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									                                STUDENT RESEARCH FUND
                              University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
                                         Grant Guidelines

                    Grant application deadlines for 2012-2013 are as follows:
                                       October 19, 2012
                                       February 15, 2013
                                         April 19, 2013

Students must complete the Excel workbook on the Office of Research and Sponsored
Programs (ORSP) website, print and obtain signatures. The hard copy of the workbook and
attachments should then be submitted to (ORSP), Room 208 Old Main, no later than 12:00 noon
on the Friday due date.

The funds requested must be expended within one calendar year of the date of submission.

This grant application information sheet contains the following:

        General guidelines for all grant proposals.

        Instructions to the grant applicant.

        A description of the student research fund program including purpose, guidelines, and
        evaluation criteria.

        Application check-off sheet. (Do not include as part of submission).

NOTIFICATION OF AWARDS: Ordinarily grants are reviewed ten days after the
deadline for submission. Following the meeting at which the Review Committee reviews
proposals, the Accounting Office is notified and account numbers assigned for all
successful grants. As soon as accounts have been set up, letters are sent from the Office of
Research and Sponsored Programs notifying applicants whether their grant request has
been funded. This process may take up to a month after the deadline for submission.

SRF\SRF Guidelines.doc

The Student Research Fund (SRF) will provide undergraduate and graduate students with funds
to support expenses incurred during the performance of, or in reporting the results of, their
independent research. This application is for requesting funds to perform research.

Research is broadly defined as the systematic, scholarly investigation of some phenomenon or
series of phenomena. This includes the creative pursuit’s characteristic of the arts and
humanities. It is expected that the student will conduct this research, with guidance provided by
a member of the faculty. To be eligible for support from the SRF, a student must be enrolled
for a credit-bearing experience at UWSP when applying for the grant and conducting the
research, which typically is a special topics or independent study research class under the
direction of a faculty mentor.

The Student Research Fund is supported by the University Personnel Development Committee
and the Academic Affairs office.


Students should complete the Excel workbook on the ORSP site, print and obtain
signatures. The hard copy along with required documentation and a letter of support must
be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Room 208 Old Main, no
later than 12:00 noon on the Friday due date.

The funds awarded by SRF must be expended within one calendar year of the date of submission.
It is important, therefore, to indicate when the money is needed that you are requesting from the
Fund. Be sure to link your financial needs to your research timeline.

        While writing your grant request please remember to:

        (1) follow the format and guidelines that are contained in the Excel workbook,

        (2) make sure your proposal is understandable to an intelligent layperson from any

        (3) obtain the endorsement of the faculty mentor you will be working with through a
           supporting letter attached to your proposal,

        (4) normally, enroll in Independent Study/Special Topics 199R, 299R, 399R, or 499R, in
           an undergraduate seminar, or in 796R or Thesis 799 credit with your faculty mentor,

        (5) have approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Institutional Animal
           Use and Care Committee (IACUC) if your research concerns human or animal

        Don't be afraid to ask your faculty mentor for help in preparing this application for
funding. It should be your proposal prepared with the advice and guidance of a faculty member.

Students conducting independent research for credit (usually under course designations 199R,
299R, 399R, 499R, 796R or Thesis 799) are eligible to apply to the Student Research Fund and
must be an enrolled UWSP student at the time of applying and when conducting the research.
The faculty member who provides the guidance for the research will provide a letter of support
as part of this application. This support letter should certify the nature of the research, the needs
as expressed in this grant application, the ability of the student to conduct the research, and the
expected outcome(s).


Grant applications will be screened by a review committee of faculty and students selected to
represent each college at UWSP. This SRF Grant Review Committee will make funding
recommendations to the Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs who will
approve the final awards.

The intent is to support as many worthwhile student research projects as possible with the
resources available.

Proposals involving requests for funds to conduct research will not compete directly with
requests for funds to report the results of research completed.

When writing your funding requests, remember that the Grant Review Committee members
represent a wide variety of disciplines. Your proposal should be written for readers who may
have no direct professional knowledge of your academic subject, that is, it should be self-
explanatory for an intelligent reader outside your field of study. In addition, your proposal
should be a complete document that can stand alone. Proposals that are incomplete, do not
follow the guidelines, or are not submitted in the proper format may not be evaluated, subject to
the Review Committee's discretion.

All proposals will be evaluated on the basis of organization, completeness, clarity, rigor of
design, value of the experience to the individual, and strength of the faculty mentor's support. A
critique of your grant request will be returned to you after the proposal has been reviewed. A
copy of the evaluation form used by the review committee is enclosed for your reference.

For the 2012-13 academic year, undergraduate students are eligible for one research award
(maximum $1,000) and one travel award (maximum $600). Graduate students are eligible for
one research award (maximum $1,000) and one travel award (maximum $600).

