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					                            SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

                                    Q. Will my house be suitable?
                     A: If you've got a flat floor and a flat wall, our fireplaces will fit.

                                 Q: How long does installation take?
                A: Installation should take between 3-6 hours (depending on the design).

                 Q: But I don't have a coal fire anymore, is that a problem?
  A: Whatever your heating unit, be it coal fire, gas basket, inset gas fire or stove, a Warmsworth Stone
                                   fireplace will be the ideal choice.

                                       Q: What is an ‘inglenook’?
  A: The chamber or recessed opening of a fireplace in which the fire basket sits is where we install the
 inglenook. It comprises of a series of panels produced from the same type of stone as the fire surround
 and is used to line the chamber behind the opening. Inglenooks are recommended for fireplaces where
                      traditional open fires, gas baskets and stoves are to be installed.

                                     Q: What are ‘back panels’?
A: Back panels are produced from the same type of stone as the fire surround and are designed to frame a
 standard sized fireplace opening within the arch of the fire surround. Back panels should also be fitted
                          where an inset fire is the preferred heating appliance.

                      Q: Can I burn solid fuel in my Warmsworth fireplace?
 A: Yes, of course. However, in order to withstand the high temperatures associated with solid fuel fires,
                           hearths must be supplied in three separate pieces.

                       Q: How do I care for my new Warmsworth fireplace?
 Your fireplace can be cleaned safely using a mild household bleach and water solution. Most accidental
    spillage's can also be removed in this way. Alternatively, we can recommend a Stone Care Kit.

                                       Q: Can I use a sealant?
A: A clear, approved stone sealant should only be used when the stone has completely dried out, this can
 take six months or more depending on the humidity in your room and age of your house. We cannot be
held responsible for any change to your fireplaces colour as a result of applying a sealant. A Stone Care
           Kit contains a Stain Repellent which is effective against most domestic spillages.

                            Q: What are these tiny marks in the stone?
    A: Tiny marks or calcite lines are a natural and attractive characteristic of Yorkshire magnesium
 limestone. They comprise of tiny fossils created when the stone was formed over 290 million years ago,
 around the same time as the first mammals and reptiles appeared on Earth. Most are indistinguishable
             but occasionally we see impressions of ferns and other prehistoric vegetation.

                      Q: Aren't these fireplaces cast in reconstituted stone?
 A: Not at all, EVERY one of our fireplaces is CARVED FROM A SOLID BLOCK OF STONE. The heavy
duty work is carried out by skilled workers using very precise machinery, the pieces are then passed on to
our talented team of Stone Masons who carve the finer detail by hand. The fireplaces are then finished by
                                    hand and inspected prior to delivery.

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