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									PowerLogic PM700 series
Power and energy meters
            A PowerLogic system can help you…

              ● Improve energy efficiency and lower emissions

              ● Maximise the use of power distribution networks and reduce per-unit
                energy costs

              ● Improve overall power quality, reliability of equipment and processes

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PM700 series overview

● The PM700 series of power meters are affordable, compact power and energy meters.
       ● Apply on feeders where cost and installation space are important considerations.
       ● Install into new equipment or retrofit into existing installations.

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Part of a complete solution
                                       ● PM700 series power meters can be used for standalone panel
                                         instrumentation, or as a key component in a complete PowerLogic
                                         power monitoring and control solution that provides transparent
                                         access to all of your intelligent devices.

   - PowerLogic ION Enterprise
   - PowerLogic System Manager
   - PowerLogic PowerView
   - PowerLogic ION EEM

   Data Communications
   - EGX-100
   - EGX-400                                                                                             The PM710 and PM750
   - Modems                                                                                              power meters’ have
                                                                                                         standard RS-485 Modbus
                                                                                                         communications, allowing
   Intelligent Devices                                                                                   you to view data in power
   - Circuit monitors
   - Power meters
                                                                                                         monitoring software, or
   - ION meters                                 Energy and power quality   Other compatible devices      integrate data into Building
                                                  meters and monitors
   - Low voltage breakers                                                                                Automation and SCADA
   - Med voltage relays                               Energy and              Other compatible devices
   - Other Modbus devices                          power quality meters

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Industries and applications

         Buildings                              Industry   Energy & Infrastructure
                                                            (includes utilities & critical power)

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Industries and applications -
Energy savings

               Key applications:
                     ● Energy sub-billing
                     ● Electricity procurement
                     ● Power factor correction
                     ● Peak demand reduction
                     ● Energy cost recovery
                     ● Energy cost allocation
                       (including bill auditing)
                     ● Substation automation

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Industries and applications -
Energy availability and reliability
Key applications:
● Alarming and event logging
  Harmonic filtering
● Energy usage analysis
● Energy asset optimisation (by building, floor,
  zone, PDU, or rack)
● Power quality monitoring & reporting

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Industries and applications -
Equipment optimisation

                                                ● Balance loads plus reduce harmonics and other
                                                  factors that cause heating and shorten equipment life
                                                ● Maximise existing capacity to avoid unnecessary
                                                  capital purchases by understanding loading and
                                                  identifying spare capacity on existing equipment

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Feature Summary
                                                ● Four models satisfy a range of applications—from the PM700 for
                                                  basic panel instrumentation, to the PM750 with standard RS-485
                                                  communications, I/O and alarming.

                                                                                 PM700   PM700P   PM710    PM750

                                                  15 user-configurable alarms                                  n
                                                          Onboard digital I/O             2 out            2 in /1 out
                                                 RS485 Modus communication                         n           n
                                                    THD (voltage and current)     n         n      n           n
                                                    Min/Max values with reset     n         n      n           n
                                                      Basic metering (voltage,
                                                       current, power, energy,    n         n      n           n
                                                     demand, frequency, etc.)
                                                    1% accuracy Real Energy                            IEC class 62053-
                                                                                  n         n      n           n
                                                      (IEC 62053-21 Class 1)                               22 05.S

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Large, easy-to-read display

                                                          ● Backlit LCD display
                                                             ● Anti-glare, scratch resistant
                                                             ● Displays four values
                                                               simultaneously; view three
                                                               phases and neutral
                                                             ● View summary screens and bar
                                                               chart displays to see a snapshot
                                                               of your system
                                     The power            ● Intuitive, self-guiding menus are
                                     meter’s large,         easy to use without training
                                     backlit display is
                                     easy to read.

