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					7 Simple Stories of Building ‘Making-it-Happen’ Organization

 Its a paradox that while Execution is the weakest link in corporate success, it has not emerged
                           as a management-discipline in it own right.

                                                Conducted for LMA– Jan 06, 2012

Minimizing ‘Follow-up’

      People waste 10-35% of their time, doing follow-up. What
      if you do not have to?

Reducing time in Follow-up from ~20% to ~5%

What was done?
   Laid out ‘No Follow-Up’ expectations from ALL employees & managers (1 day)
   Had a brief session with employee every week on key tasks to be completed
   Agreed on when and in what situation employee will provide an update on progress/completion
   Even if was not getting done in time, manager was expected to know it before the deadline
   Manager had to hold-back the ‘compulsive follow-up’

Time- 9 months of persistence.

   Better planning and clarity
   Sense of ownership & accountability at all levels
   People respecting deadlines

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Minimizing ‘Multiple Accountability’ and ‘Upward Delegation’

        If there are two people are responsible for something, it
                            will not get done

Reducing time to co-ordinate and arbitrate down by 50%

What was done?
   Laid out ‘there is only one person responsible for a task’ to ALL
   Trained & coached people on how to get things done with & through others
   Minimized Follow-up
   Empowered the person accountable to co-ordinate & drive everyone including the manager
   If there is a conflict or issue, the person to gather all involved and drive decision with manager

Time- 9 months of persistence

   A higher sense of accountability
   Manager become a support and not a driver

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Making People ‘Think on their Own’

     When people ‘think on their own’, ‘they do on their own’

Improving an Employees Self-Reliance Right questions to ask

   ‘What will you do if you were me?’

   ‘What are top-3 things you would like to change, if its your company?’ What can you do about it?’

   What do you think is expected to happen? What should we do about it?

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Doing HR basics very well

        80% of employee performance and motivation is to be
                      good in fundamentals

Strengthening the Core- HR Engine

What was done?
Complete HR Engine (manual/templates/Training..)- 30 days
Setting everyone’s goals-behaviors-Self Development- 30 days
Quarterly Persistence on Feedback and Appraisal

                                                                                 Honest Performance
                                                                                Feedback- Online and




         Performance Plan

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Sales Activity-Productivity- Performance Engine

        If we know ‘what?’ Of sales person’s activity, consistency and
               intensity, one can guarantee that sales will go-up

Strengthening the Core- Sales Productivity Engine

What was done?
Complete Sales-Engine (Process/templates/Training/Reports)- 45 days
Achieved smooth activity data- +90 Days
Performance Review and Productivity Increase- +90 days
                                                                                Drive Week After Week

                                                                Sales Activity-
                                                             Performance Review

                                             Daily-Weekly Sales
                                                Activity Data

                          Leads Management

     Daily Work Management/
    Activity/Productivity Norms

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Resilience Test

    Real-Ideas of Cost-Savings Come, When you do not have the Money

Resilience Test- What will we do if we have 25% less money?

What was done?
Total Actionable Ideas Identified- 15 (resilience test passed)
No. of ideas actioned immediately- 5
Cost-Saving 12% over 6-9 months
                                                                                      Consolidated Sales

                                                                 Quickened Invoicing and
                                                                  Reconciled Accounts

                                                Consolidated Offices

                              Put five vacant
                             properties on rent

     Cleared two big inventory
          blockage points

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Managing the Real World

     By Recognizing ‘uncertainty’, you will have greater ‘certainty of

When you create a plan- think-through ‘Can and How will you Execute it?’

   Have we validated our assumptions?

   What are early warning signals on key assumptions we have made on customer-market-price- tariffs?

   What will be our measures, how will be report our performance and when will we have red-alert?

   What if competition reduces price OR input cost goes up? How will we maintain the flexibility of margins?

   What are minimum core capabilities needed to achieve our plan, and how they can be deployed in time?

   What are the five internal things we have to do very well? How are we ensuring that we will do it?

   …..

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