Configuring Dreamweaver to access Linux server by Ei7wPM6x


									                  Configuring Dreamweaver to access Linux server

1. Start Dreamweaver. On the right hand Panel, click Manage Sites

2. In the Manage Sites dialog box, click New…

 In the drop down menu, select FTP & RDS Server

3. Click OK to ignore the warning message it displays. You will now see this dialog box:
4. In the Name: textbox, give this site a name (any name, it is trivial). Make sure the
Access type: is set to FTP. In the FTP host: textbox, enter

You will notice that the URL prefix: dialog box at the bottom will fill itself out as we

5. In the Host directory: textbox, enter ewylie/vandenXX wher XX is the number
you’ve been assigned. Similarly, your Login is vandenXX. Your instructor will assign
your password.
Again, notice the URL prefix: textbox has updated.
6. Check the checkbox for Use Secure FTP (SFTP) and click the Test button to make
sure you can connect to your website.

7. Click OK to close the success message, and click OK to finish. Lastly, click Done on
the Manage Sites dialog box. You should now see your site listed in the right panel.

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