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									                                      Joseph Curtis
Contact Details
Address                    17 Jewell Close
                           Swinger Hill, ACT, 2606

Phone                      +61 415 503 272


Technical Skills

Programming Languages
       Experienced with Java (2 years professionally, 5 years in total), XSLT (1.5 years
       Proficient in PHP, Ruby, C, Perl.
       Experienced with Eclipse Java IDE.
       Experience with using Apache Maven build control system.
       Experience with version control systems, CVS, Subversion and Mercurial.
       Experience using XML and XSLT from within Java (using JDOM and Saxon).

       1 year of experience developing and maintaining Spring / Hibernate (annotations)
       Experience developing web-based applications using the Apache Wicket web framework.
       Experience developing web-based applications using Spring MVC with XSLT as view.
       9 months experience with WebObjects web development framework.

Operating Systems
       Experienced developing on Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms.
       9 months experience developing on the Mac platform using Xcode;

       Experience with ORACLE SQL and MySQL.

       Experience developing for and deploying applications on the Apache Tomcat servlet
       Experience devloping web services within a RESTful Service Oriented Architecture.
       Experience using XHTML and CSS to design and build standards compliant web pages and
        have developed several LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) web applications.

Career Overview

October 2006 – Present
Collection Infrastructure and Access Branch, National Library of Australia.
Worked on:
       NLA Oral History Audio Delivery system. Making available online, many of the Library's
        oral history interviews. Developed in Java with Apache Wicket front end. Spring/Hibernate
        in REST-based web-service back end to interface with ORACLE database.
       NLAs rights management system. Devloped in Java using Spring/Hibernate back end with
        Spring MVC front end using XSLT for the display.
       Pandas version 3 (, the NLAs web archiving and display system.

April 2006 – October 2006
Digital Resource Services, Scholarly Technology Services at Australian National University.
Designing and Implementing AONS (Automated Obsolescence Notification Service,

December 2004 – March 2005
Digital Resource Services, Scholarly Technology Services at Australian National University.
Designed and implemented log file analysis and statistical presentation software for DSPACE.

Academic Acheivments
 2006                     Australian National University - Bachelor of Software Engineering

 2001                     Canberra College, ACT - Year 12 Certificate

James Bullen                                      Dr Peter Raftos
Head of Collection Infrastructure and Access      Scholarly Technology Services
Branch                                            Division of Information
IT Division                                       Building 43, W. K. Hancock Building
National Library of Australia                     The Australian National University
ACT, 2600, AUSTRALIA                              ACT, 0200, AUSTRALIA
Phone: +61 2 6262 1092                            Phone: +61 2 6125 1065
Email:                         Email:

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