbol adorns one
particular women’s Wedding Band design.

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