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Name               Stephen James Trow

Location           Kings Heath, Birmingham
Telephone          Home: 0121 441 1740, Mob : 07721 766289
Email              stejamtro101@yahoo.co.uk
Web                www.trowies.demon.co.uk

An ISEB foundation certified and extremely flexible systems professional, has been employed in the following roles in
the recent past; Validation-Verification and Test Engineer, Test Team Lead, Senior Test Analyst, Senior Support
Analyst. Also has great experience as a UNIX Systems Administrator and MVS Systems Programmer, MVS Operations
Analyst. Possesses over 30 years IT experience and has multiple software skills, a vast knowledge of standard software,
a talent for problem solving and who performs to full capacity in a purely technical environment.

    • Planning, specification, scripting and executing system, regression, integration and performance tests on Unix
         boxes, Mainframes and PCs. Methodologies have usually been based on the V-Model for many years, but
         increasingly more modern paradigms e.g. Agile/Scrum, RUP have been used, I am primarily a functional
         tester, although I am also an expert in non-functional testing (baseline, compatibility, compliance, load,
         performance, security and stress.)
    • Utilisation of automated unit, system and integration testing tools:
    • IBM: Rational Functional Tester, IBM Quality Manager                       (5 + years.)
    • Watir (Ruby), Selenium/Cucumber (Java, Ruby)                               (4 + years.)
    • HP: Quality Centre                                                         (3 + years.)
    • A great deal of familiarity with RDBMs (database) systems, including :
    • Oracle                                                                     (12 + years.)
    • IBM DB2                                                                    (7 + years.)
    • Microsoft SqlServer                                                        (3 + years.)
    • Business Objects                                                           (2 + years.)
    • Sybase                                                                     (2 + years.)
    • Informix                                                                   (2 + years.)
    • Teradata                                                                   (2 + years.)
    • Microsoft Access                                                           (6 + years.)
    • Developer/Administrator level familiarity with SQL, both ANSI and the various commercial vendor flavours.
    • Administrator level familiarity with the various Unix /Linux flavours including : HP-UX, Sun Solaris ,IBM
         Aix, Ubuntu, Mandriva, SuSE, Red-Hat, Debian.
    • Ability to read, understand (and to write in many cases) many languages and packages: Assembler, Awk, C,
         C++, Clist, Cobol, Fortran, Html, Java, JCL, Korn/Bourne shell, Perl, Ruby, Rexx, Uniface, Visual Basic,
         Xml and many more.
    • Installation, configuration and customisation of hardware, both PC and Unix boxes. Familiar with networking
         on Unix, PC and Mainframe platforms, including but not limited to the more technical aspects of TCP/IP.
    • Installation, customisation and administration of operating systems on Unix boxes and PCs. This includes
         technical support, account administration and security, problem resolution, operating system optimisation and
         non-functional performance, load, stress and system tuning.

Recent Achievements
    •   Successfully implemented a number of automated test suites to test the functionality of a major Satellite
        launch and control project. Tools used were commercial (IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)) and code
         was written using the “find” method which involved extensive Java coding and not the usual record and
         replay methods. This increased the reliability of the test code immeasurably and introduced standard Java
         control methods (try-catch exception processing.) into RFT.
    •    Created a WATIR - Ruby automated testing suite (using open-source tools) of approximately 200+ Ruby
         methods. This cut the time taken to test from 4+ weeks to 3 hours. After that I Successfully tested and helped
         implement a new parcel tracking system which required a SLA of less than 0.5 sec response time for an
         80million+ record database (main dB – not including status data.)

    A list Operating systems and software may be found at the end of this document.

Working History
   10/09 – 10/11 (25 months - 8 renewals) Eades Astrium PLC – Portsmouth, Hampshire

        Position: Verification and Validation Test Engineer(Agile environment.)
        Project(s) : Yahsat Programme–Military Satellite system built for the UAE.
        Components: Configuration Management, Inventory Management, Network Fault/Service
        Fault/Incident Management, Network/Service/Radio Planning, Order Handling, Scheduling.

