THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM

                              FACULTY OF ENGINEERING

Job Title:                  Research Associate/Fellow
                            Open Source Software Co-ordinator for Advanced Textile
                            Composite Materials

Contract Status:            This post will be offered on a fixed-term contract for a period of
                            three years.

Salary:                     £24,152 - £35,469 per annum; depending on qualifications and
                            experience (salary can progress to £38,757 per annum, subject to
                            performance) – (£26,391 maximum without PhD).

Location:                   University Park

Responsible to:             Dr IA Jones and Professor AC Long

Job Outline:

To coordinate and facilitate the maintenance, development and application of the TexGen
open-source textile modelling software framework.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

   To model textile composite reinforcements using a geometric modelling approach within
    the TexGen software framework.
   To manage the open source repository containing the version-managed source code for
    TexGen, and to moderate online discussions on the subject of TexGen and its applications.
   To build and deploy TexGen as it is developed, incorporating appropriate open source
    software libraries.
   To develop TexGen in order to enhance its capabilities, both on the researcher’s own
    initiative and in response to technical enhancement suggestions from the user community
    and research group.
   To manage the maintenance and deployment of other software developed within the
    Composites Group.
   To write research reports and papers in order to disseminate research results and develop
    a track record of published research findings in internationally respected peer-reviewed
    journals. Further dissemination of results should also occur through invited oral and poster
    presentations at international meetings, conferences and seminars.
   To write or contribute to progress and internal reports corresponding to the development of
    his research work as part of the deliverables of the Textile Composites Platform Grant
   Participate on the regular meetings of the Composites Group
   Contribute to the research work of the Composites Group and collaborate with their
    partners as required.
   Operate within the safety systems, IT code of practice etc. as required by the Division,
    Department and University.

This job description may be subject to revision following discussion with the person appointed
and forms part of the contract of employment.
Person Specification:
                                    Essential                          Desirable
Qualifications/         Scientific, Engineering or       PhD in Scientific, Engineering or
Education               Mathematics undergraduate        Mathematics subject.
                        degree (or equivalent).
Skills/Training         Ability to program in C++        Familiarity with open source libraries.

                        Familiarity with “building”      Ability to program using the Visual
                        software projects in MS Visual   Toolkit (VTK) graphics library.
                        C++, Linux or other
                        environment.                     Ability to maintain a Subversion
                                                         (SVN) repository.

                                                         Knowledge of technical textiles
                                                         and/or textile composites.
Experience              Experience of working on         Experience of computer modelling in
                        software in an engineering or    some physical or engineering context.
                        scientific environment.
                                                         Experience of building, maintaining
                                                         and delivering cross-platform, multi-
                                                         component C++-based software.

                                                         Track record in development and
                                                         implementation of computational
Personal                Self-motivated.
                        Ability to work in a team.

                        Excellent communication
                        skills, able to communicate on
                        all levels across many areas.

Please quote ref. ENG/346.

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