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February Cape Canaveral American Society of


                  C A P E C A N AV E R A L C H A P T E R N E W S L E T T E R
                                                      February 2007
                 Protecting People, Property, and the Environment on the Space Coast for over 39 years.

          2006-07 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                    Michael Bowling
                  United Space Alliance
                                                                      William W. Pickavance, Jr.
            Vice President & Programs Chair:                    Vice President, Launch and Recovery
                       Marty Berry                                            Systems
                  United Space Alliance
(321)861-5798                  United Space Alliance
           Secretary and Public Affairs Chair:
                   George Cole, CSP
(321)861-4714                  Date:         February 28, 2007
                  Steve Phillips, CSP                          Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
                   SRS Technologies
                                                               Place: Radisson Resort at the Port
                                                                              8701 Astronaut Blvd.
                  Awards & Honors:                                            Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
              Gary Thigpin, CSP, REHS
                United Space Alliance
(321)861-0152           Cost:         $20.00
       Canaveral Council of Technical Societies:
          Tom Griffin and George Cole, CSP                     Menu: Selections:
           Council of Practices & Standards:
                    Alfred Stevens                             1. ½ Herb Roasted Chicken
                 United Space Alliance                         2. Sliced Sirloin w/Mushroom Sauce
 (321)453-6628             3. Vegetarian Pasta Primavera
            Environmental Affairs:/EHS Jobs
             Frank Beckage CSP, CHMM                            All meals include:
                 The Boeing Company                             A Radisson House Salad or Caesar Salad.
(321)730-5841               frank.beckage@boeing. com           Chef’s Vegetables, and Starch
                  Government Affairs:
                     James Guinn
                                                                A dessert choice of Chocolate Mousse,
                 United Space Alliance                         Carrot Cake, or Chocolate Layer Cake.
(321)861-5825              Coffee/Iced Tea/Warm Rolls and Butter
                      Membership:                               Coffee and Iced Tea Service
                      Tom Griffin
          Foundation Activities & Scholarship:                 RSVP: Reserve your seat by COB Tuesday,
                     Paul Stewart                              February 27, 2007 through the webpage at
                   Rush Construction                  click on link “Reserve
                                                               Your Place” or call or e-mail the following persons:
                    Ways & Means:
                    Richard Sweet
(321)867-8524                                       Chapter Calendar 2006/2007
                  PAST PRESIDENT                                      Date            Upcoming Event
                   Thomas Griffin
                                                                      February 28      Bill Pickavance – Vice President
                 The Boeing Company
                                                                                       Launch and Recovery Systems,
                                                                                       United Space Alliance
                NEWSLETTER EDITOR                                     March 28         CCAFS Assistant Fire Chief
                                                                      April 25         Susan Helms, 45 SW/CC
                  Jeffrey Drye, CSP
                  Harris Corporation
                                                                      1. Anticipated Meeting Topics –To be discussed
                                                                                     as this meeting.
                ASSEMBLY DELEGATE                                     Executive Committee Meetings are held the 2nd
                      Rick Sweet                                      Saturday @ Grills Restaurant, Port Canaveral, FL

             MEETING TOPIC

 ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

                                                processes to reduce injury rates. We
     This Month’s Meeting                       as safety professionals can do better.
                                                Companies need to teach their
                                                employees new skills about safety
                                                issues that cause employees to react in
                                                a better way of thinking to transform
                                                their unsafe attitudes and behaviors. A
                                                high percentage of workplace accidents
                                                and injuries are caused by loss of focus
                                                and distraction, rushing, and risk taking.
 William W. Pickavance, Jr., the Vice           Our entire safety culture depends on
    President Launch and Recovery               how we do our job safely.           Entire
  Systems, United Space Alliance will           companies should be enrolled in
      reflect on his current and past           bringing safety to the highest levels.
       experiences with Safety. Mr.             It’s about changing our culture. In order
         Pickavance is responsible              to accomplish this we need to:
  for management of Florida personnel                 Train all personnel in order to
 assigned to the Space Shuttle Program                  raise      safety     awareness,
 and Constellation Program. He is also                  increase personal responsibility
USA’s Site Director for Florida. We hope                and improve safety intervention
    you take time to join your fellow                   skills.
  colleagues for our February meeting                 Train the leadership group –
   where we will have a great learning                  improve       leadership      and
 session on pertinent topics to each of                 communication skills.
    our businesses. Please Join Us!                   Reinforce trainings.
                                                      Create a system and structure
                                                        to promote greater buy-in and                       on-going             participation
                                                        throughout the organization for
                                                        long lasting and sustainable
                                                Mike Bowling
                                                Chapter President
Presidents Corner

