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									                        Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900 [colored]
                                                      Abstracted by David Roberts

This is the second volume of abstracts of deaths reported by the Long Islander, a newspaper published at Huntington, Suffolk County, L.
I., New York. Material for the period 1878-1890 can be found in Deaths Reported by the `Long Islander' 1878-1890 by David Roberts,
Heritage Books [1998]. Local newspapers are an excellent source of genealogical information, but much of this data is "buried" in the

African Americans and Native Americans:Persons noted in the newspaper as colored or black or mulatto are marked with a * for more
easy identification. Sometimes, the paper didn't identify a person as colored, but some internal evidence, such as the funeral at the A. M.
E. church, would show the person was probably an African American. These people were marked as *? Native Americans are identified, if
the newspaper so identified them. Individuals with mixed Native American ancestry may have been called colored by the paper. Most
people without a * or a *? are probably white, but there may be exceptions to this generalization

CUFFEE Oscar*                   Aover 70 years@
        d. 5 February 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Lane; Afaithful old colored man in the employ of Joseph
        Irwin@; his grandfather had been a slave in the household of Mrs. Irwin=s grandfather Aand ever since some member of the
        Cuffee family has been employed by Mrs. Irwin=s people

CUMMINGS AAunt@ Judy *                              ca. 121 years
           Ajust died@ at Redbank, New Jersey; born a slave in New Jersey; Aclaimed to have been born in 1775. She leaves a son
           who is 96 years old@ [Date of paper not copied: March-June 1896]
BAILEY Isaac *                             ca. 60 years
           d. 9 August 1894 at Northport; Aan old resident of this village@ [Northport]
BAILEY Isaac *                             1 yr 7 mos
           d. 15 April 1896 at Huntington
BALLTON Peter E.*                          1 y 3 m 14 d
           d. 29 May 1900 at Brooklyn
BATTERS Mary S. [*-]                       84 years
           d.Alast week@ at New York City; funeral 21 May 1894 at Oyster Bay; interment at Pine Hollow; sister of Hagar Conklin
BLAIR Agnes *                              15 y 3 m 15 d
           d. 15 April 1896 at Huntington
BLAIR Albert *                             17 y 1 m 16 d
           d. 2 March 1896 at Huntington
BRAZIER Martha Ann *                       75 years
           d. 19 March 1894 at Huntington
BRAZIER Sylvester *                        5 weeks
           d. 28 November 1899 at Huntington
BREWSTER child*                            5 weeks
          death reported near Riverhead from exposure to the cold; both parents are destitute; father is crippled; mother is blind; 11
          January 1896 paper
BROWN Nancy [*-]
          d. 17 April 1893 at Oyster Bay; widow of Samuel Brown; Afor many years she and her husband were devoted members of
          the [Zion M. E. Church] and were very highly respected@
BRUSH Stephen *
          suicide near Huntington; body founded hanging in tree on 14 March 1893; brother of William Brush; Aan old colored man who
          had been afforded relief by the town authorities@ was notified that heAwould have to be removed to the county house
          [Yaphank] .... this so agitated his mind that he .. resolved to put an end to his life@; Disappeared Aa few weeks ago@ [18
          March 1893 paper]. Thomas Y. Haggarty found his body Adangling in the air suspended from a limb about twenty-five feet
          from the ground@ on 14 March 1893.ACrows had eaten most of the flesh from his bones, and it was the great number of
          these birds flying about the tree that led to the discovery of the body@ in the woods Aon the hill a mile south of the
          cemetery.@ [Huntington Rural]
BUNCE Calvin *
          d. 28 May 1899 at Northport; consumption
BUNN Jane *                                   82 years
          d. 28 February 1899 at Glen Cove
BUNN John *
          found dead 5 July 1899 at Bay Shore; Ait is supposed that he was murdered .... the district attorney=s office is investigating
          the case@; see 22 July 1899 paper for details on arrest of Richard Johnson Anegro@, George Holmes and A. Postel
          James, Acolored@, for the murder of Bunn. Following a hearing, James was released but Johnson and Holmes were held for
          the action of the Grand Jury; pool of jurors drawn 6 October 1899 for Johnson=s trial; see 11 May 1900 paper for trial of
