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									                                                  KUMAUN UNIVERSITY, NAINITAL
                                                                    (Lab Equipments List)

Sl.   Name of Department                               Equipment(s) to be purchased (as per department's requirement & justification)
D.S.B. Campus, Nainital
 1      Bio-Technology     1) 1-Centrifuge                                             (Maximum RCF should be atleast 37,000 g and maximum speed should be
                                                                                        20,000 RPM)
                                                                                        (Should have temperature range control of -8oC to +37o C)
                                                                                        (Should have digital display for recommended parameters)
                                                                                        (Single control knob for Time, Temperature, RCF and RCM)
                                                                                        (Power:220-240Volts,50Hz Single Phase)
                                                                                        (Power consumption not more than 90W)
                                                                                        (Size at least upto 89cmX60cmX55cm)

                           2-Electronic Balance                                         (Maximum weighing capacity should be atleast or more than 220 gm)
                            (micro gram)                                               (Pan size should be atleast 80mm in diameter)
                                                                                       (Glass shield opening from atleast three sides)
                                                                                       (Readability must be 0.0001gm )
                                                                                       (Linearity                      <+0.2mg)
                                                                                       (Response time                 < 2sec.)
                                                                                       (Repeatability                  <0.1mg)

                           3-Electronic Balance (mg)                                   (Maximum weighing capacity should be atleast 220 gm)
                                                                                        (Pan size should be atleast 100mm in diameter)
                                                                                        (Glass shield opening from atleast three sides)
                                                                                        (Readability must be 0.001gm)
                                                                                        (Linearity                       <+0.2mg)
                                                                                        (Response time                  < 2sec.)
                                                                                        (Repeatability                  <0.1mg)

                           4-pH Meter                                                   (Measuring range should be 0 to 14 pH)
                                                                                        (Automatic temperature compensation facility 0 to 99.90C)
                                                                                        (Should have a resolution of 0.001)
                                                                                        (pHaccuracy             .002pH+1digit)
                       (mVRange                0+_1999.9mV)
                       (mV Resolution           0.1)
                       (mVaccuracy             +0.5mV+1Digit or +0.05% of reading)
                       (Should have three calibration standard)
                       (LCD display for better visibility and reliable reading)

5-Water Bath Shakher   (Corrosion resistant exterior and interior with insulation that exterior stays cool
                        after hours of operation)
                       (Temperature range should be 50 C ambient to 700 C)
                       (Microprocessor based PID control of temperature with atleast +_0.50C
                        stability at 370C)
                        (Digital display in both 0C and 0F for temperature)
                        (Should be equipped with thermostats guards against thermal runway)
                        (Safety feature for heating element if runned accidentally dry)
                        (Capacity should be 20Lit.)
                        (Exterior should stay cool even after hours of operation)

6-Refrigerator          (320 liter capacity,Tufferend Glass Self,Door Cooling,Green Icon cooling with
                        5 star rating, Metallic finish with Vaccum box,Dual Chiller Fan)

7-Green House           Dome shaped built Glass House Facility with size should not be
  (Under Project)      less than 40 Sqm ,Side Height not less than 8 feet and Center Height
                       Not less than 11 feet Framing Pipe should be Anti-corrosive with hot
                       and deep galvanized Coating,
                        Humidity resistant GI pipe of ISI standard. Pipes used as
                       Vertical Supports
                       Should be with minimum specification of Length X breath X
                       thickness as 47 mm x 47 mm X 2.1mm
                       Minimum of 3 doors made of aluminum with not less than 6 X 3 feet
                       size all with brass locking
                       Cladding material used should be made up of Unbreakable with at
least 6mm Multiwall polycarbonate sheet suitable for transgenic
 research work and should be resistant to Liquid and chemicals.
 Make of polycarbonate sheet and its sound and thermal insulation,
 light transmission, thermal conductivity and Impact Resistant should
 be mentioned and should according to standards.
 Polycarbonate sheet used should be
 difficult to ignite and
 UV stabilized.
  Polycarbonate sheet should be glazed over with aluminum strip not
  less than 2.5 inch and should be leakage proofing and silicon gel
  Complete roof should be cover with agro shade net of UV
   resistance material with rolling system.
  Civil constructions works should be included and mentioned in
  Quotation with clearly mentioning about foundation below and
   above ground level, chemical resistant flooring, and material and
   composition that will be used make setup, plastering and painting.
   For cooling must be Eco friendly and should be equipped with at
   least 24 inch two exhaust fan of Galvanized, Rivet- Aluminum
   with complete recirculation system with 1 Horse power pump and
   not less than 1000 liter PVC tank.
     Cooling system must have digital microprocessor based automatic
   system with suitable sensor with Inbuilt auto thermal cut off device
    and at least 2 heater.
   Glass house should have Humidification System with at least Up to
   90 % Humidity Range with micro sprinkler fogger of 28 LPH, 4