Taking Stock in Safety. Managing our                 SECRETARY’S REPORT
present success and future in today’s
safety trends are shaped by the most                    ASSE Meeting Minutes
visible challenges and opportunities that              Cape Canaveral Chapter
we face daily effecting how we do                         January 31, 2007
business. The way we think and how to
significantly reduce accidents and              Place: Pumpernickels Fest Haus
injuries depends on our culture of
shared values and beliefs that drive            ASSE General Membership Meeting
behavior in any organization.        Our        January 31, 2007
culture is changing all the time.
Companies have spent considerable               Meeting was called to order at 6:00
time, energy, and money on PPE, safe            p.m. and pledge to flag led by Vice-
operating      procedures,   mandatory          President Marty Berry.     Thirty-five
trainings, audits and observations              members and guests were present and

    ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

introduced themselves.        A list of         5-year plan to reduce the fatality rate by
attendees follows the minutes. Steve            15%, and identified areas of emphasis
Phillips gave the invocation.                   as: national: trenching; and regional: fall
                                                protection,     electrical,  landscaping,
Vice-President      Berry      discussed        sanitation, and clean-up in meat
members using the chapter website for           packing, poultry, and fish processing
dinner reservations. He also briefed            industries. He continued by identifying
upcoming general membership meeting             OSHA interest in a quarterly safety
tentative speakers as follows:                  week to focus on scaffolding, roofing,
                                                trenching, and heavy equipment. Local
    February:      Retired     Admiral         emphasis will be on the hazards of
     Pickavance, and                            silica     from        concrete      block
    April: AF General Susan Helms. He          manufacturing.
     also mentioned the April meeting
     will be moved forward to 19 April to       He spent considerable time comparing
     accommodate General Holmes’                fatality rates from 2005 and 2006. He
     schedule.                                  stated the increase in these 2 years
                                                was due to the lack of OSHA
Treasurer Steve Phillips reported the           enforcement during the 2004 hurricane
chapter account is very solidly in the          recovery, where many employers were
green.                                          not cited for safety violations. This
                                                gave them a false sense of security to
Membership Chairman Tom Griffin                 put employees at risk, with no
briefed the ASSE HQ advertising mew             perceived threat from OSHA. He also
membership campaign, with prizes                discussed         OSHA’s     enhanced
such as a trip to Hawaii and monetary           enforcement program, focusing on
incentives. Clarence Rodriguez was              employers who had received high-
recognized for recruiting 36 new                gravity citations.
members since 1981, and James
Ramsey was recognized for recruiting 2          Several OSHA myths were discussed
new members this past year. Justin              including:
Gallot was recognized as being the
chapter’s newest potential member.                 OSHA does not apply to companies
                                                    with 10 or less employees;
Mr. Griffin also briefed on the chapter            OSHA does not apply to residential
by-laws review from the December                    construction;
membership meeting.            He also             Employers always know when
discussed preparations for officer                  OSHA is coming;
nominations     and     volunteers  for            OSHA can shut down a job; and,
committee chairmen.                                OSHA will always give employers a
                                                    break on a first offense.
VP Berry introduced the evening’s
keynote speaker, Les Grove, OSHA                He also mentioned several OSHA
Area Director.   (Biography follows             standards in work including these in the
minutes)                                        final rule stage:
                                                 Respiratory       protection      and
Mr. Grove started by outlining the                  Hexavalent Chrome
central FL OSHA region, with only 14             Revision and update of Subpart S
OSHA inspectors to support the 20                Electrical standards
assigned counties. He briefed OSHA’s             Employer payment of PPE

    ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

    Electrical power transmission and                        ASSE
     distribution                                   CAPE CANAVERAL CHAPTER
    Vertical tandem lifts for longshore              ATTENDANCE ROSTER
     cargo.                                                January 2007

And these in the proposed rule stage:                       NAME           EMPLOYER
 Confined space in construction;               1   Tom Griffin                Boeing
 Cranes and derricks;                          2
                                                    Marty Berry
                                                    Bob Calhoun
                                                                        Northrop Grumman
 Walking and working surfaces;                 4   Rick Sweet             Retired NASA
 Personal fall protection for general          5   John Lawlor                Boeing
                                                6   Gary Thigpin                USA
   industry;                                    7   Jim Guinn                   USA
 Shipyard working conditions;                  8   Frank Beckage              Boeing
 Explosives; and more.                         9   Norm Murphy                SCLS
                                               10   Justin Gallot              ERAU
                                               11   Steve Phillips       SRS Technologies
Mr. Grove stated there is work in              12   Jeffrey Drye         Harris Corporation
progress to standardize Material Safety        13   George Cole                NASA
                                               14   T.C. Cottrell       IAP World Services
Data Sheets (MSDS).                            15   Jeffrey Ewald               USA
                                               16   Dan McCune                 EREU
Several OSHA outreach programs were            17   Ben Grieco            Safety Products
                                               18   Jack Jamba                  USA
mentioned, including education and             19   Judy Griffin               Retired
compliance assistance; Hispanic fairs;         20   Kathleen Harer              USA
mailings to rental car companies;              21   Paul Stewart         Rush Construction
regional electronic newsletters; photo         22   Stephen Johnson     Safety Compliance
                                               23   Karen Johnson         Richard Paints
archive with abatement; youth workers;         24   Todd Dove
creation and distribution of safety CDs;       25   Kevin Devlin
tool box reviews; and an ambassador            26   Tom Dwyer                NASA
                                               27   Jeff Vincoli            Bechtel
program targeting towns for door-to-           28   Richard Rogers      Rush Construction
door visits.                                   29   Sharon Liz O’Hara
                                               30   Carm Alexander           Sea Ray
OSHA      partnerships  have   been
established with Centex Construction
and Associated General.
                                                     EXECTIVE COMMITTEE
He concluded by restating OSHA’s goal
to reduce injuries, illnesses, and             ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter
fatalities.                                    Executive Committee (EC) Meeting
New member Justin Gallot won the
drawing for a dinner at Pumpernickel’s         17 Feb 2007
                                               President Mike Bowling called the EC
Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 hours.           breakfast meeting to order at 9:00 in
______________________________                 Grills, Port Canaveral. Attendees: VP
                                               Marty Berry, Membership Chairman
                                               Tom Griffin, Secretary George Cole,
                                               chapter member Tom Dwyer, and guest
                  Safety 2007                  Judy Griffin.
         Join us in Orlando, FL,
June 24-27, for the Safety 2007                George Cole presented recommended
conference!                                    changes to Chapter By-Laws. All EC

 ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

members were in agreement of the
changes, and George will type into final
                                                     GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS
print for presentation at the next
general membership meeting.                     Bush Budgets $490 Million for
                                                OSHA in FY ’08
Question of membership status of Tom
Dwyer. Never has shown up on the                To continue driving workplace injuries,
chapter membership roster.                      illnesses and loss of life toward zero,
                                                President Bush has requested $490.3
March keynote speaker will be CCAFS             million for OSHA in fiscal year 2008, an
Assistant Fire Chief Norbert Kuhman.            increase of nearly $18 million over
Gen. Susan Helms, 45 SW/CC, will be             2007, including increases for federal
speaker for April.      Need to identify        enforcement and federal compliance
backup speaker in the event Gen                 assistance.
Helms cancels us again. Wayne Keys              The increase is expected to help the
will be speaker for May. Might forgo            agency improve workplace safety and
vendors’ night this year due to June            health through compliance assistance
meeting conflict with the national PDC.         and enforcement of occupational safety
Other possibilities for speakers include        and health regulations and standards.
KSC Safety Director Shannon Bartell,
Bert Garrido, and perhaps the                   "We are proposing to increase
presidents of Tropicana, Sea Ray                resources supporting the Voluntary
Boats, Piper or Liberty Aircraft plants,        Protection Programs (VPP) by more
as well as astronauts.                          than $4.6 million," said Edwin G.
                                                Foulke, assistant secretary of labor for
Discussed PDC tour of KSC and how               OSHA. "VPP recognizes exemplary
we can support without putting chapter          work sites for their enhanced safety and
funds at risk. Need to identify bus cost        health performance. This translates into
and capacity to determine price per             substantial benefits for both employers
person. Central FL chapter has refused          and employees, including significant
to split costs or profits with us, so we        reductions in injury and illness rates
need to keep cost per person to only            which have proven to deliver millions of
cover cost of busses. It is difficult to        dollars in cost savings for participants."
reserve busses not knowing how many
PDC attendees will be interested in the         Since 2001, OSHA has endorsed a
tour. Possibility of reserving too many         balanced approach consisting of
busses and our chapter paying for               aggressive enforcement, cooperative
them. Discussed 2 or 3 busses as                programs, outreach, education and
option.    Perhaps      too    late   for       compliance assistance, which has
advertisement in PDC flyer. Need to             yielded a 19 percent reduction in
advertise on ASSE national web site.            occupational illness and injury rates.
Tom Dwyer will contact Delaware North           During this same period, the overall
and XA for details of bus costs, and            fatality rate has declined by 7 percent
process for each bus to stop and scan           and it has fallen by 18 percent among
all passengers prior to entering KSC.           Hispanic employees.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.                 More than $17 million will go to
                                                increasing resources allocated to the
                                                federal      enforcement,      federal
                                                compliance assistance and cooperative
                                                programs. OSHA has planned 37,700

 ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

workplace inspections throughout the             who will also be available to meet
year and will continue to focus its              personally with attendees after the
resources on workplaces and industries           morning program. Also speaking will be
with high rates of injuries and illnesses.       market access and compliance experts
                                                 from USEAC's European office, as well
The Enhanced Enforcement Program                 as EU compliance attorneys from Allen
focuses on employers who ignore their            & Overy LLC.
safety and health obligations while the
agency's Local and National Emphasis             Approved in December of last year, the
Programs focus on specific industries            EU's new REACH (Registration,
or safety and health issues.                     Evaluation   and    Authorization     of
                                                 Chemicals) system will regulate the
DOC to Address New                    EU         import, manufacture, marketing and
Environmental, Safety Regs                       use of chemicals, and will affect a wide
                                                 range of products, from electronics to
The U.S. Dept. of Commerce (DOC) is              apparel.
encouraging the business community to
host     a     conference    on   new            Passive    Smoke   in    Workplace
environmental and safety regulations             Increases Lung Cancer Risk
for exporting chemicals and products
containing chemicals to the 27 member            An analysis of nearly two dozen studies
states of the European Union.                    confirms the association between
                                                 passive smoke in the workplace and an
The new policy, which is expected to go          increased risk of lung cancer, according
into effect on June 1, will impact a             to a report in the American Journal of
broad spectrum of U.S. companies and             Public                           Health.
industry     sectors,      such      as
pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals,           The research, led by University of
cosmetics, cleaning products and many            Illinois at Chicago epidemiologist Leslie
others. Significantly, chemicals and             Stayner, is posted online and will
related products are the leading export          appear in the March print issue of the
for both Pennsylvania and Delaware.              journal.

