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   Tattoos and physical mutilation are amongst the oldest forms of personal expression and identity. Subcultures
    have used tattoos as a form of self representation; a visual language communicating personality and status.
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                               Why Would Anyone Want a Ladybug Tattoo
                                             By Matthew Stevens

   If you are looking for something little, then maybe a cute ladybug tattoo will be a good choice for
you. This design is pretty popular and it is a perfect choice for those who only want a small tattoo. If
you do not want anything big, then you need to go with a design such as this one. In many cultures,
ladybugs symbolize luck, and it is believed that anyone who wears one will always be fortunate!

 In Europe, for instance, French and English farmers associate ladybugs with good weather. In some
Asian countries, it is believed that God blessed this little insect with the ability to understand human
languages. It is obviously not surprising, why so many people in various cultures choose to get ladybug
tattoos. Not only are they adorable, but they apparently carry blessings with them anywhere they go.

 Another great thing about these tattoos is that the designs come in an assortment of colors. You
probably imagine the classic red insect with the black spots. However, there are many different colors
to choose from where body art is concerned. There is no rule that says you need to limit yourself to
“realistic” colors. If you want a ladybug tattoo that features every color of the rainbow, then go for it! If
you want a striped one or a yellow one with blue polka dots, you can do those as well.

 Ask your tattoo artist which colors will look best on you. He or she will be able to tell which colors will
look best on your skin tone. You can also try temporary tattoos if you want; try different ones to see
which ones look best on you. You can also try placing them on different parts of your body in order to
help you determine where you should get your real ladybug tattoo when it’s time.

 If you already have a tattoo, a ladybug design, will more than likely look great with it. Some people like
to add smaller designs to enhance the larger ones. Whether you already have body ink on your lower
back, arm, or wherever, a cute little insect design should compliment it very well. Once again, you can
place temporary tattoos over or around your other ones to see how well the two go together.

 For some more ideas, there are some online tattoo galleries in which you can view designs as well as
images of other people’s finished work. Sometimes you can get some very creative ideas just by
looking at other people’s tattoos. You can even borrow a few ideas here and there and mix in your own
if you like. There are many images online of ladybug tattoos as well as outlines of designs.

 If you are on a budget, you will be glad to know that small tattoos are not very expensive at all. No
respectable tattoo artist will charge you a fortune for a small, cute ladybug tattoo. Go and visit one

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today and ask for a quote. You can also print out any designs you like and ask the artist for his or her

Tattoos are highly popular in any culture and any part of the world. A great resource for tattoos and
tattoo pictures is

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        What Are The Most Popular Tattoo Designs Being Searched For On The Internet?
                                             By Mike Seward

Certain tattoos designs get tons of searches on the internet. Why is that? I feel it's because individuals
notice artist and sport figures with a really big and amazing looking tattoo and they wonder if that would
look decent on them. Is it the concept and layout in the tattoo design? It might perhaps be the part on
the body where the tattoo design is placed? I really feel it's a more personal thing.

That,s what makes getting "inked" so unique since everybody has their own reason behind which
tattoo design they decide to have put on their body. These are the top 5 list of the most current designs
looked for online and you may or may not agree with the results depending on how your private
preferences are.

Your most in style and searched for tattoo design would have to be the butterfly tattoo design.
Evidently this is probably more for women as I can't see a lot of males getting a butterfly tattoo design.
Butterflies are very womanly in nature and females by and large like to place it on their back or arm

The second most fashionable and searched for designs would have to be the exceptionally popular
tribal tattoo designs. These tattoo designs seem to be very common on both males and females.
Where the tattoo design is placed on the body can cause for out of the ordinary conversation pieces.
Remember a large amount females have a preference to have these tattoo designs on the pelvic area
and lower back area. If you're going to be inventive I would stay away from these areas of the body.
The average male will get the tribal tattoo and it can remain very unique as well, depending on the
area. A large amount of the tattoo designs on males will be on the arms, legs, neck and chest. A few
males become extreme and pick tattoos that include parts of their shoulders or back.

The third most in style and searched for tattoo designs are a combination of the ladybug, small dolphin
and flower. Remember, this is clearly something that is very trendy with the women since all of these
tattoo designs is particularly womanly (remember guys, I don't recommend these designs at all) and
more often than not look respectable despite of where they may possibly be placed on the female

The fourth is the rose. This tattoo design is customarily put together with different other types of tattoos
designs like tribal designs, hearts, and butterflies. This makes the rose a clear inclusion for trendy

The fifth most trendy and searched for tattoo design is the heart. This admired tattoo design is very
versatile as it can be used with different other tattoo designs, much like the rose.

Getting a design is a big decision so deciding on a remarkable tattoo ought to be a high priority.
Several people bring about impulse decisions while deciding on their tattoo and end up regretting it in
the end. Be positive you know what you want prior to you going into any tattoo design shop.

Are you trying to find the perfect tattoo? Check out the top searched for designs online which include

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

the butterfly,tribal and heart tattoos.

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