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									                                       Curriculum Vitae

C/O T. Harish,
Shri Laxmi Ranganatha Flour Mill,
Maramma Temple Street,
Avalahalli, Girinagar
Bangalore- 560026.
Mobile: +91 9986262028
Email id:

Career Objective:

To contribute to the success of an organization through the use of exceptional customers service,

managerial and people skills.

Work Experience summary:

INFOVALLEY Biosystems (India)        System Administrator                 2008 December To 28th Feb

Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.                                                       2011

Wipro Ltd Deputed by Care IT         DELL Certified Customer Support      March 2005 to November 2008

Solutions + RPS Technologies         Engineer (ESF)

Abhinand Computer Services           Customer Support Engineer            From 2000 May to 2005 August

(Wipro Franchisee)


Working at INFOVALLEY Biosystems (India) Pvt., Ltd. Bangalore as System Administrator from
December 2008 to till date.

Work Responsibilities

       Installing, configuring and maintaining Linux and Windows server and OS hardening
       Installing and Configuring Apache servers , lighttpd server, python, MySQL on Linux and
        windows as per the requirements
       Updating all the necessary security related patches on all servers regularly.
       Configuring Samba server in Linux to share files and printers.
      Administers, monitors and supports databases, applications, servers, networks
      Manage database, users and security
      Assist users on IT related requests.
      Maintenance of version control system (SVN), creating repository uploading data to
      Maintenance of Firewall and router Untangle server (Web filter, OpenVpn, Spam Blocker,
       Phish Blocker, Protocol Control, Firewall and Virus Blocker,)
      Perform Backups and recovery.
      Setting up the network, adding new host machines to the network.
      Vendor coordination.
      Enable FTP, HTTPS access, and VPN client configuration upon ad-hoc request
      Configure User email setting in mail server.


    Onsite (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) for deploying the Digital Autopsy Facility (DAF).

    Deployment of INFOPSY™ software at the client environment( Hospital Kuala Lumpur)

Tasks accomplished at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .

      Rack mounting the Dell servers, SAN storage, KVM switch, SAN switch and Tape dive
      Configuration and Cabling between SAN storage to SAN Switch to Servers
      Configured SAN controller A and B as a cluster for redundancy. And also Firewalls
      VMware ESXi Server installation and network configuration
      VM (Virtual Machine) installation Linux and Windows OS
      Installed LIGHTTPD web server and MySQL Database server on Virtual.

Job Profile at Wipro Ltd

    Worked as a resident DELL Certified Enterprise Service Force (ESF).
    Worked as a (DELL -Server Installation team) as an Installation engineer.

Projects Handled:

      Worked at client location in AZTECSOFT for two years as a resident engineer (DELL
       Certified Enterprise Service Force (ESF).
      Provided support for Dell laptop, Desktop and Servers.
      Configuration of machines and servers as per user requirement and troubleshooting the
      Installation of servers as per user requirement and updating all the drivers and firmwares to
      Commissioning and decommissioning of servers and daily monitoring the health of server
       and co-coordinating with dell and fixing the issue for customer.

Job Responsibilities at AZTECSOFT.

      Installing the DELL Power edge servers and troubleshooting the same
      Installing New Dell servers & Rack mounting, Troubleshooting
      Installation of operating systems all windows & Linux flavours.
      Hardware support for the above equipment – Diagnosing the problem and getting the same
       resolved as per the severity level assigned to it.
      O.S Configuring E-mail Clients (Outlook, Outlook express, Thunder bird and      Evolution.)
      Configuring TCP/IP and Adding Systems to domain.
      Creating folders giving appropriate access permission to the users.
      Installing, Managing and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers.


      Installing the DELL Power edge servers and troubleshooting the same
      Installing and configuring Blade servers ( DELL)
      Configuring the Software and Hardware RAID in servers
      Configuring Tape storages and disk storages
      Knowledge of ISCSI
      Installing the operating system (windows 9x, NT, XP, 2000(pro and srv), 2003(srv))
      Troubleshooting the operating system.
      Installing the desktop, laptop, Intel station and stand alone server
      Installation of software’s related to windows.
      Troubleshooting the hardware issue
      Installing and configuring Blade servers (DELL)
       Power vault storage MD3000 & MD3000i (I-SCSI) MD1000


      Providing telephonic as well as on-site support to the customers.
       Providing post-sales technical support to the customers.
       Providing technical support for Wipro and Dell range of Servers Desktops & Notebooks
       Worked on DELL SLA like NBD,SBD,4 hr,2 hr,T&M,24/7 support .

C u st om er S u ppo rt E ng ine e r – AC S

        Stared Career as a Stores In charge and later Promoted and deputed as an Onsite Engineer
         in BOSCH (MICO) client place as Desktop, laptop & server support & System Administrator.
         Also worked as a field Customer support Engg. For Wipro Customers.
       Maintenance & Configuration of all Wipro & IBM PC’s & Laptops
       Installing, configuring and troubleshooting of windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
         and Windows 2003 Server.
       Configuring & troubleshooting of MS Outlook, Outlook Express
       Installation and configuration of Norton Anti Virus & Troubleshooting


       MCP - - (Microsoft Certified Professional)
       DCSE – (Dell Certified System Expert)
       ESF -- ( Enterprise Service Force)
        A+ Computer Hardware


       Installing the Active directory service.
       Adding users and group in the domain.
       Troubleshooting the Network problem.
       Creating users and Group, computer and OU.
       Managing account policy and password policy.
       Giving rights for the user and the folder.

Educational Qualification :

         University/Board                                          Year of passing
Bachelor of Commerce ( B.Com ) (Kalinga                             2004
University) Through Distance Education

Personal Details: -

       Father’s Name       : H.P. Somashekhara Aradhya
       Date of Birth       : 05th April 1978.
       Passport No.         : H6250175 valid up to 05/04/2019
       Languages known : English, Kannada
       Marital Status       : Married
       Hobbies             : Listening to music, watching TV, movies, cricket

I declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.


Place: Bangalore                                                            (Aradhya)

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