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					  AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust
       Primary Science Teaching Awards 2012
       Recognising excellence in Primary Science Teaching

       Do you know of any excellent teachers of primary science?

             Why not nominate them for one of these awards?

Six Awards
Each award consists of a cheque for £1,000 for the teacher and a cheque for £1,000
for the school – plus a certificate and ASE Membership for one year for the teacher.
One award, the Keith Bishop Award, is a special award recognising the
achievements of a teacher working in challenging circumstances or in a field allied to

Additional resources from TTS
Class pack of Log-Boxes for award winners

Open to all Primary Teachers who
      are innovative and creative in teaching science
      contribute to developing science in their school and beyond
      engage pupils in the excitement and fascination of science

Awards will be presented during
ASE Annual Conference, 3rd – 5th January 2013 at the University of Reading.
Winners will be featured in a news article on the ASE website and will be invited to
join the AZSTT Primary Science Teacher College. Apart from having access to
a range of resources the College has an annual budget of £50,000 from AZSTT
to support members’ primary science projects.

Using this form please submit nominations in electronic format to Sue Williams
(, Administrator of the AZSTT, or send to Sue Williams,
AZSTT, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Cantock’s Close, Bristol BS8
1TS. Further details can also be obtained from Sue Williams.
                           Nomination Form
                  AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust
                   Primary Science Teaching Awards

                       Closing date: 5th October 2012

1. Personal details of the nominee




Tel. no:


Current post


Date of Appointment:

Name of School:


Post code:

Tel. no:


School web address:

No. on roll:

Age range of pupils:
2. Previous employment

Dates                    School/Employer            Post Held

3. Details of Headteacher at the nominee’s school



  Post Code:

  Tel. no:


4. Details of Proposer

  Name of Proposer:



  Post Code:

  Tel. no:

5. Proposal (no more than 1,000 words)

                  Closing date: 5th October 2012
                       Notes on filling in the form
Part 1

What the judges are looking for:
   a variety of teaching techniques which are both imaginative and appropriate,
   good classroom management and organisation,
   sound scientific knowledge,
   an excellent quality of teaching,
   the quality of learning within the classroom is of a high standard,
   what the children have gained from the lesson,
   the contribution made by the teacher to the development of science
      throughout the rest of the school and/or with colleagues from other schools.

Please note that the award is open to both full-time and part-time teachers.

Part 2

Please include previous career in teaching and any other employment, if relevant,
with the date started and finished.

Part 3

Information is required, even if the Headteacher is the proposer. If the Headteacher
is the nominee, please provide the details of the Chair of Governors.

Part 4

If it is the same as the Headteacher, please indicate and do not repeat.

Part 5

Please indicate your reasons for proposing this nominee. You should address one
or more of the following:

What impact does the individual have in Science:

   i.     At an individual or personal level in the classroom. You may wish to
          consider their personal pedagogy.

   ii.    Within their school – their impact and leadership.

   iii.   In Science beyond their school – partnerships, outreach, CPD support,

   There is a word limit of 1,000 words for the proposal and you may use additional
   pages to complete the proposal.

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