Science Fair Project Assignments

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					             Science Fair Project Assignments

                              Assignment                                         Pts
        Read: Pick your topic                                            Fri
        Complete “Topic Selection” Worksheet                            9/16
        Read: Research your topic
        Create Secondary Research Notes (a minimum of nine (9)
         secondary resources are required for your project).
             1. Upper right corner: your name, class, class period,
                and teacher
             2. Write "Research Notes" on the top of the page
             3. Divide the required number of resources among the
                partners so that each member of the group has an         Mon
                equal share of research.                                 9/26
#2           4. Write the date on which you recorded the notes on
                the upper left hand corner of each page.
             5. Record reference information for each source.
             6. Write complete ideas, but be concise and clear. If
                you are going to record data, draw a table and fill it
             7. Statements copied exactly from your source should
                be placed within quotation marks.
             8. Always look for unique bits of information that will
                give you ideas for your project.
        Read: Organize                                                  Wed
        Complete the “Four Question Strategy”                           9/28
        Read: Planning the Project                                       Fri
        Complete the “Developing a Plan”                                9/30
        Review: Research your topic
        Create Primary Research Notes (a minimum of four (4)
         primary resources are required for your project).
             o remember to read the abstracts                             Fri
             o concentrate on the major goals of the research, and       10/14
                on the results and the author’s interpretation
                (discussion section)
             o use the public and college libraries to gather sources
             o some resources must be approved by teacher prior
                to due date
        Complete “writing your hypothesis” worksheet                    Thurs
#6      Carefully read over this worksheet and write your               10/20
         hypothesis and project title
        Read: Drafting                                                   Fri
#7      Construct a draft of your Introduction section and              10/28
         Literature Cited of your report
         Read: Conduct your Experiment
         Develop an experimental plan on your own paper
             o include names of group members and title                 Thurs
#8           o list materials                                           11/3
             o write procedure recipe
             o make experimental design diagram
             o create table to record data
         Read: Examine Your Results & Draw Conclusions
         write a paragraph describing your initial findings of your
          experiment – answer some of the questions presented in
          the reading
         Create a “General Table for Descriptive Statistics.”           Fri
             o Include for each variable:                               12/9
                 + central tendency used
                 + variation used
                 + number of trails
         Graph the central tendency used
         Format Note: All tables and figures must be numbered
          consecutively and separate from each other (meaning
          number tables and figures separately) and have titles that
          adequately describe its contents. All graphs will have an
          explanation in order to make them understandable on their

         Read Writing the Research Paper
         Complete your rough draft using the guidelines presented      Fri
          in the readings and in the rough draft checklist.            12/23

         Read the section on writing an Abstract                       Fri
#11      Complete your rough draft of the abstract                     1/6

         Read the information on the Visual Display
         Read: Prepare for Oral Presentation                            Fri
         Complete final copy of science fair paper                     1/13

#13      Display board and oral presentation is due                    Day of

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