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         Companies can use stationery for public relations, as an advertisement, showing logo and all pertinent
         information. Some of the items that can be used are business cards, postcards, brochures, letterheads,
                                         envelopes, t-shirts and greeting cards.
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                                                            Eco-friendly Stationery
                                                                  By Minesh Modi

   The greening of education!

 Heard the entire hullabaloo about pollution and its adversity? It's a hot topic since a few years.
Naturally, if the common man is experiencing the tribulations, he's bound to get restless. But how much
is it affecting? People just talk and then forget about the current issue on pollution. It isn't their fault.
There are not many ways to curb the problems since we are all at the mercy of the sci-fi
encroachments. But, just by being conscious about the immediate repercussions around us will make
no difference. We have to find ways to waste management before situation gets unmanageable.

 'Go Green'- save Mother Earth! If you have options to replace synthetics with biodegradable materials,
implement. Implement, so that you set an example for your spawn that's constantly imitating your
actions. Introduce Eco-friendly stationery items to your children; contribute towards restoring balance in
nature. Manufacturers from India and around the world come up with new, innovative, Eco-friendly
stationery items. They are believed to be very artistic and beautiful. Many of them look simply trendy.
Eco-centric stationery products certainly grab the attention of toddlers, grown up kids as well as adults.

 The first time you introduce your pre-school child to the world of education - educate him to love and
care for Mother Nature. Lay Eco-friendly pencils in his hands. These pencils are pretty much in
demand today. They look marvelous and convey concern for the environment. Such writing
instruments are usually made of surplus timber pieces or scrap wood, renewable plantation wood,
reprocessed cardboard, recycled paper or recycled synthetics and non-toxic polymer with natural
fillers. Moreover, lead is replaced with graphite, thus, making the pencils absolutely safe for the
children to use. However, 'green pencils' made out of recycled paper are most appropriate to use. The
process of manufacturing 'greenciles' can curb the concern of deforestation.

 Writing can be fun! The makers of stationery very well know the dynamics of attracting the toddler and
the young clan. So that children opt for environment-friendly pencils and leave behind the ordinary
ones, the producers offer pencils that emit fragrance. They are popularly known as 'smencils'. Sniffing
fragrance of your choice teamed up with writing can be really interesting, amusing. Smencils are
infused with Eco-centric fragrant liquids that further contribute in saving the planet. These scented
pencils are usually made out of recycled newspapers and they sharpen just like the usual wood pencil.

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 The pen gourmet does not need to feel a run down. Scents are not limited to pencils only. Scented
pens too, are in fashion. Scented pens are instilled with natural or artificial scents. However, the
naturally scented pens are non-toxic, Eco-friendly. Scented pens are available in a variety of
fragrances to charm the pen-users. Flowery scents, flavored aromas, fruity whiffs and so on.
Innovations truly, have no end. 'Aroma-writes scented pens' depict flowery scents whenever you write.
Now these varied scents produce soothing aromas that are good for your senses-they offer
aromatherapy in a pen! Eco-friendly scented pens are indeed, one of the newest features available
amongst writing instruments.

 Happy Painting! The Eco-friendly stationery furore goes a long way. It's not just about pens and
pencils. 'Back to school' supply producers from around the world have Eco-centric options for art
materials too. Eco-colors are very safe for toddlers and small kids. Plus, these colors do justice to our
planet. Eco-friendly color pencils finger and face paints, organic paints, color crayons made of soybean
and beeswax and walnut oil paints are few of the many assortment art supplies that can replace the
conventional art tools. When you want to clean your paint brushes, think Eco-centric again. Because
you still have an environ-friendly option - the extra mild citrus thinner that substitutes other corrosive
options. Keep the planet green while you paint it with rainbow!

 Paper- Safeguards Nature! Feel close to nature with handcrafted paper. The variety is innumerable,
fascinating and so ethnic. In fact, manufacturing handmade paper is native to India, by and large. And
now a day such crafted papers are gaining significance especially amongst people who have the
knowledge about Eco-friendly stationery and also the lovers of art. Moreover, the entrepreneurs too are
creating awareness about consumption of Eco-centric goods instead of products that destroy the
balance in nature.

 It is interesting to learn that paper can be made out of many other plant resources leaving behind the
virgin trees. One of the methods of making handmade paper is cooking of jute and cotton waste, then
beaten, refined, bleached and then hand-painted. Handmade papers are made out of numerous other
raw materials such as kenaf -a fibrous plant related to cotton and okra, silk, flowers' petals, husk,
grass, bagasse (dried straw), wool, banana, banana fiber, hemp and rice. Think of the appearance
when handmade paper can be made from such colorful raw materials! Handmade papers are gaining
momentum because of its beautiful outcome after the production and this factor alone is drawing
attention of a lot of Eco-fanatics around the world.

 Nearly half the trees presently produced are used to make paper! How about exploiting elephant dung
instead of cutting down virgin trees? There is no necessity of worrying about the dung supplies.
Elephants defecate 16 times a day! Their diet is fibrous and their digestive system is not so great and
they pooh about 500 pounds a day. The paper made out of elephant dung or muck is made of about
75% elephant feces and 25% recycled rice paddy, colored with non-toxic soil dyes instead of bleaches
or chemical additives. The best part is, this paper does not stink at all plus it can be recycled and

 Innovative handcrafted papers can be used for craftwork at school, wrapping purposes. The
notebooks and scrapbooks too can be handmade. The decorative Eco-friendly papers are often
ornamented with peepul leaves; motifs of pressed flowers, etc. that simply bring out the magnetism
that the handcrafted papers spill. Children can use this vintage papery for making crafts, origami,
greeting cards, wraps and covers of books. Thus, their world of arts and crafts will be colorful and

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 Eco-centric papers, especially recycled ones are now a day commonly used for making notebooks,
textbooks & binders. Manufacturers in India and around the world are also creating consciousness and
distributing earth-friendly books.