          George Holmes and Henry WhitingtonA colored@ as accessories to the murder
CARLL John *                                  16 months
          d. 21 July 1894 at Huntington; cholera infantum
CARLL Lewis F. *                      64 yrs 11 mos
          d. 16 December 1895 at Huntington
CARLL Sarah*                                  18 years
          d. 14 September 1900 at Huntington; consumption; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Burrell
CARLL William H. *                                    9 days
          d. 25 February 1894 at Huntington
CARMAN Alfred H. *                            36 y 6 m 11 d
          d. 27 June 1897 at Huntington; hostler at Huntington House sheds; found dead in a mud puddle; Ait appears .... that he was
          taken with a fit and fell face downward into the pool@
CARPENTER Coles *                             Aold@
          d. 3 May 1895; found dead in bed; Aheart disease is supposed to be the cause of his death@; Aold colored man ... for many
          years in the employ of the late Richard Dudgeon at Peacock Point near [Glen Cove]@; Glen Cove item
CHANNEL Thomas *
          d. 28 July 1891 at Glen Head; killed in a razor fight with Doud Boucon, who claimed self-defense; both men employed on
          farm of Richard Underhill
CISCO D.avid I [*?]                        2 months
          d. 2 January 1893 at Huntington
CISCO Harriet E. *
          d. 15 February 1891 at West Neck
CISCO Mary Esther *                        5 y 10 m 17 d
          d. 3 December 1899 at Huntington; daughter of David Cisco
CREIGHTON William *                        4 yrs 6 mos
          d. 22 January 1898 at Huntington
CUMMINGS AAunt@ Judy *                             ca. 121 years
          Ajust died@ at Redbank, New Jersey; born a slave in New Jersey; Aclaimed to have been born in 1775. She leaves a son
          who is 96 years old@ [Date of paper not copied: March-June 1896]
DENNIS Rebecca *                           18 years
          d. 23 October 1895 at Greenlawn; interment at Huntington; Acolored girl who came from the South last week to be employed
          by postmaster Charles F. Sammis at Northport as a domestic, was taken sick and died at the home of Samuel Bolton@
DENTON W. Harper *
          funeral 11 September 1895 conducted by two black ministers; interment at Cold Spring; employed by Mrs. J. H. Adam for
          more than twenty-five years; Aa local preacher .... much respected for his industry, honesty and temperance@
          d. 4 September 1900 at Huntington
DUVALL Cora B. *                           3 y 5 m 23 d
          d. 13 May 1893 at Huntington
DUVALL Ida*                                1 y 6 m 19 d
          d. 4 February 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church; daughter of Floyd Duvall
DUVALL Josephine *                         18 yrs 9 mos
          d. 27 January 1892 at Huntington
ELDRIDGE Angeline*                         78 y 9 m 3 d
          d. 3 October 1899 at Islip; widow of George Eldridge; former resident of Huntington
FRAZIER Arthur *                           5 mos 10 days
          d. 9 April 1897 at Huntington
          funeral 21 June 1897; Aemployed by the old lumber firm of Wood & Carll for many years and afterwards by W. W. & J. F.
          Wood.....held in high respect by his employers@; [Huntington] Village item
FRAZIER Ross Blair *                       18 yrs 3 mos
          d. 6 November 1891 at Huntington
FRAZIER Stephen *                          9 mos 2 days
          d. 20 July 1897 at Huntington
FRAZIER Viola *                            4 months
          d. 31 August 1894 at Huntington
GATEN Ella Louisa *                        22 yrs 6 mos
          d. 17 June 1898 at Huntington; step-daughter of Charles Cisco
           d. in India; Acolored evangelist ... well known among our people@; Farmingdale item; 27 February 1897 paper
GRAHAM Elizabeth *                            ca. 50 years
           d. 2 May 1890 at Oyster Bay; Afound dead in her bed@; interment at Pine Hollow; wife of Charles Graham
GRIFFIN Alfred *                              78 years
           d. 11 December 1897 at Hauppauge; Aquick consumption@; funeral at M. E. Church, Smithtown Branch; survived by
           unnamed widow and Aseveral children@; Aformerly a slave, but after receiving his freedom came North and settled here
           [Smithtown]@; mason and Aone of the best mechanics in the place@; Asober, honest and industrious@; Aleaves
           considerable property@; Aone of ... the most highly respected negroes of the town [Smithtown]@
HAMILTON Mrs. John L. *
           murdered Alast year@ at Winfield by husband, a Acolored ex-preacher@; 11 March 1893 paper; Mineola item

