Writing Result Measures and Program Evaluation by VEZfoS


									Writing Result Measures and
    Program Evaluation
            Kathy Keeley
        Northland Foundation
     Strengthening Communities
            April 14, 2011
     Welcome
     Review Technology
     Overview and Definitions
     Writing Result Measures and Examples
     Program Evaluation
         Definitions and Purpose
         Methods
         Using with Results Methods
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2   The Keeley Group                         4/14/2011
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3   The Keeley Group                                            4/14/2011
    Writing Result Measures

4   The Keeley Group          4/14/2011
    Results /Outcomes
     Results are also called Outcomes.

     Impact – Benefit to the client.

     Beyond the numbers who attend your program
       or services.

     Answers “what is different because of what you
       do?” NOT “what you do

5   The Keeley Group                            4/14/2011
    Not A Strategy
    Outcome is:                  Strategy is:
     Healthy Babies              Train mothers in
                                   illness prevention
     Youth Ready for
       College                    Educational Reform
                                  in High Schools
     Sense of connection         Rewrite all plays to
       to social issues in our    focus on current
       community                  social issues in the
6   The Keeley Group                                4/14/2011
    Not Outputs

     Not how many people served

     What is the benefit to the client because they
      got help from your organization?

7   The Keeley Group                              4/14/2011
    Why Important?
     Mission

     Right programs and services

     Demonstrate a return on investment

     Consistent message for donors

8   The Keeley Group                       4/14/2011
    Definition of Result Measure
     Outcome – Benefit from what you do
     Indicator – Measure of your impact on the
     Target – Number you are trying to achieve

    Public Safety (Outcome)
    50% (target) emergency calls will be responded
      to within 3 minutes (indicator)

9   The Keeley Group                              4/14/2011
     Steps to Create
     1. Who is the customer?
               Decide who you intend to benefit from what you do?
     2. How do they benefit?
              Identify exactly how you want them to benefit
              because of what you do--Outcomes. Examples:
              skills, behavior, knowledge, circumstances, attitudes,
     3. Select measurable indicators for each
               Review for ability to communicate your story and ease of
               data collection
     4. Decide 3-5 year targets for each indicator.

10   The Keeley Group                                             4/14/2011
     Results Must

      Communicate Story – Be compelling

      Be affordable to measure

      Have a baseline of data

11   The Keeley Group                      4/14/2011
     Healthy Children
      80% of children will be immunized before kindergarten.
     Employed Individuals with Living Wage
      50% of program graduates will obtain a job that pays at
      least $12 an hour.
     Audience Participation
      50% of audience will participate in audience talk back
     New Audience Development
      25% of audiences will be composed of young
     Eliminating Homelessness
       50% of homeless individuals will obtain permanent housing
        Outcome           Target           Indicator

12     The Keeley Group                                   4/14/2011
     Results - Outcomes
      What to Measure
          Feelings – not very effective
          Learning - Increased knowledge
          Increased skills – new skills to apply
          Effectiveness – change in life circumstances

13   The Keeley Group                                     4/14/2011
     Improving Parenting Skills
      50% of families receiving case management
       achieve goals established in plan.

     Children Reading at/or above
      60% of children improve reading as measured by X

14    The Keeley Group                             4/14/2011
     Program Evaluation

15   The Keeley Group     4/14/2011
     Program Evaluation
      Making Decisions
          Funding –Accountable, Cuts, New Funding
          Improve Program
          Respond customer satisfaction
          Measure against Strategic Plan
          Board and Management Dashboard

16   The Keeley Group                                4/14/2011
     1. What do you want to know – really know?
     2. Who is the audience?
     3. What kinds of information is needed?
           Strengths and Weaknesses
           Outcomes vs. Outputs – what happened
           Client experience – customer satisfaction
     4. 4. How will you collect?
     5. 5. Timeline
     6. 6. What can you afford?

17   The Keeley Group                                   4/14/2011
     Types of Evaluation
       Goals – Client, Program, Funding
           Surveys (follow-up)
           Interviews
           Documentation Review

       Outcomes – what has been achieved
           Survey
           Database Records
           Sample Interviews

       Process – how program works
           Focus Groups
           Interviews

18   The Keeley Group                       4/14/2011
       Data Base Resources

      http://www.communitytech.net/
      Vista Share http://www.vistashare.com/Corporate/Home/
      Sales Forces – www.saleforce.com
      Filemaker Pro
      Access
      Excel Spreadsheet
      Trade Association in Sector
      http://www.socialsolutions.com/

19     The Keeley Group                               4/14/2011

      Program Managers Guide

      Methods Review

      PowerPoint Slides

      www.northlandfdn.org/Grants/NonprofitResour

20   The Keeley Group                        4/14/2011
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