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					Classroom Diagnostic Tools
  Programs and Services Advisory Council
         Friday, October 22, 2010
                 BIG IDEAS
• Classroom Diagnostic Tools
  – Designed for Grades 6 through high school
  – Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
     • Adapts down to 3rd grade level
  – PIMS PASecureID numbers are used to identify
  – Can be used for the Keystone Exams OR PSSA
            » Eligible Content – Keystone or PSSA-specific
            » View Eligible Content: SAS Fair Assessments
            » Focus only on Eligible Content has major implications
              for district curriculum and instruction
             Voluntary Use
Available for use in the classroom throughout
  the school year on a voluntary basis.

They are to be used to support a district’s
  instruction and when a district has an
  excellent curriculum that is mapped
  thoughtfully and carefully and supports the
  PSSA (e.g., science kits), the district should
  use the CDTs at their discretion.
     Administration of CDTs
• CDTs are designed to be administered
  to students up to three times per year.
• The maximum number of
  administrations is five per CDT per
  school year.
• 5-6 weeks between each administration
  is recommended.
        Points of Discussion
• An assessment may take up to 1.5 hours to
  complete (demo by state committee)

• Each assessment must be completed in one
  day. Pauses are permitted, however, a
  testing session cannot be extended beyond
  one school day.

• This has implications for students with IEPs.
              Release Dates
October 18, 2010
• Release of the following on eDIRECT
     • Mathematics Assessments: Mathematics, Algebra I,
       Geometry, Algebra II
     • Interactive Reports for Mathematics
     • Classroom Diagnostic Tools Interactive Reports: User
        – Group Diagnostic Report
        – Individual Diagnostic Report
        – Learning Progression Map
            Release Dates
• January 2011
  – Literature
  – Science
• September 2011
  – Writing/Compostion
• January 2013
  – Social Studies
        eDIRECT Accounts
• TEACHER ACCOUNTS: Teachers with
  Standards Aligned System (SAS) accounts
  should make sure that their user account
  email address for eDIRECT is the same as
  the email they use for their SAS account. This
  will allow automatic sign-in to the Teacher
  Tool Box in SAS whenever the Interactive
  Reports system interfaces with SAS.
         Implementation Plan
Step 1: Contact PA Customer Service for initial system
Step 2: Complete the eDirect user setup process
Step 3: Complete PA Online Assessment software
Step 4: Complete the Test Setup process
Step 5: Administer the CDT
Step 6: Access real-time reports via eDIRECT
Step 7: Determine instructional plan for student(s)
    PDE-sponsored training
• District Overview: Should be available
  by November 1, 2010
• PDE Teacher Roll-out is in the
  development phase - working to create
  a demo site.
       District Experience
• Discussion

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