Social Media Best Practices by R2R00d


									                             Social Media Best Practices

General guidelines

      Post released/published information promptly, while news is still relevant
      Reply to all comments and questions in a timely manner
      Avoid endorsing non-government content or brands
      Double-check for grammar, spelling, type-os and rank abbreviations
      Correct and/or replace erroneous content ASAP
      If you encounter negative dialogue, redirect the conversation and/or allow other followers to rectify
       the discussion

Pages to Follow:

Surface Warriors
U.S. Navy
U.S. Pacific Fleet
Your sister ships, ships in your strike groups, ships in the same ship class

Content to Post:

Photos, articles and videos (remember OPSEC & safety requirements before posting)
    Community relations efforts
    Commissionings, deployments, port visits, underway and homecomings
    Special events, celebrations and holidays
    Training exercises- missile shoots, damage control, medical training, etc.
    Sailors at work
    Ship visitors
    Posts/updates from leadership

      Tag ship page(s) in all posts, if applicable (use @ symbol and begin typing name)
      Never tag specific individuals in posts, even if you know them personally
      Keep description of post fairly brief (200-300 characters optimal, including link)
      When posting articles, ensure that preview text reflects first paragraph of article
      Select most engaging photo thumbnail when posting articles
      Refrain from posting more than once every two hours to avoid spamming
      Hide posts that are inappropriate or solicitous in nature


      All links can be shortened using URL truncating sites such as or
      Avoid using all 140 characters to allow room for retweets (90-110 characters optimal)
      Include @mention in post if it involves relevant group or event (@surfacewarriors)
      Use “RT” before retweets instead of clicking the “retweet” button to include your own comments
       (RT @USNavy message here)

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