Special Education Coordinator Questionnaire by Ei7wPM6x



SCHOOL SYSTEM:______________________________________DATE:_______________

COORDINATOR:_________________________TEAM LEADER:_____________________

Directions: Please complete this questionnaire and give a copy to the data analyst during the system
profile information review or fax to the data analyst no less than two weeks prior to the on site monitoring

Do you have supervisors and/or lead teachers? What are their responsibilities?

How many psychometrists do you have? What are their responsibilities? Do you contract for any

Do you contract for any special education services?

How do you ensure that contract personnel keep abreast with current special education
policies/procedures? How do you ensure that contract personnel provide appropriate educationally
relevant services?

Describe the skill level and attitude of the general education faculty and administrators in working
with students with disabilities.

Do your teachers have adequate resources and materials?

How do you ensure confidentiality of all student records whether on the STISets Web program or
hard copies? Are student records secure? How?

Does your system have any reading, math or behavior initiatives? Other special programs or
initiatives? How do students with disabilities participate? (List programs/initiatives).

Does your system have scientific, research-based reading programs in all schools? (List programs).

What efforts are made to keep students’ engaged/involved in the general education curriculum?

                                                                                                      24 Oct 11
What efforts, if any, has your system made toward writing standards based IEPs?

Will your system excuse certain members from IEP Team meetings according to IDEA 2004? How
is this documented? Do you have sample forms for documentation? If yes, will you share copies of
the forms with the SDE and other LEAs?

Will your system allow amendments to the IEP without convening an IEP Team for a meeting? If
yes, how do you document this?

Describe in detail your central office monitoring process? Do you have timelines for making
corrections? Are there sanctions for teachers who fail to comply with policies and procedures?

What materials do you use or how do you train personnel on what to look for to suspect that a child
may be a child with a disability?

Does your LEA have children with disabilities in a school(s) with no age appropriate peers?

If the answer is yes, explain the specific situations (i.e., age -range of students in a class) and the
activities that take place to ensure interaction with age appropriate non disabled peers. In addition
to current activities taking place to ensure interaction with non-disabled peers, give details to the
plan in place to move children to age appropriate settings in the near future.

As the Special Education Coordinator, explain the process you implement to ensure that students with
disabilities do not have a shortened school day due to transportation and/or other administrative
conveniences (e.g. shortage of school buses, shortage of personnel, etc).

As the Special Education Coordinator, are you implementing the optional screening procedures for
SLI and preschool DD?

                                                                                                24 Oct 11

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