HAVENS Thomas *                             87 years
         d. 3 November 1894 at Centreport; interment at South Northport; Aa very religious man ..... he united with the Union Church
         in this place [Centreport] in 1842 and has continued faithful ever since A
HENDRICKSON Anna J. *                       27 years
         d. 4 March 1894 at Huntington
HENDRICKSON David S. *                      1 y 5 m 17 d
         d. 4 June 1895 at East Neck
HERNDON Mabel *                             4 mos 18 d
         d. 30 November 1898 at Huntington
HIGGINS Harriet *                           85 years
         d. 23 February 1898 at Huntington
HOPKINS George Betts *                      7 years
         d. 12 April 1892 at Huntington; son of James Hopkins; Aa bright little lad@
         d. 4 January 1896 at Pine Hollow; interment at Pine Hollow
HOWARD Isaac *
         d. in prison [not stated which prison]; sent to prison for two years for breaking into Morey & Powers cellar and stealing liquor;
         interment Aa few days ago@ at the Acolored people=s cemetery,@ Oyster Bay; 8 December 1894 paper
JACKSON Rev. Anthony *
         funeral 16 October 1891; Hempstead item; Aa colored man of rare ability and was esteemed by both white and black@
JACKSON Charlotte *                         9 mos 11 days
         d. 19 July 1897 at Huntington
JACKSON Mrs. Lewis *                        22 years
         d. 30 January 1900 at Hauppauge; consumption; funeral at Hauppauge by Rev. Cuthbert; survived by husband and three
         Asmall children@
JAMES Fannie *                              47 years
         d. 7 May 1898 at East Norwich; Asuddenly@ of heart disease; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Pine
         Hollow; wife of James James, coachman for Mr. Boyce of East Norwich
  JARVIS George*
           d. 21 July 1900 at Greenlawn; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; son of Aaron Jarvis; brother of Townsend Jarvis
  JOHNSON Bertha May *                      10 mos 22 days
           d. 9 February 1891 at Huntington
  JOHNSON John*                             44 years
           d. 27 July 1900 at Huntington; hasty consumption; son of Peter Johnson, who survives at age 81; brother of Mrs. David Cisco
  JOHNSON Josephine *                       Aold@
           found dead 29 May 1891 at Jericho; interment at Pine Hollow; Alived alone and was very eccentric@; Ahad not been seen
           since before Easter@; landlord had house broken into; she Aprobably [had] been dead about two months@
JOHNSON Peter *                     Aaged@

