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									CSE686 – Internet Programming                                                                            Spring 2012

Final Project #4 – To Do List Management                                                               due Last day of Class
Version 2.0

In this project you will build a website and web service that support management of individual ToDo lists and
similar applications like Bug Tracking. When you login, you are shown a view of your current ToDo items in
priority order with an item title. That list should be sortable into any of the orders: priority, latest, oldest, last
modified. Users should be able to specify whether the date orders are displayed using the start date or the end
date for items. You may also elect to get a table view showing the ToDo items for the week or month, again,
specifying either start or end date1. In all of these views each item is shown as a linkable title, which may be
truncated for space in the month view. When the link is clicked you get an editable view of that particular item.

You should be able to add a new ToDo item or delete an existing item in any of the views. You need edit an
item only in the item view. The item link or background should be color coded to indicate: today is before start,
near the end, or after the end.

The web service is used to provide access to a group of user’s ToDo information, so that this facility can be
used, for example, to build a project bug list. You will provide that application to show that your web service
works as expected.

The requirements of the ToDo List Management site are to provide:
   1. A website that supports creating, displaying, editing, and deleting ToDo items, as described in the
       Purpose section.
   2. Each ToDo item will include at least a title, date created, start date, end date, date completed, and a
       text description that has at least the parts Summary and text Body.
   3. Text items are created using an XML template where the item display is partitioned into one part for
       each XML tag and labeled with the tag name. Item displays show all these parts when in item display
   4. The heading of each view is determined by an XML view template that works in a manner similar to the
       item view.
   5. All of the ToDo items are stored as XML in an SQL database. When the user logs in, that user’s items
       are retrieved from the database with LINQ and stored in some form of temporary directory structure.
       When the user logs out, the database is updated with changes made during that session and the
       directory structure is deleted.
   6. You will provide a web service that can login with group credentials and access all of the data for all
       users in that group. Four operations are required: download all the XML data items for all users, and
       upload any changed items and push to the database, download the item and view templates and upload
       modified templates.
   7. Please ensure that no user can access another user’s ToDo items, even if they belong to the same
       group. All group-wide actions must be carried out using the web service.
   8. Your site is expected to display an extensible selection list of applications that all work like the ToDo and
       Bug Tracker Apps, e.g., they display a set of records with named attributes that can be sorted on any
       attribute and to which records can be added, modified, and deleted. A new application with this
       functionality can be added simply by adding another XML template that describes the schema for the
       application to a specified directory. The XML file will be used to create a database of the same name

  Specifying start date or end date should be persistent until changed by the users, e.g., don’t make them keep entering that
   Note that this implies your item display is flexible enough to handle any changes to the XML template. Note that you must
handle the case where individual items in the ToDo item collection do not all use the same template.
CSE686 – Internet Programming                                                                    Spring 2012

        and define a table with the appropriate attributes. The selection list should be populated by discovering
        which XML files reside in the specified directory.
    9. This project will also supply a web service client that uses the ToDo information to build a bug tracker.
        Note that the flexibility you provided via XML templates allows this facility to be used for many different
        potential applications, not just managing To Do lists.
    10. Provide at least one site page based entirely on HTML5 markup and one site page that uses SilverLight

Please Note:
Part of your grade is based on designing a pleasing website to meet these requirements. I will not specify the
details of that design. You must decide the visual aspects and details for each page. See Lecture #1 page for
additional requirements.

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