 pipe fitting 16 mm LLDPE, filter , four way nozzle hanging type,
 Motor 1 HP monoblock pump and control valve assembly Tank of
 1000 litres and with double set digital irrigation controller etc.
 Should have programmable photoperiodic controller.
 Complete electrical wiring with ISI approved Electrical Device
                                                                     high quality fittings. Copper multi strand twisted FR Grade cable
                                                                     and rigid Stds of safety with proper M.C.B
                                                                     General electrification and stabilizer of 5KVA and tube lights
                                                                      should be at buffer room.
                                                                      Plumbing with Water connection with one tap in each Green
                                                                      House chamber/ compartment with elbow operated tap, distributed
                                                                      through corrosion free pre coated GI pipe of appropriate diameter
                                                                      (3/4 or half inch ) should be provided and included in quotation.

2   Botany   (1) Accessories for rote-evaporator
                (a) Digital water bath with water pipe             (Water both made of stainless steel double walled thermostatically
                                                                   controlled with adjustable jack for rotary vacuum evaporator)
                (b) Vacuum pump with manometer and vacuum pipe     (Vacuum pump-fitted with non-return value and vacuum gauge with
                                                                   regulator )
                                                                   (Tension spring clip), (Ball joint clip)
                                                                   (Single phase non-sparking glazed unit 220 volts)
                                                                   (Oil free vacuum pump 1 hp)
               (c) Stand/Jack
             (2) Digitally controlled Hot Air oven                 (304 grade stainless steel outer body)
                                                                   (605x605x910 mm, Cap- 330, shelves- 3/4)
             (3) Stereoscopic microscope with digital camera and   (with camera and computer display unit)
                Computer display unit                              (10X-20X-30X-60X Magnification)
                                                                   (Trinocilar Photography Poct)
                                                                   (w/USB and CCD eammera)
                                                                   (Travel Storage Case)
                                                                   (Stabilized D.C.Power supplier)
             (4) Dehumidifier                                      (Mechanical, 15 litre, Electronic control, 4 Tank Capacity)
             (5) Quartz distillation apparatus                      (Quartz boiler with inbuilt heater and borosil glass condenser, stand,
                                                                    auto thermal sensor cut off, Double distillation, Bottom outlet)
             (6) PH meter Cyber Scan pH 510                         (Digital, conductivity and temperature meter-03- Portable type)
             (7) Cooling Incubator                                   (Temp. Range -5 to 100, temp. variation max ± 0.5K Noise leve-
                                                     below 50dB, Vol. 150L )
                (8) UV- Spectrophotometer            (Wavelength range-190-900 nm with photomultiplier, Resolution: 0-
                                                     1 nm, Wavelength accuracy: ±0-2 nm, Wavelength scanning speed-
                                                      Fast, Light: 50w halogen lamp,Photometric system: double Beam,
                                                      Photometric Mode: Absorbance)
                (9) Cooling Centrifuge               (Max Speed: up to 15000rpm, Temp. Range: -16 ºC to 40 ºC, LCD
                                                      Display, Timer for at least 20 min. Capable of accommodating
                                                      micro tubes of 0.5ml- 2.0 ml capacity)
                (10) Laminar Flow                     (Working size: 4'x2'x2', size of HEPA filter: 4'x2'x6', No. of HEPA
                                                      filter: 1, Illumination: 2x40w, Interlocking of UV germicidal tube
                                                      and florescent tube )
                (11) Lyophilizer                      (Microprocessor based digital temperature control, puf insulted,
                                                       condenser trap: All non- magnetic stainless steel, vacuum drum: 6-
                                                      12 port, Capacity: 5.25 liters for 12 tests )
                (12) pH meter                          (0-14 pH/0-2 pH)
3   Chemistry   (1) M.P.Apparatus                      (with cooling system, Range upto 350 ºC, scale 0-10 ºC)
                (2) Fume hood                          (5ft x 3ft x 2ft)
                (3) UV-Spectrophotometer               (200-800nm with all accessories)
                (4) Digital pH meter                   (Microprocessor based LCD display, upto three decimal place with
                                                       an extra combined pH electrode)
                (5) Cyclic Voltameter                  (Model: EPSILON (BAS 50) compliance voltage: ± 12V, Applied
                                                       potential: ± 3.275 V with 100µV resolution, Maximum current: 100
                                                       mA, Current resolution: 2fA in 20 bit and 31 fA in 16bit formats
                                                       full scale sensitivity: 1mA to 100mA in 9 auto ranges, Analouge to
                                                       Digital: 16 bits and 20 bits, Applied Current: 1mA-50mA, Range:
                                                       ±10V, Potential resolution: Measured Pot. Resolution 20µV, Bias
                                                       current:<1pA )
                (6) Thermostatic Water Bath            (High precision, digital temperature control with indicator,
                (7) Spectrophotometer/ Colorimeter    (Digital, range 340-960nm,percent transmission/absorbance
                                                      measurement,wavelength resolution 5nm, 3½ digit LED display
                                                      with a set of cuvettes)
               (8) Digital Potentiometer              (4 digit LED, range 0-±1999mV, resolution 1mV, supplied with
                                                      ORP electrodes and stand)
