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									Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company
2651 Palumbo Drive
P.O. Box 13600
Lexington, KY 40583-3600
(859) 263-5200

News Release
For Immediate Release
                                                                                                 Jeff Schmidt
                                                                                              (859) 264-6248

                       Big: Link-Belt’s New RTC-80130 Series II

         LAS VEGAS, NV (March 11, 2008)—Link-Belt announced the all-new RTC-80130 Series II 130-
ton (Intn’l rating: 120-mt) rough terrain crane at ConExpo in Las Vegas. The biggest RT Link-Belt has
ever produced, this new crane combines the enormously successful attributes of the RTC-80100 Series
II, 100-ton (90.7-mt) RT with Link-Belt’s latching boom technology to create one of the strongest, most
easily transported RT’s in the industry

Long and Strong
         The five-section, 162-ft (49.3-m) formed boom is made of extra high tensile steel and has one
double-acting, single stage hydraulic cylinder with integrated holding valves. This powerful configuration
telescopes loads like a conventional full-power boom. Five boom modes vary the extension of the
telescoping sections and provide superior capacities. To eliminate boom grease, wear pads with Teflon
inserts self-lubricate the boom sections. The top and bottom pads, respectively, are also universal making
parts inventories simple. Maximum boom tip height is 171 ft (52.1 m).
         One of this crane’s major innovations is the 10-ft (3-m) heavy-lift fly that easily swings and pins
into place and is integral to one of the on-board fly options. Alone, it has over 20 tons (18.1-mt) of
capacity and lift procedures for two load lines making it perfect for tilt-up work. With the optional 31–55-ft
(9.4–16.7-m) bi-fold lattice fly, and three 18-ft (5.5-m) lattice extensions, maximum tip height is 278 ft
(84.7 m) and is offsetable to 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

Low to the Road
         Based on its 100-ton (90.7-mt) sibling, the 80130 was designed from the beginning for
outstanding transportability. It transports in two loads with the main load under 94,000 lbs (42 637.7 kg)
with the boom, both winches, three-piece fly, and tires attached. No other big RT can do that. On a trailer,

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the load height is less than 14 ft (4.3 m) and, without the counterweights and outrigger boxes, is less than
10 ft (3 m) wide. And this crane can be disassembled and ready for transport in one hour with no helper
         Not only is this crane easy to transport, it’s easy to maneuver on the job site. The hydrostatic
drive has variable speed piston pumps supplying hydraulic power to all six wheel drive motors for
outstanding creep control. The turn radius is a remarkable 21 ft (6.4 m) for the 26-ft (7.92-m) long carrier.
This drive system, along with smaller tires, gives an overall height of only 12 ft, 2.5 in (3.72 m). A switch in
the cab controls the four independent steering modes: two-wheel front, four-wheel rear, six-wheel, and
crab. With a 46-ton (41.7-mt) pick and carry capacity, long reach, low height, and incredible gradeability,
the 80130 is an ideal solution for industrial sites.

         Motivating this maneuverability is a Caterpillar C9, 325-hp (242.3 kW) engine with 1,095 ft-lb (1
485 Nm) of torque.

Cab Comfort
         The galvaneal steel cab is acoustically insulated for long days at the job site. The tinted and
tempered glass and extra-large front windows with wiper and washer ensure a clear, safe view of the
load. The six-way adjustable, power-tilting seat keeps the operator relaxed and free of fatigue. The
armrest controls tilt with the seat further enhancing an ergonomic seating position. Standard heat and
optional air conditioning will keep this cab cozy in all climates.
         Further enhancing safety, the Microgaurd Rated Capacity Limiter has an audio/visual warning
system integrated into the dash with anti-two block and function limiter. Available operating data includes
boom length and angle, percent of allowed load, and optional third wrap indicator. It also includes
operator settable alarms for maximum tip height, maximum and minimum boom angles, and operator
defined area.

Innovation and Success
         “Six years ago at the 2002 ConExpo,” said Rick Curnutte, Product Manger for Telescopic
Cranes, “Link-Belt introduced the RTC-80100 Series II which was the very first 6-wheel, hydrostatically
driven rough terrain crane. It quickly redefined the large rough terrain market by being the only large RT
designed with transport in mind. Now there will be two. And we feel that the RTC-80130 Series II will be
just as successful!”

Other Standout Features of the RTC-80130 Series II:

                      43,000 lbs (18 505 kg) of counterweight.

                      21,022 lbs (9 535.4 kg) maximum line pull.

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                     431 fpm (131.4 m/min) maximum line speed.

                     Supported 24/7 by Link-Belt Preferred including online manuals, literature, a ground
                      bearing calculator, and 3D Lift Plan.

        Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company, with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, is a
leader in the design and manufacture of telescopic boom and lattice boom cranes for the construction
industry worldwide.
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Complete crane specifications are available at

Additional high-resolution photography is posted at, when available.

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