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					Rent an Apartment: Enjoy Best of Paris
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Known to the world for its famous Eiffel tower, Paris, the capital city of France finds itself as one of the
most visited cities all over the world. Paris is an epitome of culture and heritage with its history as a
major city dating back to the 12th century. Paris is also famed for its art and culture, hence attracting
people globally. Paris is quite costly compared to other cities worldwide and hence accommodation is
costly as well. Choosing a Paris short term apartment rental over hotels often saves costs and makes the
experience more personal and enjoyable. With Paris apartments for rent one can freely decide their
itinerary for the day and tour around the various attractions throughout the city on their very own.

Paris is also well known for many other locations in the city. Notre Dame Cathedral, established in 1163
entices tourists from all over the world for its design, sculpture, and statuettes. Louvre Museum, once
used as a palace, is famous all over the world for its archaic collections. Arc De Triomphe also finds its
place in the covetous list of monuments being contracted to pay tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte, the
fearless French Leader. Champs-Elysées, a street connecting Concorde to the Arc is famous for being
extravagant bordered by shops, theatres, and multiplexes. One can visit the Sacre Cour built in 1914 in
the Roman Byzantine style.

Paris Address, an organization, which deals in finding the right Paris short term apartment rental for
visiting tourists, has a list of apartments all around Paris. One can be eclectic about their choice by
choosing an apartment near the attraction, which entices those most or in a central location from where
the monuments are better accessible. Unlike hotel rooms where the tourist is charged by the day,
making it a costly venture, Paris apartments for rent offers a cheaper solution with weekly or monthly
payments making it both convenient and budget friendly.

For sports lovers, Paris also hosts the Roland Garros in June-July every year. It distends over two weeks
with the best tennis players arriving for the tournament. Paris apartments for rent are the way to go for
this two week fiesta to roam around the city independently and catch up with the matches as well.

Visit for a quote on the prices and the locations of Paris short term apartment
rental. It is convenient to choose an apartment based on the required amenities and services and
booking a suitable place with a 30% advance payment.

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