               (9) Conductivity Bridge                (Range 1 µmho to 1 mho with digital display, accuracy ± 3% with a
                                                      clip of holding cell, cellstand, dip type conductivity cells of cell
                                                      constants 0.1,0.5 and 1.0 size: 280x215x125mm )
               (10) Soil Analysis Kit &               (Covering 8 parameters: pH, EC, TDS, Salinity, Turbidity, DO,
                    Water Analysis                    Temperature, colorimeter with rechargeable battery)
               (11) Rotatory Vacuum Film              (Flask capacity 800mL,receiving flask 1L, noiseless, motor speed
                                                       control Evaporator 200RPM, double walled water bath, digital
                                                       temperature control, vertical)
               (12) Hot Air Oven                      (30x30x30 cm, 02 trays)
               (13) Rotatory Shaker                   (Range 50 to 200 RPM, platform size: 45 x 45 cm, designed for 25
                                                       to 1000mL capacity conical flask)
               (14) Centrifuge Machine                (15mL x 12 tubes, upto 4000 RPM)
               (15) Conductometer                      (Digital, automatic temp. compensation, reading upto three decimal
                                                       place,LED display with conductivity cell, temperature probe, cell
               (16) Electronic Balance                 (sensitivity: 0.1mg with battery backup)
               (17) Electronic Balance                 (sensitivity: 10mg with battery backup)
               (18) Electronic Balance                 (sensitivity: 1mg with battery backup)
               (19) Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate    (220/230 AC, 0-85 AMPS)
4   Forestry   1-Oven                                  (Temprature 10 ºC to 250 ºC) (Heater 1800W) (Digital PID
                                                       (Steel Plate with power coating, 150lt. Capacity, Weight 60 Kg)
               2-Electronic Balance                   (Capacity-220gm, Readability 0.001gm) (Pen Size- 128x128 mm)
               3-Automatic Chlorophy II Meter
               4-Automatic Ladder
5   Geology    (1) Thin section cutting and            (High Speed Rock Cutting Machine with water system)
                   grinding machine                    (Coarse and fine grinding with polishing facility)
               (2) Resistivity meters                  (Digital)
               (3) Sieve shaker and sieves              (Standard Laboratory model with one complete set of sieve)
               (4) Ordinary binocular microscope        (to pick individual mineral grains from crushed rock samples for
                                                                          detailed petrographic work)
6   Physics   1- CRO Dual Trace 15MHZ (with two probes)
              2- Digital Gauss Meter
              3- Transistor Amplifier cum feed amplifier (Complete Set)
              4- Frank-Hertz Experiment Set-up
              5- Low Distortion R-C oscillator set-up                     (1Hz to 99.9 Khz in five range)
                                                                          (1 to 9.99 Hz, 10 to 99.9 Hz, 100 to 999Hz, 1K to 9.99 Khz and 10
                                                                           Khz to 99.9 Khz)
                                                                           (± 1% ± 1 Hz from 10 Hz - 99.9 Khz )
                                                                           (± 1% ± 0.2 Hz from 1 Hz - 9.99Khz)
                                                                           (Output: Sine/Square wave)
              6- Michelson Interferometer                                  (Complete Set with monochromatic light source)
              7- Comparator
              8- FET Volt Ohm Meter
              9- B-H Curve Experiment complete set
              10-Radiation Counting system (complete set)
              11-Radioactive sources kit
              12-Planck Constant Exp. Complete Set
              13-Stop watch Racer (1/5 or 1/10 sec.)
              14-Searle apparatus for thermal conductivity (complete set)
              15-Calender and Barns apparatus (full set)
              16-Traveling microscope (3 motion)
              17-Optical Spectrometer (with 10X eye piece)
              18-Prism EDF 32x32x32 mm
              19-Sodium vapour Lamp 35w/65w
              20-Mercury vapour Lamp 125w
              21-Potentionmeter (10 wire)
              22-Maintenance free Batteries (12v 85Ab)
              23-Standard Cadimium Cell 1.018 V
              24-Zener Diode Experiment Set (complete set)
              25-Experiment Set up for Ionization of Mercury (complete set)
              26-Kater's Pendulum (complete set)
                    27-Surface Tension Apparatus (of liquilds) (complete set)
                    28-Ballistic Galvnometer (Resistance 100Ohm)
                    29-Tangent Galvnometer (full size)
                    30-Two stage R.C.coupled Transistor Amplifier (complete set)
                    31-Two stage Transformer coupled Amplifier (complete set)
                    32-FET Amplifier (complete set)
                    33-Study of Crystal oscillators (complete set) 3KH - 1MH
                    34-Regulated power supply study experiment (complete set)
                    35-Diffraction Expts. with Laser (Full set) He-Ne Laser (MW)
                    36-Manageable Networking Layer 2 Switch with 24 I/O and
                       Cat 6 Cable
Project Equipment   38-Diode Laser/Led with power Supply                         (a) Central wavelength:                  300 ± 10 nm
     (DRDO)                                                                         (b) Maximum pulse width:              < 1ns
                                                                                    (c) Typical pulse width:              600 to 800 ps
                                                                                    (d) Average power @ 10 MHz:           > 0.7 W
                                                                                    (e) Trigger input:                    TTL, 1 Hz - 10MHz, SMA
                                                                                    (f) Trigger out:                      SMA
                                                                                    (g) Cooling:                          Actively cooled
                                                                                    (h) Kindly specify pulse repetition rates
                                                                                    (i) Power requirement:                230 - 250 V (AC), 50 Hz
                                                                                    (j) Kindly quote for other accessories and spares if any