Other sources of direct financial support for the research project (departmental support, a faculty
mentor's grant support, personal out-of-pocket contributions, etc.) should be identified in the
grant request. It should be noted that the Review Committee views identifying other sources of
support, if they are available, positively.

All Student Research Fund request must be submitted using the Excel workbook on the
ORSP site.
The proposal should be presented so that it is understandable to an intelligent layperson.

I.     GRANT APPLICATION COVER SHEET - (see form) your name, address (both local
       and permanent home, if different) and telephone number; department and college; title of
       your project; and the name of the faculty member who is providing you with research
       guidance. Also indicate your student status -freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or

II.    BUDGET SUMMARY - Take the totals from the budget detail and summarize on this
       page. (see form)

III.   BUDGET DETAIL - Complete detail and justification of the project's budget must be
       included. (see form)

       Grant awards will be made up to $1,000. All expenditures must have prior approval of the
       faculty member who is serving as your research mentor.

       The use of grant funds normally will be restricted to supplies, services, travel, and small
       items of equipment. The Student Research Fund will not fund salaries, nor pay for the
       typing or duplicating costs for research papers. Database searches through the library will
       also be supported up to $50.

       Please provide detail and justification for each item requested. Itemize all services and
       supplies that you are requesting. Do not use categories such as "other" or "miscellaneous."
       Include quantity (when appropriate) and the unit cost of each item. Travel includes
       transportation fares and tolls, lodging, and meals. List the point of origin, destination,
       mode of travel, and cost of each trip to be taken on the project. List the number of nights
       lodging, where the lodging will occur, and the cost. List the number of meals (breakfast,
       lunch, and dinner) and the total cost of these meals. Provide a brief explanation of any
       unusual or out-of-the-ordinary expenses. Registration fees should be listed under
       services and supplies.

       If you are supplementing this request with personal and/or other sources of funds (a grant
       obtained by your faculty mentor), identify these in the project budget. That is, your total
       budget for your research project may well exceed $1,000. Provide the total budget then
       identify which parts will be funded by SRF and matching/personal funds in the columns

IV.    PROPOSAL NARRATIVE (no more than 2 typewritten)

       A. Abstract - Provide a concise description of the proposed research.

       B. Introduction/Background - What is the significance of the research? How does the
          proposed research fit into what is already known?

       C. Objectives - What do you expect to learn from the proposed research? What is the
          contribution to your discipline?

       D. Methods - How will the research be conducted, the data gathered and analyzed?
      E. Literature Cited - In consultation with your faculty mentor, develop a list of key papers
         on the research topic. The list of works cited should only include those cited in the
         text. The list should include recent, pertinent literature. If no appropriate literature
         exists, your faculty mentor should include such a statement in his or her letter of

      F. Certification of IRB/IACUC Approval – If your research includes human or animal
         subjects, be sure to include IRB or IACUC approval.

V.    TIMELINE - (see form) When will the research begin, when do you plan to complete
      each task (literature search, fieldwork, lab analysis, statistics, report writing) and how do
      these activities fit your budget request? The whole project may take a year or more even
      though you may not require funding for the entire period.

VI.   VITA SUMMARY - Give a short, professional description of yourself including an
      indication of how this research project will benefit you personally and fit into your future
      career goals. Also list courses you've taken that provide a background for your research.

VII. LETTERS OF SUPPORT - Include a letter of endorsement from your faculty mentor. If
     your mentor is providing supplemental funds to support your research, it should be
     indicated/verified in their letter.


Students receiving a grant award will be required to submit a final report to the Office of
Research and Sponsored Programs at the end of the grant period (not later than June 30 of the
fiscal year in which the funds were awarded or prior to graduation if graduation is before June
30). This report may take the form of the product required by the faculty mentor in order to
determine the grade in the research class.


All student research grant proposals will be evaluated by the Director of the Office of Research
and Sponsored Programs for their potential as grant applications to sponsoring agencies outside
the university. If your SRF request is considered to have funding potential with governmental
and/or private agencies, the student will be contacted directly and provided assistance in
processing the application(s) to these extramural granting agencies.

Students are encouraged to formally present and/or publish the results of their research in the
UWSP on-line journal.

The grant application should include the following sections in order. This form is provided to
insure completeness of the grant application. Do not include this check-off sheet with the
application at time of submission.

        _____Cover sheet completed and signed by the applicant's faculty mentor(s).

        _____Budget summary completed.

        _____Budget detail completed with appropriate justification.

        _____Service and Supplies detail

        _____Proposal narrative completed according to guidelines in an outline format.
             (no more than 2 typewritten, size 8 ½ x 11, single spaced pages; Margins 1
             inch on each side; Font size at least 11 point.)

                _____Literature Citations (if applicable)
                _____IRB/IACUC Approval

        _____Timeline completed.

        _____Vita summary completed including a list of background courses
             taken to support this research.

        _____Letters of Support.

        _____IRB/IACUC Approval (if appropriate)

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