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					                                        Nutrition Workout Log
You will need to document six hours (or 360 minutes) to include a variety of physical activity. A variety of
physical activity can be defined as a minimum of three different activities. Students are expected to log
activities multiple times per week for each week enrolled in the HOPE course. You cannot complete and receive
credit for HOPE course if you do not complete each of the topic workout logs.

Please save this document to your computer. (You will need to add the necessary rows to the table below until
you have a total of 360 minutes of physical activity.)

Student Name:

Do you skip breakfast on a regular basis? Do you drink more soft drinks than you know you should? Do you
order the super jumbo fries, when you know that you would be better off with a smaller size? Unhealthy
nutritional habits can have a negative influence on our ability to maintain health. Please define a measurable
nutritional goal that will help you maintain good health.

Goal: I aspire to ________________________________ no later than ____________. (worth 20 points)

Example: I aspire to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day no later than October 29, 2009.

 Date       Warm-up          Physical       Intensity (Light,          Cool-Down             Minutes
                             Activity      Medium, or High)
                                                                      Quadriceps,                 50
4/22/09      Walking         Jogging             Medium            hamstring, and calf

                                                                                           Total minutes
                                                                                             worth 40

Reflections: (worth 20 points)

    1.   Did you meet your nutritional goal? Explain why you did or why you did not meet your goal.
    2.   Explain why your nutritional goal is important to maintain health.
    3.   Did you encounter any challenges as you strived to meet your goal?
    4.   Did pursuing your nutritional goal enhance your physical activity in any way? Why or why not?

Fitness Test Comparison: (worth 20 points)

   1. Repeat the body composition fitness test from the Getting Started lesson.
   2. Compare your original body composition result with your current body composition result. Write out
      your original score and status, along with your current score and status.
   3. Did your results improve? Why or why not?

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