             d. 5 October 1893 at Jericho; funeral at Westbury; b. a slave near Richmond, Virginia, in 1810; escaped from slavery at the
             age of 20 with the help of Isaac Hooper, who hid him on a ship; sailed off from Virginia on sloop bound for Oyster Bay and
             was sent to Henry Willis of East Woods; later worked for many years for Edward L. Frost of Cedar Swamp; before
             Emancipation, lived in fear that slave catchers from Virginia would find him and return him to slavery; resident of Jericho in
             his old age; son, grandson and great-grandson of Edward L. Frost attended the funeral; long obit and article on slavery in
             antebellum Virginia in 21 October 1893 paper
   JOHNSON Richard*                            49 years
             d. 1 November 1899 at Riverhead; ulcer of the stomach; died in his cell at the Suffolk County Jail; had been on trial for the
             murder of John Bunn at Bay Shore, but due to his illness, the trial was postponed until 29 January 1900
   JOHNSON Will *
             d. 28 February 1894 at Aiken, South Carolina; Aaccidentally shot and killed@ by Joseph Quinn, a groom employed by H. K.
             Vingot of Westbury; Westbury item
   JONES John T. *                             44 years
             d. 29 October 1900 at Greenlawn
   JONES William E. *
             drowned 2 April 1893 at Oyster Bay; body found morning of 3 April 1893 between dock and schooner Dunbar on which he
             was a seaman; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; resident of Northport; commonly called ABuck Bill@ Jones; b. Liberia,
             Africa; AHe had been in nearly every part of the world as a sailor. He was well able to earn a good living but for his love of
   JOURDAN Peter *
             body recovered from a well at Lakeville and Agiven a Christian burial@; 17 September 1892 paper; Westbury item
   KISSAM Mrs. *
             funeral 14 January 1891 at Glen Cove; Aan old and respected colored lady@
   LEVI Susan *                                        42 years
             d. 22 May 1896 at Oyster Bay; wife of Benjamin Levi
   LYONS Mrs.*
             d. 31 January 1899 at Centerport; Asuddenly@; interment at Flushing; Aa colored woman who, with her husband, recently
             removed to this village [Centerport]@; former resident of Flushing
   MAYHEW Arthur [*]
          executed 12 March 1897 at Sing Sing, N. Y.; electrocuted for the murder of Stephen Powell at Hempstead on 7 March 1896;
          Ahe died protesting his innocence@
MAYHEW Ellen *
          d. 23 January 1891 at Hempstead; funeral at Westbury
MERRY small child [*]
          d. Ashort time ago@; child of Elijah Merry; 26 June 1897 paper
MERRY Elijah*                                       51 years
          d. 7 March 1899 at Huntington; dropsy; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church; father of 19
          children, of whom only 4 are now alive; worked for many years for the late Frederick Sammis; Aa flickering light of the A. M.
          E. Church@; Rev. Mr. Lane of the A. M. E. Church Adid not care to preside at this funeral occasion .... as Elijah had some
          trouble with the [A. M. E] church people@; Aa man of many peculiarities@
MERRY Elijah J. [*]                         17 yrs 4 mos
          d. 20 June 1897 at Huntington; bowel consumption; son of Elijah Merry
MERRY Ethel*/Grace*                         7 years
          d. 14 February 1898 at Children=s Home, Yaphank; consumption; interment at Huntington; daughter of Elijah Merry
MERRY Gertie Elsie*                         7 y 3 m 11 d
          d. 2 September 1898 at Yaphank; daughter of Elijah Merry
MERRY Mary Wood *                           44 years
          d. 28 May 1897 at Huntington; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Huntington; wife of Elijah Merry, to whom she was m. for 26 years;
          leaves eight children
MILLS George A.*                            82 years
          d. 6 November 1897 at Allentown, New Jersey; interment at Huntington; unnamed widow survives; father of 13, of whom 11,
          5 sons and 6 daughters, survive; native of Jerusalem; Amoved to Huntington in his early days@; teamster, farmer and local
          preacher at Huntington; later served as an itinerant preacher at Binghamton, N. Y., Owego, N. Y. and Allentown, N. J.; an
          Aaged and much respected resident of this village [Huntington]@
MITCHELL Mary J. *                          54 years
          funeral 19 May 1894 at Jericho
MOTT Charity *
          funeral 17 February 1895 at Glen Cove A. M. E. Church; former resident of Lattingtown
MOTT Jacob *
          d. 7 October 1894; lockjaw from being struck on the head with a stone by his brother-in-law Thomas Townsend; Glen Cove
          item; coroner=s jury indicted Townsend for Mott's death 3 November 1894 paper
OVERTON Frances *                           18 years
          d. 7 August 1897 at Smithtown Branch; consumption; funeral at Smithown Branch M. E. Church; daughter of David and
          Eunice Overton
PAYNE Oscar *
          interment 22 July 1894; Ayoung colored man who has been in the employ of A. T.Jackson at Jericho@
PETERSON AUncle@ Peter *                    100 years
          funeral 5 January 1896 at Acolored church@, Amityville; Aserved as drummer boy in War of 1812 and as a soldier in the War
          of 1847 [Mexican War]@; Abesides being a prominent local character, Uncle Peter was known throughout Long Island as a
           stump speaker. He left considerable property@
PHILLIPS two children *
           d. 6 January 1893 at Stony Brook; killed in house fire; children of William Phillips
PLACE Mary *
           d. 6 May 1897; funeral at Chapel, Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; Arespected colored woman of this place [Oyster
ROE Aaron *                                  Aaged@
           d. Alast week@ at Westbury; Aaged colored man ... respected by all who knew him@; 26 November 1892 paper
RUSHMORE Louise *                            35 years