                                                                                    The Diode laser/LED in the range of 290-310nm to be purchased is to be
                                                                                    used as a source and is to be coupled with our Edinburgh Instruments, UK
                                                                                    time domain decay time measurement spectrofluotimeter model E1 199.
                                                                                    Hence the equipment must be compatible to be coupled as a source with
                                                                                    EI 199. Kindly also quote for any spares etc that may be required to
                                                                                    couple this system with EI 199 for decay time measurements.
                    40-Viscometer to be used for Viscosity measurement of          (a) Viscosity range:                  0.5 - 10000 mPaS
                       Sol-Gel Systems                                             (b) Technique:                        Sine Wave vibration
                                                                                   (c) Repeatability:                    ±1%
                                                                                   (d) Operating temperature:            25 - 40 C
                                                                                   (e) Calibration:                      2 point
                                                                                   (f) Sample volume:                    10-35 ml
                                                                  (g) Sample holder:                      adjustable jack for sample holder
                                                                 (h) Control and Display unit:
                                                                     (i) Alpha numeric display for viscosity, temperature, calibration and
                                                                         other measurement parameters.
                                                                     (ii) on/off switch
                                                                    (iii) Start/Stop
                                                                    (iv) Hold
                                                                     (v) Error
                                                                     (vi) Data transfer ability with computer
                                                                     (vii) Test Certificates
                                                                     (viii) Compliance certificates
                                                                  (i) Electrical power supply:            220 VAC, 50 Hz
                                                                  (j) Accessories:                Sample Cup, Cables, window connectivity
                                                                                                  tools including RS 232 cable, AC adapter if
                                                                 (k) Kindly quote for other accessories and spares if any.
7        Zoology         1- Multiparameter field data logger   (Water quality assesment)
                         2- Soxhlet Apparatus                  (Extraction of plants with accessories of allihn condenser,
                                                               Interchangeable joint, Cap- 2000ml, flask size- 5000 )
                         3- Phase Contract Microscope          (Cytogenetic studies), (Japanese)
8   B.Pharma (Project)   1- HPLC PUMP                          (The flish panel design and keypad for error-free programming of
                                                                pump parameters including flow rate, operating pressure limits,
                                                                compreesibility compensation, purge mode, calibration and
                                                                (Precise stepper motor control (48 steps/µl resolution) of dual
                                                                 reciprocation pistons to ensure pulse free solvent delivery)
                                                                 (Programmable flow rate range: 0.001-22.5 ml/min in 0.001
                                                                 ml/min. inrements)
                                                                 (Flow precision 0.1% RSD)
                                                                 (Flow accuracy ± 1.0%)
                                                                 (Compressibility compensation: Programmable)
                                                                 (Flow calibration: Programmable)
                                                                 (Purge function: Programmable)
                                                                 (Maximum operating pressure: 6000psi)
                                              (Operating pressure limits: Programmable high and low pressure
                                              limits, user selectable in psi, bar kPa)
                                              (Pressure Ripple < 2.0%)
                                              (Plunger guiding system: Floating, self aligning mount)
                                              (Primary wetted surface materials: 316 stainless steel, sapphire,
                                             reinforced fluorocarbon polymer seals.)
2- Gradient Mixer
3- Pump Control Module
4- Rheodyne & Stand Kit
5- UV/Visible Detector                       (Wavelength range: 190-700nm)
                                             (Light source: Deuterium)
                                             (Noise < 5x10º AU, dry cell, 230nm)
                                             (Drift: 1x10 /AU/hour)
                                             (Linearity: <5% at 2.5 AU, Propyleparaben, 257nm)
                                             (Bandwidth: 5nm)
                                             (Flowcell: 10ul, (Standard) )
                                              (Time Programmable: wavelength, polarity, lamp on/off)
                                              (Measurement range 0.0001 to 4.000 AUFS)
                                              (Accuracy: ± 1 nm)
                                              (Online LCD display of chromatograms/spectras)
                                              (Integral Cuvette holder to be used as qualitative benchtop
6- Empower 3 Personal Single System Add-on    (For control, acquisition, on line display, processing peak point
                                              integration and reporting HPLC data)
                                              (Full 32 Bit Architecture)
                                              (Window 7 Professional)
                                              (Pre-made templates, Cutomizable data reports- online help and
                                              answer wizards)
                                              (Embedded Oracle Database)
                                              (Report Publisher)
                                              (Electronic record and electronic sign off complying to 21 CFR
                                               Part 11 of FDA guidelines)
                                                                   (Data Intergrity, Advanced Security, Audit Trails)
                                                                   (Instrument Control capabilities including Waters HPLC system,
                                                                   Waters MS detectors)
                                                                   (Mass detection)
                                                                   (Maintain security and regulatory compliance)
                                                                   (Versatility for multitasking without multiple software package)
                                                                   (Different interface like Quick start Pro, Open Access or web user)
                                                                   (Scalable to client server without comprising Data Integrity)
                       7- Sun Fire C18 5µm 4.6x250 mm Column
                       8- Sun Fire C8 5µm 4.6x250 mm Column
                       9- Sun Fire Silica 5µm 10x250 mm Column
                       10-Solvant Clarification kit 220v 50HZ
                       11-Sample Clarification kit Orange

