PNP Under LINUX - DOC by l79y007U


									                                      PNP Under LINUX

                                      23 April 2011
                                   Bob Harder, WB8ILI

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to describe how to install PNP (the PropNet software) under
LINUX and document identified issues.

Scope: This document applies only to Ubuntu 10.4 LTS and PNP There may be other
limitations and issues not known to the author since he is, by far, not an experienced LINUX user.

Summary: PNP was developed to run under Windows. It does NOT run flawlessly using WINE under
LINUX. But, it is usable with a few limitations.

Step 1: Installing Microsoft .NET and gdiplus under WINE

       PNP requires .NET 2.0 or later to run.

       a. It is IMPERRITIVE that you start with a fresh WINE installation. If you already have
       installed other applications under WINE, you will have to delete them and reinstall them later.
       Delete ALL files and directories under your current .wine (dot wine) folder. Do not install any
       applications under WINE until .NET is installed.

       See for reference.

       b. Install WINE 1.3

               Try the Synaptic Package Manager or go to and
               follow the directions for installing WINE 1.3.

       c. Create your new WINE Configuration.

               1. Open your terminal and enter WINECFG
               2. Enter WINECFG again and ensure your WINE Windows version is Windows XP.

       d. Install .NET and gdiplus

              Note: PNP only requires .NET 2.0. But since .NET installation requires a “fresh”
              installation environment, I decided to install the later version of .NET (3.0). That might
              save me from re-installing everything in the future. As of this writing, .NET 3.5 does not
              install under WINE.

              Open your terminal.
              Enter WINETRICKS.
              Select “Select the Default wineprefix”. Click OK.
              Select “Change Settings”. Click OK.
              Select WinXP. Click OK
              In the next window select “Install a Windows DLL or component”. Click OK
              Select dotnet30 AND gdiplus. Click OK.

Step 2. Installing PNP

       a. Copy PNP_Install_4.5.1.7.exe to your LINUX user directory (e.g. \home\bob\).

       b. Open your terminal and enter “WINE PNP_Install_4.5.1.7.exe” and follow the directions.

       c. Update PNP to version

              1. Copy PNP_Update_4.5.1.8.exe to your LINUX user directory (e.g. \home\bob\)
              2. Go to C:\Program Files\PNP and change the permissions so that the Owner, Group,
                 and Others can Create and delete files.
              3. Open your terminal and enter “WINE PNP_Update_4.5.1.8.exe”

Step 3. Start PNP using the desktop icon (or see “Testing” below) and enter the setup information.
      Read issues below.

       A: COM port

              I have only tested PNP on a system with a single USB -> serial converter and a
              RigBlaster. When you install WINE, WINE automatically maps the LINUX COM ports
              to Windows COM ports. In my case, /dev/usb/usbtty0 maps to COM1.

              PNP doesn't correctly identify the COM1 port in the drop down list in PNP Setup.
              However, COM1 does work after you manually edit the appropriate .INI file (e.g.
              Band1.INI) and insert COM1 for the PTTPortName.

       B: Sound Card

              On my Ubuntu computer there is only one “on-board” sound card and PNP and the
              name of the card is “default”. PNP correctly uses the “default” sound card for input and

              The Input Mixer and Output Mixer buttons will cause a program error. Two options:

                     1. Use your LINUX volume control
                     2. Copy SNDVOL32.EXE from a Windows computer to the
                        C:\Windows|System32 directory on your LINUX computer. This may or may
                        not be legal.

       C: Exiting Setup

              When exiting Setup under Windows, PNP normally toggles (turns on then off) the
              PTTCOMPort. Under Ubuntu, the COM port remains on. RX (F6) does not turn the
             COM port off.

             You can select TX (F5), then RX (F6) to synchronize PNP with your transceiver.

             Alternatively, you can initiate an ID sequence (Ctrl+F5), and the COM port will turn off
             after the ID has been sent.

      D. Waterfall

             This section deleted.

      E. Wine Windows Version

             I have done some testing using different WINE Windows Versions. Windows 98 does
             not work at all. Windows XP, Windows Vista, and 7 all seem to work the same so far.
             The vast majority of my testing has been done using Windows XP.


      When you install PNP in LINUX, Desktop icons are created (just like in Windows). A typical
      text string is as follows:

      env WINEPREFIX="/home/bob/.wine" wine C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe /Unix
      /home/bob/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Desktop/PNP\ Band1.lnk

      If you open your Terminal and paste this sting (modified for your installation) into the terminal
      window, you will see various messages that may or may not help you identify any issues PNP
      has running under LINUX.

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