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									Kitchen Services, Food Prep
& Cooking Requirements

Please complete and return by September 4, 2012
Email to:
Supplier Name:
Telephone Number:
Booth #:_______ (For Sysco use only)
Please fully detail all of the requirements regarding food prep and cooking
needs that require the service of a runner, the kitchen and/or kitchen staff
at the Toronto Congress Centre. Completion of this form is mandatory for
all food suppliers (who require service) in order for the Congress Centre
and Sysco to co-ordinate a kitchen and runner service schedule.

Please note: ANY food that requires handling (storage, preparation,
running) by the Toronto Congress Centre MUST arrive at the Congress
Centre via regular delivery truck from Sysco Toronto. Absolutely no
product that is brought in to the facility by other means will be handled by
the TCC. You will need to arrange through Sysco Toronto to get your
product to the Congress Centre in advance of the show.

The samples that you are ordering must be listed by Sysco Toronto and
must have sufficient inventories, so please check ahead of time if you are
not certain.

Please expand the table or type below if additional space is required.
       Product           Prep &/or Cooking Instructions         Runner Service
                                                              (quantity required,
                                                                  how often)

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