S.S.J.Campus, Almora
 9        Botany       (1) Compound Microscope                     (ISI Deluxe monocular inclined Pathological Research Microscope,
                                                                  Standard set complete with eye pieces 5x, 10x & 15x, Objectives
                                                                  10x45x (S.L) & 100x oil immersion )
10       Chemistry     (1) Ultrasonic Interferometer
                       (2) Flame Photometer Systronics
                       (3) pH meter
                       (4) Colorimeter
                       (5) Conductivity
11       Commerce      (1) Inverter (2KVA)
12        Forestry     (1) Electronic balance                    (Overload protection, Auto calibration, LCD Screen, Fast response,
                                                                 easy operation)
                       (2) GPS (Global Positioning               (Pocket sized portable GPS system comes preloaded with Map my
                           System)                               India Maps, Voice guided directions using built in speakers,
                                                                 400MHz processor with a high sensitivity, SiRF start III GPS
                                                                 Includes an MP3 music player, a picture viewer, movie player, game,
                                                                           world clock and calculator, large 3.5 inch touch screen with easy to
                                                                           read, colorful icons)
                          (3) Digital Calipers                             (Free extra Battery Metric and SAE digital display Accurate to
                                                                           Resolution: 0.0005” Fluid resistant stainless steel frame, precision
                                                                           ground jaws on/off switch with automatic)
13       Geography        (1) GPS
                          (2) GPS Data Cable
14        Zoology         (1) Microtome
15   Drawing & Painting   (1) Drawing Board
                          (2) Studio egeel (Iron)