Other seminar sponsors are the                   Stayner and colleagues conducted a
Philadelphia U.S. Export Assistance              statistical analysis combining data from
Center (USEAC), Mid-Atlantic District            22 studies evaluating workplace
Export Council (DEC) and BDP                     smoking exposure and lung cancer risk.
International, a global logistics firm           They also analyzed workers' level and
specializing in the chemical industry. It        duration of exposure to passive smoke
is designed to educate exporters and             and their risk of lung cancer.
trade specialists in the tri-state area
(Pa., Del., N.J.) about this key policy          The researchers found a 24 percent
and compliance with it, the conference           increase in lung cancer risk among
is scheduled for March 1, 2007, 8:30             people exposed to passive smoke in
a.m.-12:00 noon, at the Marriott                 the workplace. Workers who were
Courtyard,      21    Juniper    Street,         highly exposed had a 100 percent
Philadelphia, Pa.                                increased (or doubled) risk of lung
                                                 cancer, and workers with a long history,
Featured speakers include Commercial             or duration, of exposure to passive
Specialist Flavie Guerin of CS Brussels,         smoke had a 50 percent increased risk.

 ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

                                                      universities in federal research funding
"We believe this provides the strongest               and is Chicago's largest university with
evidence to date of the relationship                  25,000 students, 12,000 faculty and
between    workplace      environmental               staff, 15 colleges and the state's major
tobacco smoke and lung cancer," said                  public medical center.
Stayner, professor and director of                    For more information about UIC, visit
epidemiology and biostatistics at the       
UIC School of Public Health, and lead                 Jim Guinn
author       of        the        study.              Government Affairs

The research, Stayner said, has
important policy implications for cities                      FREE TRAINING
and states that have not yet legislated               6th Annual Safety Day - Alliance for
smoking bans in bars and restaurants                     Central Florida Safety (ACFS)
where there are high levels of
                                                       Time: March 1, 2007 (Thursday).
environmental                   smoke.
                                                        Where: Sea World Conference
Co-authors include James Bena of the                                Center
Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Annie                    http://www.allianceforcentralfloridasaf
Sascoof the Victor Ségalen Bordeaux 2       
University in France; Randall Smith of                                 7.pdf
the National Institute for Occupational
Safety and Health, Cincinnati; Kyle                      PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED
Steenland      of   Emory      University;                       Call (407) 678-7199
Michaela Kreuzer of the GSF-National                      Leave a message with your name,
Research Centre for Environment and                                organization, p   at:
Health in Neuherberg, Germany; and                     www.AllianceForCentralFlorida
Kurt Straif, of the International Agency
for Research on Cancer, Lyons,

UIC ranks among the nation's top 50


                    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

       DEWALT Recalls Portable Generators Due to Electric Shock Hazard
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the
firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product.
Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.
Name of Product: DEWALT DG2900 Portable Generators

Units: About 13,000

Manufacturer: DEWALT Industrial Tool Co., of Towson, Md.

Hazard: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installed on the generator could fail to operate
properly, posing a risk of electric shock to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: No incidents or injuries have been reported.

 ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

Description: The recall involves DEWALT DG2900 2900 watt gasoline-powered generators with
date codes 200150 through 200635. The generators are black and yellow. “DEWALT” and
“DG2900” are printed on the generator. The date code is stamped on the right side of the unit on
the black plastic covering the rear of the control panel. Units with an “R” stamped on the name
plate are not affected by this recall.

Sold by: Major home center and hardware stores nationwide from December 2001 through
November 2006 for between $900 and $1,000.

Manufactured in: Japan

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the generators immediately and contact DEWALT to
arrange for a free inspection and, if necessary, free repair.
Customer Contact: For more information, contact DEWALT toll-free at (888) 742-9108 between
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at

 ASSE Cape Canaveral Chapter Newsletter February 2007: Vol. 39, Number 6

                            SPONSORS PAGE

                                                                      Linda San Souci

RUSH CONSTRUCTION INC              Safety Representative
GENERAL CONTRACTORS,               Central Florida
DESIGN BUILD                       Fisher Scientific Company L.L.C.
                                   6507 North Harney Road
6285 VECTOR SPACE BLVD.            Tampa, FL 33610
TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA 32780          Tel: 407-467-7959         
                                   Fax: 1-866-209-3627
WEBSITE:           Voice: 800-226-1126 ext. 412
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