    •   Automated testing of various components of the Yahsat Network Management System ground programme
        using IBM Rational Functional Tester to code level, i.e. Java code was written using the “find” method which
        circumvented reliance on the record and replay functionality. This made the test code far more robust and
        error tolerant due to implementation of standard Java exception processes.
    •   Manual testing of applications where appropriate, i.e. where automation would be too costly in terms of time
        and effort.
    •   Authoring multiple test procedures. Participation in the local peer review process.
    •   Installation of multiple server systems, starting from the bare metal, through OS installation, eventually
        ending up with full network and web / application integration.
    •   Server administration, comprising management of load-balanced servers. IBM Websphere and Tivoli
        software installation and integration.
    •   Data management, involving sql manipulation and also utilisation of various other utilities to format and
        import data into the multiple databases in the Network Management System.
    •   Performance testing involving collection, collation and reporting of server statistics whilst other manual and
        automated testing was being executed.

    02/07 – 06/09 (28 months - 8 renewals) TNT PLC – Atherstone, Warwickshire

        Position: Services Test Lead (RUP & Agile environments.)
        Project(s): Common Codes, Common Systems, Customer Database (CDB), Legacy Data Load (LDL),
        Operations (ODE), CA-Siteminder, CA-Identity-Manager, Teradata Data Warehouse, Business Objects,
        Track & Trace, Track.

    •   Functional: system and integration testing, and non-functional: technical, performance , load, stress and
        scalability testing including BDD and test automation using WATIR, Selenium/Cucumber (using Ruby) and
        IBM Rational Functional Tester(Java.)
    •   Non-functional: requirements and documentation testing, instrumental in setting up and performing
        localisation and internationalisation testing. Security testing was also part of the remit, testing and breaking
        CA products which were modified to TNT standards.
    •   Worked with other teams to integrate newly delivered software and planned formal full system releases.
    •   Specification and population of test environments and deployment of software to said environments.
        Extremely technical utilisation of SQL to populate, customise and normalise databases.
    •   Infrastructure and performance testing of newly deployed applications performed from various UK depots
        and hubs.
    •   Support for users and colleagues and ad-hoc consultancy for issues arising which regarded technical answers
        to questions about the OSs of which I have some knowledge: Unix/Linux/OS 390 etc.
    •   I also gave out of hours support for implementations where appropriate.

    01/06 – 01/07 (12 months - 4 renewals        ) Cap-Gemini - ASPIRE - HMRC, Telford, Shropshire

        Position: Test Analyst (V-Model environment.)
        Project(s): 1) PROJECT NAME OMITTED - subject of Official Secrets act
                    2) MODES (Modernisation of Employment Services.)

    07/05 – 12/05 (6 months - 2 renewals) Littlewoods - ShopDirect, Liverpool/Manchester

      Position: Senior Test Analyst / Test Team Lead (Data, System, Regression V-Model & Agile environments.)
      Project(s): Systems migration project (Teradata Data Warehouse/Business Objects.)

  12/03 – 06/05 (17 months - 6 renewals) DHL Express, Hounslow, Middlesex

      Position: Senior Support Analyst / Test Analyst (System, Regression, Performance V-model environment.)
      Project(s): Parcel Billing / Tracking / Reporting / Accounting systems

  06/03 – 11/03 (6 months - 2 renewals)        Siemens Energy Services, Nottingham

      Position: Senior Test Analyst (System, Regression, Performance and End-to-end)
      Project(s): MRS 6.4, FTE 4.2, Meter Reading/Maintenance/Billing systems

  01/03 - 04/03 (4 months – no renewals) Npower PLC, Kingswinford , Dudley (Formerly MEB – see below)
      (The Iraqui war interrupted this one.)
      Position: Senior Test Analyst (System, Regression, Performance and End-to-end)
      Project(s): Siebel CRM/Billing systems

  09/02 - 01/03 (4 months – no renewals) Innogy PLC. Windmill Hill, Swindon

      Position: Senior Test Analyst (System/Regression/Performance)
      Project(s): Financial/Trading systems (MS Sql Server / Business Objects.)

  01/00 – 08/02(31 months – 10 renewals) WorldCom PLC. Worldcom Park, Reading

      Position: Senior Test Analyst/ Support Analyst (System/Regression)
      Project(s): Billing/Customer Service/Mediation/Provisioning (Kenan Arbor.)

  01/99 – 11/99(11 months – 4 renewals) BG Transco PLC. Solihull, West Midlands

      Position: Senior System Test Analyst
      Project(s): Billing/Customer Service.

  4/97 - 12/98(20 months – 7 renewals) Midlands Electricity PLC. Kingswinford, Dudley

      Position: Senior Technical System Tester, Technical Support Analyst
      Project(s): Electricity Deregulation (14 sub projects in total including Billing.)

