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									                                  Arlington Villages Project Team
                               Application for Prospective Team Members

Please complete this application using a word processing program and email it to
If you are having problems, please email us and we will provide for an alternate means of delivery.

Contact Information:
*Name: (Last, First, Middle)                                       _

*Street Address:                                                   _

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Note: Asterisks (*) indicate required fields - (either a home or cell phone number is sufficient)

The Arlington Villages Project Team is dedicated to making Arlington a place where people can stay in their
homes and remain active in their communities as long as possible. The Team has an enormous amount of work
to accomplish in the months ahead to establish a framework for neighborhood villages that would connect
volunteers, service providers, and residents of all ages. We are seeking individuals who are both committed to
providing a continuing effort over a number of months and have skills and experience in one or more of the
areas identified below. Our preliminary listing of tasks needed to get Arlington Villages operational is below.
Place an "X" to the left of each task that may be of interest. There is a place for other interests on the next page.
____ Develop a business plan including projections of costs and revenue
____ Create policies and procedures
____ Recruit volunteers and a Board of Directors
____ Create the organization - VA nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
____ Aid in getting start-up funding ($ and in-kind contributions, grants)
____ Determine risk management and liability policies
____ Define a technology infrastructure for communications and data management; evaluate software packages
____ Establish strategic partnerships
____ Define public roll-out strategy and public relations plan
____ Define evaluation criteria and data collection requirements
____ Develop training materials
____ Recruit sponsors to set up neighborhood villages

The kinds of experience needed include legal, financial/accounting, management, non-profit operations, senior
services, writing policies and procedures, marketing, developing training materials, fund raising, creating
partnerships, recruiting volunteers, information technology, or project management.

There is more information at our website or email us at

Summary of Relevant Experience
Please describe your relevant education and work experience. Include your experience working within a team
and where it may not be obvious, explain the way your experience or education relates to one or more of the
tasks which you checked on the previous page. Please feel free to submit a resume in addition to, but not in
place of, this application. Enter as much information as you wish in any section. Thank you

Employment and/or Volunteer Work Experience:

Other Relevant Experience and/or Educational Background:

Community Involvement and Areas of Interest Not Listed on Prior Page:

Special Skills: Indicate your level of competence with email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and
other office automation software. Also note here any skills not covered elsewhere.

Educational Information:

Highest academic level completed and degree/certificate awarded (if applicable):

Other relevant training:

Fluency in languages other than English:

Are you currently working? Approximately how many hours a week?:

How much time are you able to commit to this project?: ( 5 / 10 / 20 hours month)

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