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Ideas for Financial Life


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                         Stupid Ideas Are Bad For Your Financial Life.
                                                        By David Wilding

    Stupid Ideas Are Bad For Your Financial Life. by David Wilding


Stupid ideas come in all sorts of packages. Bad debt, various loans, purchase decisions, and
delayed savings. Most people reach the age of 65 with little or no savings. They live off social
security and what little else they have. It is no wonder the golden arches are filled with workers in their
golden years.

Anything that wastes your money and prevents you from becoming debt free can be a stupid idea.
The only way to save and invest money is to not send it to creditors each month. Only when it is
yours to keep can you put it aside to work for you as hard as you have worked for it.

It is not your job in life to make your creditors rich. The goal is to make you rich. If you are going to
make that happen, stay away from bad decisions. Decisions made in the absence of good, or even
any, information. Time pressured, desperate decisions are seldom made with enough information.

Anything that slows down spending and requires you to think twice before parting with your
money is a good idea. Fill out a Purchase Checklist for any decision that requires spending more than
what you have in your pocket. Some questions you need to answer: Cost; is it on sale; can you pay
cash; where will the money come from; do you know the cost of credit if you don’t pay cash; with that
cost added in is it still worth buying; is this a need or a want; could you justify this purchase to another
person; and would you accept these reasons from someone else?

Stupid ideas abound when ignorance, greed and pride, (definitely not the common sense triplets) form
the basis of your decisions. Ignorance is simply an absence of knowledge or information.
Greed is nothing but wanting more than you should. Pride is caring what your neighbor. or
someone you don’t even know, in an advertisement, thinks of you.

So, understanding there is no winner in the contest to see who is the most stupid, here are some
to avoid in your financial life.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Bad Debt. Defined as any debt other than a home mortgage, education loans and some business
debt. Bad debt should be avoided. If you have it, getting rid of it should be your number one
priority. Then get rid of your other debt. The more money you can put away as opposed to
sending to your creditors will make a dramatic difference in your financial progress.

These particular types of bad debt need to be avoided at all costs.

 Auto title Loans
 Payday Loans
 Rent To Own Stores
 125 Loans
 Credit Cards
 Pawn Brokers
If you find yourself even considering using any of these call a friend and have them talk you out of it.

Other bad ideas include some of our habits. This is not moralizing here, just a hard look at how
bad habits drain your financial resources. Smoking, alcohol consumption, buying coffee and a
donut on the way to work, lunches at work, and anything else which has become a habit can cost
you a tremendous amount of money per month. Money you could be putting away. Make a fast
calculation of what you spend each day on these habits. Then times it by the number of working
days in a month (usually around 22). This is the money you waste each month. You need to put it
in your pocket not someone else’s. And let’s face it, you will feel better too.

There are plenty of people willing to benefit from your stupid ideas and bad decisions. If you find you
have already embraced some of these stupid ideas, change your choices. Don’t compound your
mistake. If you make a stupid decision, you don’t need to stick with it. Learn from it and move on.
Decide if you are going to have some burned fingers or a ruined life. Live and learn from the burned
fingers, let someone else ruin their life.

David Wilding
Take Care Of Your Debt Before
It Takes Care Of You

 Article courtesy of David Wilding at Visit for other ideas to combat debt.
Print out and use our Purchase Agreement to save you from further debt. Contact us at Copyright 2004

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                                 GET STUPID!
                                             By Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

GET STUPID! by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

I am often asked "What is the secret to MLM success?". In this
article, I will give you that elusive answer. You might be

First, let's examine your Company:

There are some real business builders in your company, right?
People who make a lot of money? They represent the same company
you do, right? Since they represent the same company you do, the
company can not be the problem, because they have proven you can
make money with this company.

Let's now look at your policies and procedures:

Does your company have the same policies and procedures for
everyone? Of course they do. Since the heavy hitters are required
to operate under the same policies and procedures as you do, you
are not at a disadvantage. Therefore, the policies and procedures
are not the problem.

Now, lets look at the compensation plan.

Does the company have the same Compensation Plan for everyone who
joins? Are the real business builders under the same Compensation
Plan as you, only a little higher up, and because of their
production, maybe receiving some special bonuses? Will you be
allowed to earn the same bonuses as they are when you reach their
level? If the answer to each of these questions are "yes", then
the Compensation Plan can not be the problem.

Now, let's look at the products:

Are the real business builders selling the same products as you
are? Of course they are. So the products are not the problem.

What is left? Only YOU.

You are the reason you have not achieved any more than what you
have. It is not the fault of the company, its policies and
procedures, its compensation plan, or its products. Other people
have achieved greatness with you company, operating under the

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

same rules you are, and selling the same products. So what is the
problem? The problem is simply YOU.

YOU have to make the decision to work your business. YOU have to
focus. YOU have to make the necessary sacrifices. YOU have to
step outside your comfort zone. No one else can do this for you,
only YOU.

Don't make excuses by saying others are smarter. I know some very
successful Network Marketers who, honestly, are as dumb as dirt.
Maybe being stupid is an advantage. Those who are stupid are not
smart enough to see the problems and pitfalls. Those who are
stupid are not embarrassed to approach their friends and family.
Those who are stupid don't know enough to look at something and
say "Naw, that ain't gonna work" and thus, never try. Those who
are stupid see opportunities without limitations. Those who are
stupid do not feel the shame of failure. Those who are stupid do
not listen to the advice of the naysayers. But yet, those who are
stupid succeed!

The secret to Network Marketing success is being too dadblame
stupid to recognize the problems and pitfalls, and thereby
doggedly doing those things all the smart people say will never

So, tonight, before you lay down and go to sleep, get on your
knees and beg your maker that tomorrow you may wake up stupid.

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