GSA Automotive’s Wheelchair Van Program
                                                                  Last updated 10/28/09

I. Program Overview
   A. Provides full sized wheelchair accessible vans.
   B. Permits safe transport for individuals needing wheelchairs as well as
      ambulatory individuals.
   C. These are customized aftermarket vans.
   D. These vans are not equipped with adaptive control devices.

II. Available Vehicle Models
   A. Various Make and Models are Available

III. Features
   A.   Full Size Van
   B.   Variety of seating configurations
   C.   Fiberglass top
   D.   Reinforced steel roof cage for rollover protection – FMVSS 220 compliant
   E.   Raised wheelchair doors
   F.   Platform wheelchair lift
   G.   Fold-away seating
   H.   Wheelchair restraint system
   I.   Occupant restraint system
   J.   Other equipment and accessories may be available upon request

IV. Specification- Please Read Prior to Ordering
Attached are the specifications used to procure these vans.

   A. It establishes minimum vehicle specifications.
   B. Provides a detailed description of the van’s equipment and accessories.
   C. It includes a seating configuration table, floor plans, and a list of
      equipment options.

V. Prices
   A. Prices available on request and do not include GSA’s surcharge of 1% or
      selected options.

VI. Ordering Information & Instructions
        1. Wheelchair vans are not available on AutoChoice, due to the unique
           nature of these vehicles.
        2. Customers must submit GSA form 1781 – Motor Vehicle Requisition.
     3. GSA form 1781 must include the preferred contractor and seating
        configuration desired – see below.
     4. An addendum may be submitted with the requisition if further
        instructions are required.

            Instructions GSA Form 1781- Click here to Access

   a. Under 4b: One of the following numbers MUST be specified.
                                    “281” for configuration 1
                                    “282” for configuration 2
                                    “283” for configuration 3
     b.   Under 5: Please specify:
                               “WHEELCHAIR VAN”.
                               Make and Model identified in specification.
                               Specify options selected in specification (Paragraph 6.2)
                                if any.
                               Specify any other equipment and accessories not found
                                in the specification.

     5. Upon completion, mail Motor Vehicle Requisition Form 1781 to GSA or
     FAX to (703) 605-9868
                      2200 CRYSTAL DRIVE, SUITE 1006
                         ARLINGTON, VA 22202-3730

VII. Contact Information
  A. (703) 605-CARS (2277) Program Management

  B. For information on the wheelchair van specification, please contact David
     Shell on (703) 605-2969.

  C. For information on the acquisition process and prices, please contact
     Procurement Officer Anissa Burley on (703) 605-9458 or Leslie Kramer on
     (703) 605-2983.

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