Indo-German Collaborative Project on the development of a by R2R00d


									   Indo-German Collaborative Project on the development of a

Voiced based Multilingual Information Access (V-MIA) System
                    for Indian Languages

                         (Nov. 2004)

                         Prepared by

     Dr. C. N. Krishnan, Anna University Chennai
         Dr. K. Samudravijaya, TIFR Mumbai
             Dr. R. Sangal, IIIT Hyderabad
             Dr. S. Sarkar, IIT Kharagpur
     Dr. M.K. Sinha, Expert Software, New Delhi

                     For Discussion in the
               Indo-German Workshop
                   Anna University
               Chennai 3rd-6th Dec. 2004.

                     With support from

DST, Govt. of India & BMBF, Govt. of Germany

                        28th Nov. 2004
                 V-MIA Final Meeting, Anna University, Chennai, Dec 3 rd-6th ,2004

From Germany:
    1. Dr. Norbert Reithinger, DFKI
    2. Mr. Reinhard Karger, DFKI
From India:
    1. Mr. K Arora, CDAC Noida
    2. Mr. S Baskaran, AU-KBC Anna University
    3. Dr. H.Darbari, CDAC Pune
    4. Dr. C N Krishnan, AU-KBC Anna University
    5. Dr. D.Mishra, IIIT Hyderabad
    6. Dr. H.Murthy, IIT Madras
    7. Dr. S Rajendran, AU-KBC Anna University
    8. Dr. K Samudravijaya, TIFR Mumbai
    9. Dr. R Sangal, IIIT Hyderabad
    10. Dr. S.Sarkar, IIT Kharagpur
    11. Mr. V N Shukla, CDA Noida
    12. Dr. M K Sinha, Expert Software New Delhi
    13. Dr. L Sobha, AU-KBC Anna University.
            i)        German team’s response to the draft sent from India ,and discussion on Verbmobil
                      Project ( 2-5 PM, day1:Friday)
            ii)       Workshop by German team on a set of identified topics ( 9AM-
            iii)      Presentation on V-MIA by Indian participants and Discussion ( 9AM -
                      1PM,day3:Sunday )
            iv)       German team’s perception and advice on how we should go about preparing the
                      final V-MIA Proposal, including the possible forms of German involvement in and
                      contribution to the project ( 2-4 PM, day3:Sunday)
            v)         Topic/Chapter wise discussion on the Proposal and coming to a near-final document
                      ( 4-6PM, day 3:Sunday)
            vi)        Topic/Chapter wise discussion on the Proposal and coming to a near-final
                      document—contd. (9AM--1PM, day 4:Monday)

                    Selected Workshop Topics to be covered by the German Team

       i)       V-MIA software architecture—Blackboard architecture, and its suitability for V-MIA.
       ii)      Dialog Manager of Verbmobil, and our using a similar approach.
       iii)     Linguistic Analysis—General and Domain-specific.
       iv)       Speech data acquisition process.
       v)        Handling of speech disfluencies, self-corrections etc.
       vi)      Corpora creation, standardization etc.
       vii)     In general--Lessons from Verbmobil that would be of relevance to V-MIA.

                                                    Date and venue

                                      Friday 3rd Dec.2PM—Monday 6th Dec 2PM

                 Ramanujam Computing Centre, Main campus of Anna University, Guindy, Chennai-25.


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