  11/94 - 4/97(29 months – 9 renewals)         Mercury Communications PLC. Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

      Position: Development Operations Analyst.
      Project(s): Billing/Customer Service/Mediation/Provisioning systems.

  3/94 - 11/94(8 months – no renewals)         The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC. Central London/Edinburgh

      Position: IBM MVS Systems Programmer.
      Project(s): Ongoing maintenance of the system.

  3/93 - 3/94(12 months – 2 renewals)          The European Commission, Luxembourg.

      Position: FORTRAN/MS Visual Basic/MS Access Programmer.
      Project(s): Agricultural Statistics.

  3/92 - 1/93(12 months – 2 renewals)          Cedel S.A.R.L. Luxembourg.

      Position: IBM MVS Systems Programmer.

         Project(s): Ongoing maintenance of the system.

    7/91 - 3/92(9 months – 2 renewals)           Nuclear Electric PLC. Gloucester

         Position: IBM MVS Systems Programmer.
         Project(s): Ongoing maintenance of the system.

    3/90 - 7/91(16 months – 3 renewals)          Powergen PLC. Solihull, West Midlands

         Position: IBM MVS Systems Programmer.
         Project(s): Ongoing maintenance of the system.

    12/87 - 3/90(16 months – 3 renewals)         Severn Trent Water PLC. Solihull, West Midlands

         Position: IBM Mainframe Operations Analyst.
         Project(s): Billing/Payroll/General Ledger and other financial systems.

    1/87 - 11/87(11 months – 2 renewals)         Jaguar PLC. Coventry, West Midlands

         Position: Problem and Change co-ordinator.

    7/86 - 12/86(4 months – no renewals) London and Manchester Assurance PLC. Exeter, Devon

         Position: IBM Mainframe Operations Analyst.

    3/83 - 7/86 (Permanent)                      Abbey Life Assurance PLC. Bournemouth, Dorset

         Position: IBM Mainframe Operations Analyst.

    8/79 – 3/83(Permanent)             Joseph Lucas PLC, Birmingham, West Midlands

         Position: IBM Mainframe Operations Shift Leader

Environment Components
    BEA Tuxedo, Version 8.0, 32-bit, Patch Level 368
    BEA WebLogic Server 8.1
    Business Objects, 3.1
    CA Identity Manager r8.1 SP2
    CA-Siteminder, V6.0 SP5
    HP Quality Center 11.0
    HP QuickTest Professional, 11.0
    IBM Maximo for Service Provider,
    IBM Rational Functional Tester Version 8.1.0
    IBM Rational Quality Manager 2.0.0
    IBM Rational Robot 2003.06.15.734000
    IBM Rational Team Concert 2.0.0
    IBM Rational Test Manager 2003.06.15.734000
    IBM Rational Doors 9.2
    IBM Rational ClearCase
    IBM Rational ClearQuest
    IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT,
    IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database,
    IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal, 7.3 1.0
    IBM Tivoli Maestro, 7.0 6.4
    IBM Tivoli Netcool/Omnibus, 7.3.1
    IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition, 3.9
    IBM Tivoli Service Catalog,
    IBM Tivoli Service Desk,

    IBM WebSphere Application Server-ND,
    JUnit 4.5
    Java version 1.6.0_23
    Jira 3.6.4
    Microsoft SQL Server 2008
    Oracle Databases 8-11g Enterprise Edition Releases
    Oracle SQL Developer v 1.5.4
    PVCS Dimensions 10
    Quest Software Toad V8.6.0.38
    Ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patch level 111)
    Selenium RC (Server) 2.9.0
    Selenium IDE 1.3.0
    Selenium Java 2.9.0
    Selenium Ruby 2.9.1
    Sparx Enterprise Architect 7.1.833
    Teradata Data Warehouse V2R.,
    Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse v12.0
    Teradata QuerymanV6.0.0

Operating systems
    UNIX (HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital Unix, Sun-Solaris, Linux (Ubuntu, Mandrake, SuSE, Red Hat, Debian)),
    Microsoft Server 2003, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Standard, Microsoft Windows
    (3xx/9xx/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7), IBM OS/2, Apple Macintosh OS X, IBM OS/390, IBM VM

Other Information
    Marital Status :        Married

    Secondary School:       Tettenhall College

    Qualifications :        G.C.E. 'A' level English Language/Literature
                            G.C.E. 'O' level English, History, and Sociology.
                            C.S.E. Biology, Chemistry, French,
                            Geography, Mathematics, Physics.

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