                                                    KUMAUN UNIVERSITY, NAINITAL
                                                          (Music Equipments List)

1          Music         1- Pair of Tanpura (Gents)                          (Made in Miraj with decoration on Toomba & Daand)
     DSB Campus Nainital 2- Pair of Tanpura (Ladies)                         (Made in Miraj with decoration on Toomba & Daand)
                           3- Scale Changer Harmoniam                                        (Teak wood, 3½ octave, Made in Kolkatta)
                           4- Pair of Tabla                                                  (Right Tabla- Sisham wood, Left Tabla- Brass 3½Kg, with lower
                                                                                             ring (Gadri) Hammer brass metal and tabla pair bag)
                           5- Octopad
                           6- Electronic Tanpura
                           7- Electronic Tabla
S.S.J.Campus, Almora
 2         Music           (1) Tanpura (Electronic) samll size
                           (2) Tabla (Electronic) small size
                           (3) Gitar (Electronic) small size
                           (4) Sitar (Ladies)                                              (Ladies Tarabdar (Miraj), Wodden with string and spare string set
                                                                                          (full size))
                           (5) Pair of Tanpura (Ladies)                                   (Ladies Jori Kamdar (Miraj) wodden with string set (full size))
                           (6) Pair of Tanpura (Gents)                                    (Male Jori Kamdar (Haji abdul karim) wodden full size with string
                           (7) Harmonium (Scale Changer)                                  (Scale changer with a changing, triple reeds bass/wodden, male &
                                                                                          female reeds, Teak wood used (Full size))

                                                     KUMAUN UNIVERSITY, NAINITAL
                                                                   ( Furniture and Fixture List )

Sl.   Name of Department                                  Equipment(s) to be purchased (as per department's requirement & justification)
D.S.B. Campus, Nainital
S.S.J.Campus, Almora
20 Kumaun University       (1) Jute Carpet                                                    (Please attached Sample)
        Administrative     (2) PVC                                                            (Please attached Sample)
           Block           (3) Carpet                                                         (Please attached Sample)
                           (4)Curtain including switching, roads & Fitting                     (Please attached Sample)
                           (5) News Paper Reading Stand
                           (6) Book Self
                           (7) Steel Almirah Half Size (4 ft.)

                                                     KUMAUN UNIVERSITY, NAINITAL
                                                           ( Computer & Electronic items List )

Sl.   Name of Department                               Equipment(s) to be purchased (as per department's requirement & justification)
D.S.B. Campus, Nainital
 1         Forestry        1- Digital Camera                          (9-1 Megapixel, 20x40 X Zoom, LCD-3.0)
 2         Geology         1- Digital Cameras                        (14 Mege Pixel)
                           2- Server                                  (workstation-processor i3 or above) (Windows XP)
                                                                       (ServerPack-3,HDD-500GB,4GBRAM,DVD-Writer 2GB Graphic
                           3- Multi viewer digi cam (visualiser)      (Digital (CCD) visual presenter with 5.2 x optical and 8 x digital
                               projector for class rooms               zoom)
 3          Music          1- Music System
 4         Physics         1-Inverter 2500 VA/3KVA

