What to Expect from 4th Grade by Ei7wPM6x


									What to Expect from 4th Grade

  1. Weekly reading practice packets which cover language arts skills.
  2. Weekly spelling tests while we are reading from the READING book.
  3. When we are reading a novel, expect nightly review of chapter summaries,
     vocabulary practice, worksheets, and tests every 5 chapters.
  4. Weekly reading logs (due Friday) showing 5 nights for at least 20 minutes a night.
  5. Monthly poetry recitals on the last day of the month. Given one month to prepare.
  6. Must take and pass a Reading Counts test every month at or above SRI reading
     level. Students will complete a book project in reflection of this reading.

  1. Daily math fact practice in class with Power-Up notebook
  2. Nightly homework in math- anticipate 8 problems
  3. Math test after every 5 lessons, beginning after the first ten lessons. Cumulative
     tests occur after 20 lessons.

  1. Narrative- Students will be required to show mastery on writing a fictional story
     that includes the following essentials: well developed characters, a detailed
     setting, and a definite progression through beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Summary- After reading a form of writing, students will show mastery on
     choosing out the important details to restate in their own words what it was about.
  3. Response to Literature- After reading a form of writing, students will show both
     their ability to summarize an article or story and then describe in detail what they
     felt was the author’s main theme or message.

  Science and History
  1. Mrs. Hickok teaches both classes the three science units: Solid Earth, Magnetism
     and Electricity, and Environments. The science book is non-consumable, but each
     child will be required to complete a science notebook provided to them.
  2. Mrs. Swain teaches both classes the five California history units throughout the
     year. The history book is a consumable text.

  Additional Subjects:
  1. P.E. is taught two days per week by Mr. Stutz. (Mon. and Fri. each week- Please
     be sure your child is wearing the appropriate shoes and clothing on those days).
  2. Library and Vocal music are taught once weekly by Ms. Anderson and Mrs.
  3. Computer Lab is offered once a week with the focus of learning Spanish and also
     to take monthly SRI reading tests.

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