(This is a modified version of the architect's visit evaluation to by VEZfoS


									                        Evaluation of the Accreditation Visit Process*
To assist the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (Accreditation Board) in maintaining the highest
standards throughout the accreditation process, please complete this evaluation form and return it as soon as
possible to Gordon Griffith, P.Eng., ing., Director, Education c/o Engineers Canada, by mail or fax. Your
responses will be held in strict confidence and will only be presented in aggregate form.

Institution:                                                                   Date of visit:

Program visited:

Person completing this evaluation:                                             Date:

1. Please rate the visiting team’s performance in the following areas:

                                                                  Inadequate                            Exceptional
                                                                      1           2             3   4          5

Program/team chair interactions prior to the visit

Thoroughness in reviewing materials

Responsiveness to the program’s uniqueness

Even-handedness in dealing with the program’s
various constituencies
Quality of the report on team findings at the end of the visit

Quality of the visit:
  - arrangements

  - conduct

2. Please comment on the visiting team’s performance.

3. Please comment on interactions with Accreditation Board staff.

4. Please describe any significant POSITIVE outcomes of the accreditation process.

5. Please describe any significant NEGATIVE outcomes of the accreditation process.

                                      Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board
                                        1100 – 180 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 2K3
                                         Tel.: (613) 232-2474 / Fax: (613) 230-5759
                                        Evaluation of the Accreditation Visit Process

6. Please identify any problems encountered with the visit.

7. Please identify any improvements that you believe could be made to the process.

8. Provide any other comments.

* The “accreditation process” includes preparing the Questionnaire, preparing for the visit, hosting and participating in
  the team visit, and reviewing the draft Report of the Visiting Team.

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