Sample for MD student Constance who completed NPESC Survey is DD and BVR eligible 12 9 11 by Ei7wPM6x


									Sample for MD student who completed NPESC online Transition Survey and is DD and BVR eligible:

Section 1 of IEP:

Constance indicated her future plan includes going to a 1-2 year College or Tech School and pursue a
goal of being employed either in a job related to helping people like the therapists who have helped her
(1st choice) or a job in the banking field (2nd choice) The current plan is for Constance to remain in
school until June 2017. (She plans to participate in a social graduation at AHS in June 2014.) Constance
currently plans to go to a tech school for further training/education after high school graduation. She
said within one year of graduating from high school she will be living at home with her family.

Parents said they would like to see her participate in some form of training after high school graduation
and continue to work on independent living skills.

Section 4 of IEP:

The following is from a North Point ESC Transition Survey completed by Constance Sample with
assistance from an Intervention Specialist on 10/31/2011.

Constance self-evaluated her skills/abilities as Above Average, Average, or Below Average:

Reading Skills:          Average                      Working w/o supervision: Below Average
Writing Skills:          Above Average                Asking for help: Average
Math Skills:             Average                      Staying focused: Above Average
Preparing for Exams: Average                          Controlling temper: Average
Taking Exams:            Below Average                Using Technology: Above Average
Taking Notes:            Above Average                Artistic/Creative:     Above Average
Completing Big Projects: Average                      Athletic Ability:      Above Average
Completing Homework: Average                          Musical Ability:       Above Average
Knowing own learning style: Above                     Working with peers: Below Average
Average                                               Working with Adults: Average
Ability to start tasks: Below Average                 Organizational Skills: Below Average
Ability to finish tasks: Below Average                Listening Ability:     Average
Making up missing work: Average                       School Attendance: Average

These self-ratings indicate that Constance believes she needs to improve in her ability to start and finish
tasks as well as improve in her ability to work without adult supervision. These are skills she will need
in order to be employed and/or go on for post-secondary education/training. Constance also noted that
her organizational skills and her ability to work with her same-age peers are below average. These skills
will also be necessary for success in any adult setting.

When asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 her interest in going to the Career Center ( 1= no interest and 10 =
great interest) Constance chose 1 on the scale.

In addition, the same NPESC survey asked the student which environment/characteristics of a job were
preferred. Constance chose the following:

    Work indoors, work with others, work with my hands using machines and tools, up and moving
most of the day, have lots of variety--everyday is different, usually quiet, a part-time job, follow the
orders and not be in charge., the Day Shift, 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
In November 2011, Constance completed the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument through the
Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The OEDI assesses these 7 areas: MOBILITY,
was determined to have substantial functional limitations in at least 3 of these 7 areas. Therefore she is
eligible for Adult Services through the Erie Co Board of DD.

Constance has also completed the referral and eligibility process for BVR services (Bureau of
Vocational Rehabilitation.) She has gone through the Order of Selection process and has been
determined to fall into the MSD category—Most Significantly Disabled. This means she will not be
placed on the waiting list and a IPE (Individual Plan for Employment) will be developed for her. The
MSD designation indicates she will need maximum assistance in finding and maintaining employment.
Her assigned counselor is Mary Johnson.

Constance has a one-on-on educational aide who helps her with personal needs as well as getting
materials from her backpack onto her desk. The aide also takes class notes, helps transfer information to
Kurzweil and works with Constance on classwork. The aide scribes for tests and worksheets when
necessary. Once Constance has exited public school, she will not typically have the daily services of a
one on one aide/attendant . In order for her to reach her post secondary goals she will need to practice
moving through her school day with fewer and fewer interventions by her aide.

Current GPA: 4.0                Current Credits Earned: 12

Results of Most Recent OAA Tests given in Spring of 2010:
Reading: 379 (Basic)
Math: 385 (Basic)
Science: 340 (Limited)

On 12/3/11 Constance’s parents both said they are aware of and in support of her post-secondary plans.

The results of the AATA in this section as well as the information listed in her Profile (Section 3) and
the Present Level Section of IEP Goal #6, indicate that Constance will need to continue to develop her
basic self-help skills, her basic academic skills and her ability to work on academic tasks independently
in order to achieve her post secondary goals of attending LCCC and working part-time in the

NOTE to my teachers: In this sample the teacher did not complete the Ohio Employability Skills
Assessment (OESA) on the child. Just the NPESConline transition survey was completed. You can
use BOTH of these instruments or any other assessments to build this section of IEP. The OEDI,
as noted in this sample, is also considered an Age Appropriate Transition Assessment.

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