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					                            DRUPAL Web Content Management System
                                    Linking to Sites and Pages
In Drupal, you create links to outside Web site and other Drupal pages using the ‘Body’ section of the item editing
options. If your page is already in create/edit mode, skip to Step 2.

1. If your page (item) is in view mode, click the Edit button in the
   page window.

2. To link to a Web site outside of Drupal, select the text
   to be used for the link. Next click the link button
   in the Body formatting tools. In the Link window, enter
   or past the URL of the Web page to which you want
   to link.

    Click the OK button to create the link.

    [Optional] To have the outside Web page open in a new window/tab
    while leaving the Drupal page active, click on the Target tab, and select
    ‘New Window (blank)’ from the Target drop-down menu.

3. To link to a page or item in Drupal, select ‘(other)’ from the
   Protocol drop-down window. Then enter the node number for the
   Drupal page/item.

    Note: Some themes require the node search to be included in the
    URL (example “?q=node/293).

    Click the OK button to create the link.

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