mysql installation steps for linux by Ei7wPM6x


									MySQL Installation instruction for Linux Operating System Users :--

Dowload MySQL RPM files from

Download the following files from the “Linux x86 generic RPM (dynamically linked) downloads”
    1. Server
    2. Client programs
    3. Shared client libraries
    4. Libraries and header files

Now as root, install the rpm's:
   rpm   -i   MySQL-server-5.1.20-0.i386.rpm
   rpm   -i   MySQL-client-5.1.20-0.i386.rpm
   rpm   -i   MySQL-devel-5.1.20-0.i386.rpm
   rpm   -i   MySQL-shared-5.1.20-0.i386.rpm

(If you already have an earlier version of MySQL installed, you should use "rpm -U" instead of
"rpm -i", and you may need to add "--nodeps" to several of the rpm commands. But don't worry
about it unless "rpm -i" complains!).

Now enter the command to set the User name and Passwords

mysqladmin -u root

Now type mysql
you will get Mysql> command prompt.
Now you can do your work.

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