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									                                                         Curriculum Vitae
                                                                           Daniel Setiawan, ST
                                   Jl Garuda VI No 14 RT 03 RW 02 Gondang, Manahan, Surakarta 57139
                                                          mobile phone: 08995964830 / 085640329915
                                                                                  home : 0271 - 731061
                                                                      e-mail :
                                                                      web blog :

Personal Background
Place & Date of Birth            : Surakarta, 12 of September 1986
Sex                              : Male
Nationality                      : Indonesian
Religion                         : Moslem
Status                           : Single

Formal Education Background
1992 – 1998             SD Negeri Mangkubumen Lor No 15 Surakarta
1998 – 2001             SLTPN 1 Surakarta
2001 – 2004             SMUN 4 Surakarta
2004 – 2009             Bachelor Degree from Diponegoro University majoring Industrial Engineering
                        (cum. GPA 3.61 of scale 4.00)

Informal Education Background
2008                    Short Course Logical and Visual Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
                        2005 at Bina Nusantara Center Semarang
2008                    Short Course Database Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2005 at
                        Bina Nusantara Center Semarang

Organizational Experience
2003 – 2004             Member of MPK SMU N 4 Surakarta
2004 – now              Class Coordinator (Komting) of 2004 Class at Industrial Engineering UNDIP
2005                    Committee of Great Election at UNDIP
2005 – 2006             Media Information Division Staff of HMTI UNDIP
2006                    Chief Committee of “de Jure” Launching and Journalism Workshop
2006                    Program Division Staff at Industrial Festival
2006                    Member of PMB Watch Board at Engineering Senate Student Board UNDIP
2006 – 2007                General Secretary of HMTI UNDIP
2007                       Committee of Industrial Art Competition
2007                       Chief Committee of Field Training (KKL) Industrial Engineering UNDIP
2007 – 2008                Staff of Information and Communication Division of IMTI Indonesia
2007 – 2009                Member of Student Delegation Board of HMTI UNDIP
2008                       Village Coordinator at Voluntary Work Study (KKN) UNDIP

Working Experience
as Student
2004 – 2009                Assistant of Decision Support System Laboratory
2005                       Assistant of Computer Programming Practical Work
2006                       Coordinator of Computer Programming Practical Work
2007                       Instructor of Graphic and Animation Training
2007                       Job Training at PT Mega Andalan Kalasan Yogyakarta
                           Duties : Machine Capability, Quality Assessment and Improvement Analyst
2008                       Coordinator of Integrated Industrial Engineering Practical Work
2008                       Presenter at Industrial System Design Seminar at Bandung Institute of
2008                       Instructor of Computer Simulation Training with Extend Software
2008                       Instructor of Analytic Hierarchy Process Training
2008                       Assistant Instructor of e-Procurement Training (cooperation with BAPPENAS)
2008                       Coordinator of Computer Simulation Practical Work
2008                       Member of V-Class Donation Program Team for Computer Simulation
2008                       Speaker at Basic Organizational Training at Industrial Engineering UNDIP
2008                       Member of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Research Team

as Professional
August 2009 - now          Business Analyst at PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis
                          Duties :
                          Perform systems feasibility studies, analysis & design to meet user
                          requirements & application. Work closely with programmers & technical
                          support to resolve customer issues.

Software :
Excellent with              : MS Office, Corel Draw, Minitab, Extend, QS, Solidworks, Superdecision.
Familiar with               : Visual Studio .Net 2005, Pascal, Delphi 7, Arena, Power Designer, MySQL.
Sound Basic with           : Compiere, Adempiere, PHP, PowerSim, Vensim, Oracle.
English :
Good skill in English both Written and Spoken
Training And Seminar
2004                       Basic Organizational Training at HMTI UNDIP
2004                       Stadium General BEM UNDIP
2004                       AutoCAD Training at LSP Laboratory Industrial Engineering UNDIP
2006                       Panel Discussion of “Student Development To Be Knowledgeable People For
                           New Creation of Entrepreneur”
2007                       Organizational National Seminar at National Work Meeting I of IMTI Indonesia
2007                       Stake Holder Meeting at Curriculum Development of Industrial Engineering
                           UNDIP (as Student Delegation)
2007                       National Seminar of Macro Transportation Pattern Development of DKI Jakarta :
                           Concept, Realization and Challenge
2007                       National Seminar of Internet Marketing : Be Rich With Jualan Online
2007                       Foreign Scholarship National Seminar and Expo
2007                       Linux Workshop at Indonesian Linux Conference 2007
2008                       Joint Seminar Indonesian – Japan on Technology Transfer at Bandung Institute
                           of Technology
2008                       5 National Symposium of Analytic Hierarchy Process
2008                       National Workshop of Neural Network

Job Training :             Quality Engineering In Machining Process Of Kneerest Lifting Threads Part
                           (Case Study At Metal Component Unit Of Mechanical Section At PT Mega
                           Andalan Kalasan Yogyakarta) – presented at Industrial System Design Seminar
                           (Indonesia – Japan Joint Seminar) at Bandung Institute of Technology
Final Research :           Object Oriented Generative Machining Process Planning Generator System
                           Engineering For Rotational Part – Details of this research can be accessed at

reading, blogging, enjoy music and movies, travelling,swimming, futsal, internet surfing

Leadership Personality, Good In Management, Able To Learn, Willing To Work Hard And Under Pressure,
Goal Oriented, Self-Motivated, Strong In Communication Skill, Honest, Highly Responsible.

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