Stakeholder Survey Results by HC12100103282


									                           Waters Framework Data Workgroup
                                         Meeting Summary
                                           April 16, 2008
                                          10:00 — 12:00
                         Indiana Government Center South Conference Room 5

Those in attendance:
        Ehlin, Rick (via phone)      City of Noblesville
        Knipe, Dave                  DNR Water
        Martin, Cindy                IDEM OWQ
        Martin, Mike                 DNR
        Myers, Kelly                 INDOT
        Nail, Dave                   USGS
        Nielsen, Bruce               NRCS
        Saligoe-Simmel, Jill         IGIC
        Wilkinson, Robert            DNR Water
        Wood, Joanna                 IDEM OWQ
        Wright, Lorraine             IDEM OLQ

Conflation Presentation
Colleen Ditmars and others from DES gave a web presentation on conflating data to the NHD. The
process can include extracting features from Lidar or a DEM, aligning the NHD to them and to local
hydrology data, and updating the USGS NHD geodatabase. DES has done similar projects for the states
of Tennessee and North Carolina. Mike will work with Colleen to come up with a very ballpark estimate
of what costs may be for an Indiana project.

Stakeholder Survey Results
Mike distributed results to-date from the stakeholder survey. Only 26 records have been submitted. The
group decided to make one last push to get greater participation in the survey. Jill will distribute paper
copies at the IGIC hydrology data workshop on May 16. Kelly Myers volunteered to input the completed
copies. Jill will also ask IGS to get the word out. Everyone in the workgroup is asked to forward to their
water data-using contacts some version of the note below (thanks to Lorraine for drafting).

       The Indiana Geographic Information Council’s (IGIC) - Waters Framework Dataset Workgroup
       was convened to determine the selection and a long–term maintenance strategy for the most
       appropriate surface water information needed for the Indiana Map. The Workgroup will develop a
       plan and make recommendations based on your input. Please identify what type of information
       you need as it relates to Indiana surface water information (streams, lakes, etc.) by filling out the
       survey at . It is
       critical that we evaluate all needs for the Surface Water Framework for Indiana.

       If your organization uses, or plan to use water information in Indiana, please take a few moments
       to visit and complete our online survey at

       You are using one of the surface water datasets called the National Hydrography Dataset, NHD,
       (which is a source of streams and lakes data) when you access surface water information via the
       Indiana Atlas located at the Indiana Geological Survey website
       ( . The survey refers to the NHD but
       we are looking for your needs regardless of what the NHD currently provides. The deadline for
       completing the survey is May 21, 2008. Please provide us with your feed back. You really can
       make a difference.

A subcommittee will be needed to use the survey results to draft the Stakeholder Requirements section of
the Waters Data Plan. Please let Mike know of your interest in serving on that subcommittee.

Stewardship of the Watershed Boundary Dataset
As a point of information, Bruce reported on the status of the Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) and
issues concerning its stewardship. An accompanying white paper is accessible on the Waters Workgroup
Activities webpage ( The WBD for
Ohio is nearing provisional certification. Once that certification is official, the WBD for Indiana will
become fully certified. In comparison to current HUC datasets, the WBD for Indiana does include
changes in boundaries at the subwatershed level . NRCS is considering delineating to the 7th and 8th levels
for local watersheds, and adopting the same stewardship model as the NHD. Members of the workgroup
are asked to review the white paper and forward comments to Bruce at

Digital vs. Paper Legal Maps
As a point of information, Dave Knipe reported that the DNR Division of Water is looking for examples
of how to adopt digital data as legal documents. Adopting digital flood hazard data for flood insurance
rates would simplify the process for DNR Water, FEMA, and those querying the data. Anyone with
examples of digital data serving as legal documents is asked to send Dave the information at

Next Meeting
Sometime in June, date, time and location TBD

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