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External connections
                                                ● Power supply
                                                ● Voltage Inputs — 480 VAC L-L
                                                  direct connect; eliminates the
                                                  need for PTs in most LV Panels
                                                ● Current inputs — rated at 15A,
                                                  able to withstand overcurrents
                                                  from CTs
                                                ● I/Os
                                                   ● PM700P and PM750
                                                ● RS-485 2-wire Modus
                                                  communications (PM710 and
                                                  PM750 only)
                                                   ● Communicate to System
                                                     Manager software
                                                   ● Integrate into BAS or SCADA
                                                   ● Download firmware updates to
                                                     keep up-to-date with the latest
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Compact design

                                                ● 96 x 96 x 50mm (depth behind panel)
                                                ● Shallow depth saves panel space
                                                ● Flush panel mount with a 92 x 92mm cutout
                                                   ● International standard design
                                                ● Retro-fit existing analog meters with 4” round
                                                  cutouts — no mounting adapter required

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Designed with the panel builders/OEMs in
                                                ● Single person installation
                                                   ● No tools required to mount the meter
                                                   ● Mounting resistance nibs hold meter until the
                                                     mounting clips are snapped into place
                                                ● Wide range control power supply
                                                   ● 100 – 415 Vac (5 vA);
                                                     125 – 250 Vdc (3 watts)
                                                   ● Reduces the number of models to order and

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Accurate energy and power measurement
● Full complement of basic metered values
      ● Voltage, per phase (L-L, L-N) and 3-phase
      ● Current, per phase and neutral, and 3-phase
      ● Energy, In and Out (kWh, kVARh, kVAh)
      ● Power, per phase and 3-phase total (kW, kVA,
      ● Power Demand, present and peak (kWd, kVAd,
      ● Current Demand, per phase, present
        and peak
      ● Frequency and                                  Metered values can be viewed on
        Power factor (total)                           the power meter’s display, or on a
      ● THD, per phase                                 remote PC using software.
        (voltage and current)

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Accurate energy and power measurement

● Minimum and maximum values with date/time stamps

      ● Current and voltage, per phase
      ● Power (total)
      ● Power factor (total)
      ● Frequency
      ● THD, per phase (current and voltage)

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Digital inputs and outputs

● PM700P
       ● Two digital KY pulse outputs
           ●One kWH pulse output
           ●One kVARh pulse output

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Digital inputs and outputs (continued)
                                                 ● PM750
                                                   ● 2 digital inputs
                                                        ●Use to monitor breaker status, or other status
The PM750’s digital output can be                        applications
configured in one of three modes.
                                                        ●Trigger alarms in response to a change in input status
                                                   ● 1 digital output configurable in one of three modes:
                                                        ●External—Controlled externally, for example by a
                                                         programmable controller.
                                                        ●Alarm control—Controlled by the power meter in
                                                         response to an alarm condition. When the alarm is active,
                                                         the output is ON.
                                                        ●kWh Pulse—The meter generates a fixed-duration pulse
                                                         output that represents kWh consumption.

 Schneider Electric   - Division - Name – Date                                                                  17
Customizable alarming (PM750)

● Fifteen user-configurable alarms
● Factory configured alarms are enabled on power-up
● Alarms can be associated to I/O
       ● Trigger alarms in response to a change in input status
       ● Control an output in response to an alarm

                                                                  Alarms, stored in
                                                                  power meter
                                                                  memory and
                                                                  viewed in System
                                                                  Manager, provide
                                                                  early warning of

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Easy to create a system...
                                                        ● With the addition of an Ethernet
                                                          Gateway, the meter can
                                                          communicate via the existing
                                                           ● Create a simple system using a
                                                             PM700 series power meter,
                                                             EGX400, and a PC with web
                                                             browser software. View:
                                                                ●Basic readings of amps,
                                                                 voltage, power and energy
  PC with browser                                               ●Circuit summary
                                                                ●Load current summary
                                                                ●Demand current summary
                                                                ●Power and energy summaries
                                                                ●Alarm status and history
                     EGX400 gateway
                                                           ● No special software to install

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