Grading rubric for The Dream Ecosystem Project

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					Grading rubric for The Dream Ecosystem
Name:__________________________________________ Hour:_________________________

                       5                           3                           0
Introduction and       Cover page introduces       Cover page partially        Cover page is not
Organization           the ecosystem and           introduces the              included or lacks
                       outlines what the           ecosystem.                  relevant information.
                       brochure contains.          Brochure is partially       Brochure shows little or
                       Brochure is well            organized.                  no organization
                       organized with
                       subheadings and
Points                                                                                          ____/5
                       25                          15                          0
Major details of the   Brochure details the six    Brochure partially          Brochure includes
ecosystem              sections described on       details the six sections    fewer than three of the
                       the front page.             described on the front      six sections described
                       Each section is             page.                       on the front page or
                       complete.                   Most sections are           each section has
                       Science words are used      complete.                   minimal information.
                       correctly.                  Science words are           Science words are not
                       Numbers and units are       generally used              used correctly or are
                       used correctly when         correctly.                  not included.
                       appropriate.                Numbers and units are       Visuals are not
                       Brochure contains           used when appropriate.      included.
                       images or visuals that      Brochure contains
                       explain the six sections.   images or visuals that
                                                   explain the six sections.
Points                                                                                      ______/25
                       5                           3                           0
Language Mechanics     A complete                  A partially complete        A bibliography is not
                       bibliography is included.   bibliography is included.   included.
                       Student writes in his or    Some of the writing is in   Student does not write
                       her own words.              the student’s own           in his or her own words.
                       Spelling, punctuation,      words.                      There are many
                       and language usage are      There are some errors       problems with spelling,
                       nearly perfect.             in spelling, punctuation,   punctuation, and
                                                   or language usage.          language usage.
Points                                                                                         ______/5
Total points                                                                                 _______/35

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