           d. 18 March 1892 at Oyster Bay; consumption; wife of Townsend Rushmore
SANDS Townsend Treadwell *                      70 years
           d. 26 August 1894 at Jericho; Aseveral years ago@ both legs Awere amputated at knee@ due to frostbite;
           Aafter that Sands became a familiar figure walking about on the stumps of his legs@
SCROGGINS Jane *                                  93 years
             d. 21 August 1892 at Queens; interment at Springfield; Afor more than seventy years has been in the service
           of the Rodman family ..... she was a faithful and trustworthy woman@
SEAMAN child *                                    6 years
             d. Alast week@ at New York City; funeral A. M. E. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Pine Hollow; child of
           John Seaman; 22 February 1895 paper
SEAMAN Mrs. *                                     Avery aged@
           funeral 3 May 1896 at Jones Institute, Brookville; interment at Roslyn; former resident of Glen Cove
             d. 3 June 1900 at Brooklyn; consumption; Aa respectable colored man who for many years was in the employ
           of John A. Weeks@; a summer resident of Oyster Bay
SMITH infant *
           d. 15 July 1894 at Huntington Harbor; cholera infantum; interment at Acolored peoples= cemetery@ at Cold
           Spring; child of Samuel Smith
SMITH Agnes *                                     11 mos 26 days
             d. 9 February 1891 at Huntington
SMITH David *                                     60 years
           funeral 14 May 1893 at Westbury; Aemployed for many years by John A. Weeks and was very much
           respected@; Oyster Bay item
SMITH Ethel V.*                                    Achild@
             d. 4 July 1896 at Northport; interment at Setauket
SMITH John H. *                                   46 yrs 6 mos
           d. 21 January 1897 at Huntington; Awell known and respected colored resident of our village@
SMITH Louisa *
           funeral 4 August 1895 A. M. E. Church, Huntington; interment at Huntington; daughter of Samuel Smith of Mill
           Neck, Oyster Bay
SMITH Peter *
          d. 5 October 1899; peritonitis; unnamed widow and two children survive; Aa good natured industrious colored
          man@; Northport item
STOKELEY Allen I. *                                38 yrs 9 mos
          d. 26 September 1894 at Huntington; cerebral hemorrhages due to the effects of alcohol; worked at Stephen G.
          Todd=s livery stable; letter of protest in 13 October 1894 paper from his sister Virginia in reference to the Long
          Islander's charges that death was due to alcoholism; Virginia wrote ARemember a trial might come to you and
          yours.... Please let him rest.@
          Anegro minister@ killed by lynch mob in Georgia during the lynching of Sam Hose, a black accused of killing a
          white man; editorial, 29 April 1899 paper
TAYLOR Edward *                              81 years
          d. 15 November 1896 at Huntington; found dead in bed from heart disease; Alast Sunday he was not seen about at his usual
          hour, and it was noticed that the little house in which he lived remained darkened. Fearing that the old man might be sick,
          Townsend Jarvis, his nearest neighbor, sent his boy over to Taylor=s place. The boy found the door locked and could get no
          response to his knocking. Later in the day Jarvis went to the house ...... he broke the door down@ finding Taylor dead in the
          bed; Aan old colored man who was a familiar figure about our village@; a former slave, Aat the close of the Rebellion he
          came to this place [Huntington] and has since lived here@; servant of General Woodbury
TAYLOR Louisa E. S. *                        79 y 4 m 18 d
          d. 25 February 1896 at Huntington; interment African M. E. Church burial ground, Huntington; funeral by Rev. Judd of
          Huntington M. E. Church; widow of Abram A. Stokeley, who d. 1864; after 18 years of widowhood, she m. Edward Taylor,
          ca.1882; mother of 11 children, 9 of whom were still living: Mary J. Stokeley, Julia A. Stokeley, Virginia E. Stokeley, Catharine
          L. Stokeley, Mrs. Isabella Frazier, Mrs. Silas Simms, Abram M. Stokeley, Luybram E. Stokeley and Herbert H. Stokeley;
          deceased children were Harriet L. Stokeley and Allen I. Stokeley; sister of Mrs. M. J. Simonds of Brooklyn and Rev. George
          A. Mill of Allentown, New Jersey; native of Jerusalem; resident of Huntington since childhood; had been an invalid for a
          number of years; Aone of the .... most respected colored people in this town@
          drowned 11 July 1892 at Glen Cove Landing; AHe had gone out about eleven o=clock to mend his eel-pots in his boat near
          the wharf, promising to return about three in the afternoon@; body was found by some boys who were clamming that
THORN Alfred *
          d. 3 February 1900 at Cold Spring; Ahighly respected@; employed by Dr. O. L. Jones, at whose home he died; previously
          employed by the late Charles H. Jones
TITUS Sarah *                                         18 years
          d. at Northport; interment 15 November 1895 at Setauket
TOWNSEND infant *
          d. 18 February 1895 at Jericho; found dead in bed; child of George Townsend
TOWNSEND Sarah Jane *                        ca. 60 years
          d. 6 December 1893 at Oyster Bay Town Poorhouse; in wash house alone when clothes caught fire; before help arrived she
          was Aburned so badly that she died within a few hours suffering untold pain@; had been resident of the town poorhouse for
          the past 35 years [since ca. 1858]; Hicksville item
   UPTHER George *
            drowned 11 March 1896 off Eaton=s Neck; Acolored cook@ aboard schooner Kate Scranton, which was driven ashore east
            of Eaton=s Neck Lighthouse during a snow storm; interment at East Northport
   WOOD AOld Uncle@ James *
            funeral 10 May 1896 at Huntington Harbor; Aaged and respected colored citizen@ known for his Ahonesty and integrity@