 Eco-friendly stationery, especially handmade paper faces one drawback. Since the production
includes much more skill and artistry than the usual papermaking technique, the cost of the end result
is a little higher than the regular ones. This pinches the pockets of the users and, handmade paper
seems to be more of an expensive stationery item. But depletion of forests is a matter of concern and
in midst of this critical phase, handmade paper and stationery prove to be blissful.

 Ingenious ideas! Ever given a thought about Eco-friendly pen-cases? Pen cases are made of recycled
car tyres to avoid using wood of virgin trees or PVC. These pen cases are ideal for school, home or
office requirements. Attractive colored prints on the black surface make it look more pleasing. The car
tyres that otherwise end up on landfills, are used here for handy pretty pouches large enough and
smart enough to carry to school or to the office. Mouse mats too can be made out of recycled car tyres.
A remark such as "I used to be a car tyre" on the pouch or the mouse-mat, further signifies
environment-friendly implications.

 Going back to the ancient times, glues were prepared at home- the famous flour and water solution.
But as science evolved, natural substances were replaced with synthetic adhesives. However, it's our
earnest responsibility to get back the lost equilibrium in the nature by contributing as much as we can.
If we can now restore synthetic adhesives with 100% vegan glues that do not contain animal or
synthetic sources. Bio-adhesives bond as much as any other non-Eco-friendly adhesives do.
Eco-erasers made of 100 % rubber have also replaced synthetic erasers.

 Stapling the Eco-friendly way! An Eco-stapler is the newest of earth-friendly stationery supplies. A
pocketsize wonder, this stapler clips up to 5 pages by cutting and folding action while you clip. It is
helpful for fastening cheques to payment slips besides using at home, school and office. With
Eco-stapler you never run out of staples because its staple-less and you save a lot of metal going

 Eco-electronics! The era has begun where natural substitutes took the place of artificial options. Water
powered clocks and calculators can be used at home, school and office-they are non-messy for
children's study room or their desktop. These aqua-electronics do not require electricity or batteries,
just tap water to function.

 You can't expect your child to study all through the day. Give them toys that are earth-friendly so that
you imbibe the habit of using recyclable products in them forever. Toys that are made out of recyclable
materials, and work on solar power are the best way to keep away from contaminating environment.
For instance, sports balls are made of sustainable sourced latex that does not harm the ecosystem.

 Eco-savvy trading! With forests dwindling and that we live under threat, every contribution helps.
Renewable products are gaining momentum recently. However, the sector of recycling scrap and
making handicrafts is scattered, unorganized in India and not many people know about the uses of
Eco-friendly and recycled products. Moreover, the small-scale industries are the players, which lead to
lack of complete publicity amongst the end-users.

Nevertheless, handcrafted articles are much in fashion today. Probably there's a limit to facing an

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artificial atmosphere for a prolonged time. Lately, handmade articles are creating a huge impact on
people, especially for their articulate designs, beauty and freshness. Plus, after so much chaos about
cutting down of trees, people try contributing to restoring natural environment. Such a modest act has
become more of a trend. So the producers can see a ray of light in regards to growing in this sector.

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                                               Enjoying your Eco-friendly party
                                                               By lucigray

Everyone, especially kids, love to have a party but most of these parties are just toxic attacks on our
planet. There are various eco-friendly supplies using which we can enjoy our children green parties
which are entertaining as well as eco-friendly. First of all, try to purchase all of your green party
supplies from the nearest local store, thus this will save fuel thus reducing pollution and emissions. If
you are involving candles for decoration, try to use soy based ones which do not emit toxic materials
when burned. Kids green parties thrown at the time of their birthday are great for having fun and
celebration. Try to use eco-friendly supplies as far as possible to throw children green parties that are
not harmful for the environment. Planning for kids green parties start right from the beginning:

•Ditch the usual paper invitations, instead you can use other services like e-mails to invite your
guests or if you really need to send invites to them, you should consider making use of eco-friendly
supplies like home made or recycled paper for making cards for your kids green parties. This way, you
will not only save money needed for postage but will also save trees and other natural resources.
There are many stores that offer eco-friendly supplies of recycled cards, so make sure to shop
accordingly. Some of these cards are made up of materials not provided by trees.

•As far as eco-friendly goodie bags and eco-friendly presents are concerned, you must wrap them
up in recycle paper and even newspaper. After all, the actual gift is more important than the wrapping
paper. You can use old-fashioned colors to brighten up your wrapping papers. In addition to that, you
can mention in your invites made up of eco-friendly supplies also that your guests must bring only
eco-friendly presents and wrap them up in eco-friendly supplies only keeping in mind the theme of kids
green parties. While going to children green parties, try to give cash to the birthday child because this
way the child will save something in his or her without harming the environment.

•While enjoying your children green parties, try to make use of eco-friendly toys to play, enjoy and
have fun. These are one of the best green party supplies that a person can imagine. Explore your
imagination and play with eco-friendly toys like hand-knit dolls and balls that are made up of safe and
natural materials.

•Instead of accessories like paper plates and dishes, use should use green party supplies like table
clothes made of linen rather than plastic and use dishes and plates that can be washed and re-used
rather than use and throw ones.

•Eco-friendly goodie bags should be made up of green party supplies and you can even try to hand
out healthy snacks and fruits and eco-friendly toys made up of eco-friendly products in an eco-friendly

At, you can find innovative ideas about eco-friendly goodie bags, eco
friendly toys and eco friendly presents and get some of the best green party supplies in the market.
The site will also teach you how to make eco friendly goodie bags and eco friendly presents.

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