2009 Exam Calendars by Ei7wPM6x


									                         2009 Exam Calendar - Week 1
                            Morning - 8 a.m.                  Afternoon - 12 noon
Monday, May 4           Government and Politics:
                             United States
 Tuesday, May             Computer Science A                          Statistics
      5*                  Computer Science AB
                           Spanish Language
 Wednesday,                     Calculus AB
   May 6                        Calculus BC
Thursday, May               English Literature
      7                     German Language
 Friday, May 8            United States History                 European History
                                                            Studio Art (portfolios due)

                         2009 Exam Calendar - Week 2
                      Morning - 8 a.m.         Afternoon - 12            Afternoon - 2
                                                    noon                     p.m.
Monday, May 11               Biology               Physics B               Physics C:
                                                   Physics C:            Electricity and
                                                   Mechanics              Magnetism†
 Tuesday, May                                     Psychology
 Wednesday,           Italian Language
  May 13                     and
                      English Language
Thursday, May          Macroeconomics          Microeconomics
     14                 World History
Friday, May 15

                                        Please note:
   Schools may assemble students earlier than these exam start times to complete identifying
information on answer sheets. Your AP Coordinator is responsible for letting you know exactly
                         when and where to report for your exams.

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