 5    Computer Science     1- Laptop                               2.0 GHz quad core intel core i7 with 6MB on-chip shared L3 chace,
                                                                   8GB, 0f 1333 Mhz DDR3 memory, Dual 750 GB (7200-rpm) hard
                                                                   drives, intel HD Graphics 3000 processor with 384 MB of DDR3
                                                                   SDRAM shared with main memory, Thunderbolt port, HDMI port,
                                                                   DVI output using HDMI to DVI Adapter, Support for dual display and
                                                                   video mirroring SDXC card slot, Gigabit Ethernet port, Audio in/out,
                                                                   Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, Wi-Fi Mac OS 10.7 Lion Server
                           2- 1000 Mbps Switch 24 port
 6         Sanskrit        1- Invertor (2KVA)
S.S.J.Campus, Almora
          Commerce         (1) Inverter (2KVA)
 7    Drawing & Painting   (1) Mike with Sound system
 8       Geography         (1) Digital Camera
 9          Hindi          (1) LCD TV Set with                     (Screen size: 42 inch.)
                              VCP & VCR
                           (2) Invertor System                     (3 KVA)
                           (3) Digital Camara                      (16.2 Mege Pixel, 3” LCD, 10x opti. Zoom, SD Swep)
10          Music          (1) Music System
                           (2) Mike set Complete                    (500 watt with amplifier USB+DVD)
11       Physics           (1) Electric Generator Set              (20KVA,3 Phase, air Cooled)
12       Zoology           (1) Invertor (02 KVA)
13   Kumaun University     (1) Heavy Duty Printer                  (175 sheet DADF, Single Pass Dual Scan, Banner Printing)
Nainital, Almora,                              (Document Guard Kit (Standard), Paper weight 300GSM)
    Bhimtal                                    (Original paper size 12" × 18", 35 Lac Print out or 5 years machine
                                               life, RAM 2 GB, HDD 320 GB, Post script, Internet accessibility
                                               from machine, Print from Pen Drive, Scan to Pen Drive)
                    (2) SMART PODIUM           1. Screen Size: 17”
                                               2. Platform Support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Mac OS X/Linux
                                               3. Resolution Computer: 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) addressable pixels
                                               4. Resolution Video: 700 Lpi
                                               5. Pressure Sensitivity: 512 Levels
                                               6. Accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm
                                               7. Pixel Pitch: 0.264 mm x 0.264 mm
                                               8. Number of Colors: 16.7 million
                                               9. Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
                                               10. Brightness: 600 (cd/m2)
                                               11. Viewing Angle: -60°-60°-40°V
                                               12. Date Report Rate: 200 reports/ per second
                                               13. Dimensions: 370mm x 435mm x 52mm
                                               14. Operating Temperature: 32°F-122° (0°C-50°C)
                                               15. Storage Temperature: -4°F-140°F (20°C-60°C)
                                               16. Touch Panel Controller
                                               17. Wireless Condensor Microphone