"Long Islander" Marriages 1878-1900
colored man of Quogue" [*] and Arch, Mary Boardman of Quogue, wife of Ephraim Arch and mother of three children, eloped; 12 December
1884 paper

gentleman of color" [*] and Bates, Alice [*?] of Oyster Bay Cove married 26 June 1888, Oyster Bay item

Ballton, Benjamin [*?] of Greenlawn and Allen, Betty [*?] of Northport married 20 February 1884 at Greenlawn by Rev. A. S. Amos

Ballton, Charles [*?] and Jones, Bertha I. [*?] married 7 October 1887 at Greenlawn by Rev. H. C. Pierson
Brazier, Charles* and Mitchell, Harriet* married 20 December 1882 at Northport by Rev. Barnhart

Brazier, Napoleon [*?] of Huntington and Smith, Emma [*?] of Cold Spring married 14 January 1879 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. Mc Coy

Brazier, Napoleon* of Huntington and Jones, Ida* of Huntington married 20 October 1881 at Huntington by Rev. Smith
Note: Ida was at the time married to Edward H. Smith and had been since 1877. The newly married couple were arrested for bigamy; 4
November 1881 paper

Brown, William [?*] of Westbury and Wilson, Mattie [?*] of Hempstead married "last week" at Hempstead by Rev. Jackson; 8 November 1890

Carll, John [*] and Carman, Sarah [*] married 25 June 1890 at Huntington

Cisco, Charles [*?] and Creighton, Celia [*?] married 12 September 1878 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. McCoy

Conklin, Joseph [*], son of Grace Conklin [*], and un-named bride married 4 February 1890; Port Jefferson item

Cunninghan, Winfield [*] and "German Girl" of Hicksville married 19 March 1887 at Roslyn; Cunningham called a "mulatto" in marriage account

Frazier, Joseph J. [*] of Huntington and Taylor, Mrs. Sarah [*] of Huntington married 31 May 1884 by Rev. Putnam
Gardiner, John J. [*] and Fowler, Annie [*] married 7 March 1881 at Huntington by Rev. Bowman

Hicks, Abraham [*?] of Glen Cove and Bergen, Isabel [*?] of Glen Cove married 24 December 1898 at the A. M. E. Zion church parsonage,
Oyster Bay, by Rev. Le Chai

Hicks, Charles S. [*] of Huntington and Smith, Mary Augustus [*] of Smithtown married 26 December 1882 at Huntington by Rev. Mc Coy

James, James H. [*?] of East Norwich and Germain, Ellen [*?] of New Bern, North Carolina, married 10 October 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Le

Jarvis, Townsend [*?] and Titus, Sarah [*?] married 25 December 1878 at Huntington by Rev. Mc Coy

Johnson, George [*?] and Smith, Ruth [*?] married 16 October 1878 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. Mc Coy

Johnson, Harry [*?] and Wood, Irene [*?] married 25 December 1878 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. Mc Coy

Jones, David [*] of Huntington and Simons, Elsie [*] of Virginia married 19 May 1879 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. Mc Coy

Newton, [ - ? - ] M. of Setauket and Terry, Adelia May of Terryville, daughter of Samuel J. Terry, married 25 December 1888 by Rev. Terry

Peters, Robert B. [*?] of Huntington and Johnson, Annie L. * of Huntington married 23 November 1880 at Huntington by Rev. Mc Coy

Smith, John J.* of Smithtown and Smith, Ella M.* of Smithtown married 19 July 1882 at Northport

Treadwell, George* and Frazier, Emma* married 20 May 1891 at Huntington by Rev. Peck

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