Veritas ODM Configuration

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					                       Veritas ODM Configuration
                        Platform: Oracle 11g R1 and Linux 64-bit

Configure Veritas ODM

To configure Veritas ODM to be used by Oracle, please follow the steps listed below:

   1. Stop the running Oracle instance(s).
   2. Install appropriate versions of Veritas ODM RPMs:
           # rpm –Uvh VRTSodm-platform*.rpm VRTSodm-common*.rpm
   3. Remove existing “” link and create the link to point to Veritas ODM
      library file. Make sure that the environment variable ORACLE_HOME is set.
       # rm ${ORACLE_HOME}/lib/
       # ln –s /opt/VRTSodm/lib64/ ${ORACLE_HOME/lib/
   4. Start the “vxodm” service.
       # chkconfig vxodm on
       # service vxodm start
   5. Verify that Oracle Disk Manager is running.
       Check that the instance is using the Oracle Disk Manager function:
                       i. # cat /dev/odm/stats
                      ii. # echo $?
                     iii. 0
       Verify that the Oracle Disk Manager is loaded:
                       i. # /sbin/lsmod | grep odm
                            vxodm             161984 1
                            fdd             78720 2 vxodm
   6. Restart the Oracle instance(s).
       In the database alert.log, verify that the Oracle instance is started with ODM:
          the log should contain output similar to the following:

           Oracle instance running with ODM: Veritas X.X.XX.XXX ODM Library, Version X.X

Remove ODM configuration:

To remove the Veritas ODM configuration, follow the steps listed below:

   1. Stop the running Oracle instances.
   2. Stop the vxodm service.
       # chkconfig vxodm stop
       # service vxodm stop
3. Remove the link to /opt/VRTSodm/lib64/ library and create the link to
   the Oracle supplied ODM library.
    # cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/lib
    # rm –f
    # ln –s
4. Start the Oracle instances.
    In the alert.log, you will NOT see the message that the “Oracle Instance is
       running with ODM”.

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