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									                        The Diploma - Barred Combinations

                                             A user guide

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Click on the diploma that you wish to check Barred combinations against.
Here I have selected Construction and the Built Environment

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Select the level of the qualification you wish to check

On the next screen scroll down to the bottom and click on the link ‘List
additional and specialist learning’

The next screen displays all ASL qualifications and the applicable barring and
QCA codes. Select ‘Download results as a spreadsheet (CSV format)’

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The following spreadsheet will appear listing all ASL qualifications, the QCA
reference code and the barring classification code.

Barred combinations: If the ASLs to make up the guided learning hours
have the same barring classification code, e.g. see JC7 below, only one of
these subjects can be included in the ASL part of the Diploma.

Scenario: I need to know the barring code for AQA Product design

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Once you find the barred classification code use the auto filter functionality on
Excel. Go to Data – Filter – Auto filter.

From the auto filter select the barring code for AQA Product design e.g. JL7.
The spreadsheet will list all qualifications with this code. You cannot combine
any of the qualifications listed under the code JL7.

Things to remember

     You can combine any qualification with different
      barring codes

     You can combine any qualification with the
      barring code ZZZZ

     You cannot combine any qualification with the
      SAME barring code

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