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									Joe Dennett                     Broadcast Engineer
Dennett Limited                          
                                                   Online C.V.

Born 12th February 1964, homes in St Albans U.K. and Le Mêle-Sur-Sarthe Normandy
France. Married with two children. Fit and healthy even after twenty years in a Broadcast
Engineering environment. Dennett Limited is my service company formed for contract and
freelance work. . is a domain I maintain with an online calendar showing my
availability. Up dated online versions of this document are available at
Recent experience:
Freelance Broadcast Engineer
(April 2001 – Present) Working as a freelance Broadcast Engineer offering support to
transmission playout, post production and studio facilities. Recent clients –
Red Bee Media: Channel 4, Technicolor: ITV, Ascent Media: Channel 5, Discovery.
I have experience of Hierarchical storage management & Digital Asset Management:
ingest, transcoding, file delivery systems & SD & HD Multi Channel Playout
         Broadcast Automation:
         Pro-Bel Morpheus Media Manager
         Pharos & Mediator
         Omnibus Colossus, G2 & G3 systems
         Media Asset Management:
         Sony Petasite with XenData, Isilon, Pharos
         Front Porch Diva transcoding / archiving
         Omneon Spectrum Video Servers, Media Stream / Avid Video servers
         Storagetek / Sun SL8500 tape library / archive
         Transmission equipment:
         Softel data insertion, subtitling
         Screen Subtitling Polistream system. Pixel Power Clarity
         Miranda PCS & IS300 & Miranda IMM software
         Masstech logging, VDS asset distribution
         I.T / Networks:
         Windows Server & client platforms. Linux systems.
         VNC, Router and wireless configuration, TCP/IP networks, Web Servers and
         FTP Servers
         In Post Production I have had experience installing / supporting:
         Avid non-linear editing systems Final Cut Pro, News Cutter, Adrenaline, Unity
         & Pro-tools Audio software
         Digital Intermediate film and High Definition systems
         Sony linear editing systems.
         Pogle Platinum colour grading system.

Registered / Private Address:                                     Contacts:
Dennett Limited                                         
35 Arthur Road                                          
St Albans                                               
Hertfordshire                                                     Company Number: 06568034
AL1 4SZ                                                           VAT. 944 3105 41

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