                    (3) INTEGRATED COMPUTER    1. Motherboard: Intel i3 Mother board &Processor
                                              2. Memory: 2GB RAM
                                              3. Storage: 250 GB HARD DISK
                                              4. OS: WINDOWS 7 Home Edition
                                              5. Interactive Software: Interactive Software should be Pre-loaded for content
                                              6. Amplifier: Should be installed into the podium
                                              Frame: Frame body should be made from MS and Acrylic on a frame of sheet
                                                        metal, available for permanent mounting with castor wheels. Front should
                                                        have a Glass mounted sheet for Printed logo to be put up.
                    (4)MULTIMEDIA PROJECTOR    1. Native Resolution: 1024 x 768
                                              2. Brightness: 4000ANSI Lumens
                                              3. Contrast Ratio: 2500:1
                                               4. Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
                         5. Lamp: 230W NSH
                         6. Video Compatibility: NTSC 4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N, DTV, HDTV(480i, 480p, 575i,
                            575p, 720p, 1035i & 1080i)
                         7. Input Compatibility: VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, WXGA, UXGA, MAC.
                         8. Projection Size: 40” – 300”
                         9. Speakers: 10 Watts
                        10. Input/ Output/ Communication Ports: VGA x 1, S-Video x 1, Mini Jack (Stereo IN)
                             x 1, RCA (L/R) x 1, Mini Jack (Audio OUT) x 1, RS-232C x 1.
                        11. Lamp Hour: 6000 Hrs. (Eco Mode) & 4000 Hrs. (Normal Mode)
                        12. Remote: Full Functional Remote Control
                        13. Power Consumption: 280 Watts
                        14. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
                        SPECIAL FEATURES:
                        1. Auto Digital Keystone Correction
                        2. Auto Ceiling Image Reverse
                        3. Auto Source Selection
                        4. Digital Zoom
                        5. Top Loading Lamp Replacement
(5) INTERACTIVE BOARD   1. Resolution: 62,000 x 46,500 pixels / 1000 lines per inch
                        2. Size: 77” Diagonally
                        3. Interactive Application: Capability to connect at least 7 interactive pads without cable
                        4. Interactive Mode: Electronic note writing and context annotation on Board in use with
                        5. White Board Mode: Electronic note writing and context annotation with dry erase pen
                           on Board and saved in PC without projectors
                        6. Technology: Electromagnetic
                        7. Linux Compatibility: Yes
                        8. Board Surface: Scratch resistance, Antiglare, Rigid construction, made of long lasting
                        9. Connectivity: Serial, USB, RF Com Option
                        10. Power Supply: 230 V AC+/- 10%, 50HzAC
                        11. Operating Temperature: 5° to 55°C
                        12. Accuracy- 0.25 mm
                        13. Split Screen: Available (2,4,6 and 9 Independent split working areas)
                        14. Customization: Software tools customization as per various configurations
                        15. Pen Input: Dual pen Input
                        16. No. of Pens: 2 No.
(6) INTERACTIVE PANEL    1. Size: 17" diagonal (431 mm)
                 2. Resolution: 1280 x 1024 (SXGA)
                 3. Tablet Resolution: 700 lines per inch
                 4. Aspect ratio: 5:4
                 5. Brightness: 600 cd/m²
                 6. Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
                 7. Accuracy: 0.25 mm
                 8. Screen: Scratch resistant LCD
                 9. Electronic Pen: Provided
                 10. Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP & Linux Compatibility is compulsory.
                 11. Pressure Sensitivity: 512 levels
                 12. Incline: 20° ~ 80°
                 13. Number of Colors: 16.7 Million
                 14. I/O Connectors: VGA 15-pin D-sub (IN/OUT), USB Connector
                 15. Operating Temperature: 0° C - 40° C, 95% RH at 40° C
                 16. Power: 230 V ±10%, 50Hz AC
(7) VISUALIZER   1. Image pick-up device: 1/3” progressive scan CCD
                 2. Total pixels: 13,00,000 pixels
                 3. Effective pixels: 1,280(H) x 1,024(V)
                 4. Frame rate: 30 fps
                 5. Resolution: RGB Output(SXGA (1280 x 1024)), Video Output(750(H) TV Lines)
                 6. Optical Zoom: 12X
                 7. Digital Zoom: 8X
                 8. Lens: F1.6~3.7,f3.9~85.8mm
                 9. Shooting Area: 365 x 220 mm
                 10. Focus: Auto / Manual
                 11. Functions: Split Screen, White Balance, Negative/Positive Conversion, Mirror
                     Image, Color/B&W Selection, Freeze (Pause Mode), Rotation.
                 12. Input/output: Video Out x 1, S- Video x 1, RGB IN x 2, RGB OUT x 2,
                     Audio Out x 1, Mic OUT x 1, USB x 1.
                 13. Power Supply: 12V DC, 1.5A.
                 14. Application Software: Yes.
(8) LCD TV       1- 32 " (81 cm) DNIE Engine, USB, HDMI, Wide Colour
                 2- 40 " (101 cm) DNIE Engine, USB, HDMI, Wide Colour
(9) Laptop        Intel core i5 480 Processor, Windows 7 genuine, 4GB HDRAM
                        500 GB HDD, 14" (35.6 cm) TFT
(10)Laser Printer                    Resolution(in dpi): Mono 600x600, Paper Size-A4, Print Speed
                                     in PPM (A4 Size): 14, Port: 1 USB, Memory (in MB): NA,
                                     Network Card 10/100: NA, Duplexing: Yes
(11)Laptop                           Memory- 2GB DDR3 Ram expandable to 8 GB
                                     Processor- mobile intel core i7- 620M, 2.66 GHz with 4 MB l3
                                     coche or higher
                                     Display- 14 inch
                                     Rasolution- 1280x800 WXGA or higher
                                     Operating system- Microsoft window 7 professional
(12)Computer                          Monitor - TFT or better
                                      C.P.U- Intel i5 processor
                                      Memory- 2GB, RAM expandable to 8 GB
                                      Hard disk Drive- 160 GB/500GB
                                      Mouse- Optical
                                      Net working Facility- 10/100/1000 on broad intergrated
                                      networking port
                                      Operating System- Window 7
                                      Optival Drive- DVD/RW
                                      Preloaded software- Antivirus with 1 year license
                                      UPS .5 KVA
                                      UPS 1 KVA
(13) DVD 8x Rewriter
(14) 2 GB DDR 2 RAM 667 MHz
(15) R.O Water Purifier
(16) Inverter 875 VA
(17) Inverter 1500 VA
(18) Inverter 2000 VA
(19) D.T.H with Set Top Box
(20) Mic. System Complete
(21) Thread Meal (Running Machine)
(22) Water Gizar 25 lt. & Above

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